Rikara – Heartbroken 17

G: What, you are going to bring the teacher here…

O: Your teacher is already here, Gauri.

Gauri looks around but does not see the teacher. And, then she sees Om smiling.

G: You are my teacher…

Om nods.

G: No, that is not happening.

O: What do you mean, no?

G: I am not attending the class. You cannot be my teacher. I do not need this. I will just observe people at the park or restaurant and see what they do.

O: Gauri, I am Omkara Singh Oberoi. Do you realize that?

G(Confused): I know that you are Omkara Singh Oberoi but what does that have to do with grooming.

O: Gauri, we are the ones that decide the fashion trend. People go crazy to purchase anything under our brand. Even the spoons we sell with our logo on goes for several thousand rupees. I am the best teacher you can get and guess what, I am giving you a special offer. Since you are my friend, I am offering these services for free.

G: So, you are planning to start a grooming school and you want me to be your first student? More like a test subject… Fine then, I will help you.

O(Thinking): Grooming school… me? A self-made millionaire and artist as a teacher for a grooming school. Whatever, I will do anything for you. Looks like I need to find a building or she is going to start asking questions about this so-called school.

O: So, it will all start tomorrow. Get ready at 7.

Gauri nods and heads outside.

Dandi smiles at Om.

D: I cannot believe you persuade it to do it. I was scared at first on how she is going to respond but she just listened to you.

O: In a way, she is kinda of like an Oberoi. You need to tackle their ego to get the job done. I think she learned that from us. That is exactly what I did and it worked out.

D: Om, please be careful. She is distraught and if you break her again, then she will not get back to you again.

O: Do not worry, I am her friend and it is my turn to return the favour.

D(Thinking): When will you realize her love?

O(Thinking): The reason why I am spending this much time with her is to see if I can take this to next level. I do not know if I love her but I need her by my side. But, she expects me to be her husband. But, for me to enter into a… commitment…I need to first understand her. I do not want to enter a relationship with the result leading to a breakup. I just cannot take the heart break again.

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