RiKara FF – Tujhe Bhula Diya (Chapter 1)

                                                        Chapter 1

Finally after the long and tiring train journey she reached Mumbai. Mumbai – the city of dreams. She dreamt of being big but realised that one’s dream should not be so big that one is unable to catch it. For Gauri the same thing happened. She thought of all the happening till now – from the time she was a young frail yet lively girl of five to just the previous moment. She let out a deep sigh.

Her trance broke when she heard the raised voices of her husband and her father in law. Both of them were again busy showing down to each other, fighting like a snake and a mongoose.  She hated the fights between the father and the son but could she blame anyone? Weren’t they both right in their own places?

Gauri liked Jahnvi a lot. She was the motherly figure she had always longed for. Though she had a mother, yet Gauri was the one who always had to mother her mother and she had no one to complain to.

Although, the centre of attention of the fights was her mother-in-law, Gauri pitied the woman. She was trapped between the love for her husband and her son. She loved her husband so much so that, when his adultery was caught, being depressed, she tried to commit suicide by burning herself alive. On the other hand, her elder son was the apple of her eyes, her pride, her everything. Jahnvi Tej Singh Oberoi was a torn woman, a woman who was hurt and used as a doormat by the person she loved the most, to no bounds.

Clearing all her thoughts away, Gauri decided to head downstairs to see what was going on in the hall of Oberoi mansion at this late hour of the night. She put the ice water on the bedside table and quickly making the bed for her husband, she quietly went downstairs.

In the Hall

“C’mon Omkara. Why don’t you just understand? You must join the family business at any cost.” Tej tried to make his elder son understand in a calmer tone.

“Mr. Oberoi, exactly how many do I have to repeat myself? Why don’t you just f**king understand that I’m not bothered  and could never care any lesser than right now for you damn business.” Omkara said enraged.

“Shut up, you unwanted piece of shit. I thought make by even after all these years you would be of some use to me. But look at you, useless from the f***ing day you were born.”

Om remained silent.

“It’s true Omkara, whatever your father said. Why don’t you just join the family business and solve all the problems? This would prevent the daily fights at least if not anything. Plus your future will be secured-“

“Stop it, Mom. What’s wrong with you? You were not like this. God, you supported me. You were the one who encouraged me to pursue my dreams, to become what I want, to do what I want to with my life.” Om said shocked.

“Well yes. And now I realise that it was one of the greatest mistakes of my life just like mistrusting Tej and siding with you.” Jahnvi replied.

The rest of the family along with Omkara was shocked as they witnessed Jahnvi entwining her fingers with her husband.

While the rest were trying hard to digest the scene, Tej smirked. All his efforts finally started giving results.

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    It is good

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    Nice start….. It’s shocked me that Jhanvi regret siding with Om ….I am sure Tej must have done something…
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