RiKara FF – Tujhe Bhula Diya (Prologue)



He picked her up in bridal style and started walking around the fire which he himself had lit. He looked so serious and sure of what he is doing. Perhaps he had never felt so sure and confident of himself before this. He somehow knew this was right, whatever he was doing was absolutely right.

The villagers were bewildered for having witnessed such a scene. A foreign man marrying a village belle, one who was accused of deceiving people for money. A gold digger was what they had called the girl in the the foreigner’s arms.

Bewildered would be an understatement. Anything and everything was nothing compared to what she was feeling in his arms right now. What surprised her the most was the ways she circled her arms around his neck and the way, so perfect and beautiful, she fitted into his arms. ‘A couple made in heaven’ was what anyone would say looking at their current state. Well, there was so harm in imagining it, is there ?

Busy in her thoughts, she never realised when the handsome long haired foreigner went around the fire with her in his arms thus marrying her. They were now man and wife.

He put her down and faced the villagers. “Well, she’s my wife and now it’s my matter. You people have no right to interfere in my matters. So go from here.” He told the villagers in firm tone.

” You’ll suffer. You’ll suffer a lot.” said the villagers and then went away.

She could not believe that she was now a married woman. Married to a handsome man who saved her life. She owed her everything to him.

“You can go now.” Her trance broke when he said something though she could not follow. She learned that they had walked quite a long way from the village.

“What did you say?” she asked.

“Are you short of hearing? I  said you can go.” He repeated.

“What are you saying? You married me..” She protested.

“Wait a minute. If you think all those rituals are for real then you’re  mistaken. I don’t don’t even want to see you blo*dy face.  I hate Women like you breake homes of people just for money and can even murder them.” He said raged.

She held his hand to plead. “Why are you….ahh” He jerked his hand from her grip and she fell on the ground.

“I hate you.”

She lifted her head to witness his retreating figure. He was gone. Perhaps for forever.

He came with the wind and went with the wind and just like a wind, he too created a storm. A storm within her. A storm of emotions. She knew he was sent by her Shankerji for her. He indeed was the one for her.

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