My RiKara Drabbles-#7-What Is Love?

“Omkara! Omkara!Omkara…”Gauri hooted along with the crowd standing outside the news office.

“Excuse me…”She turned as she heard the words.

“What?” Gauri was visibly irritated.

“Whats happening here??” A man asked her apparently confused.

“Don’t you know…Omkara Singh Oberoi, he is coming on Television for the 1st time, I am going to see him clearly for the 1st time…” Gauri’s irritation took form of excitement.

“Who? Is he some star”

Gauri hit her hand on her head, “Arey no, you don’t know Omkara ,seriously…He is a writer, the writer of the novel ‘What is Love?’ he is so awesome…”Gauri was lost in the thoughts of Omkara.

“Big fan?” The man questioned bringing Gauri out of her thoughts.

“Ahaan…Big Lover…”Gauri smiled genuinely.

“By the way, who are you, asking so many questions from me? And why are you outside news office when you don’t know Omkara” Gauri suddenly questioned realizing she was talking to a stranger…about her Love.

“Omkara…Omkara Singh Oberoi, I was supposed to go inside to talk about my new book but I think I’ll like to stay here only…”Gauri’s cheeks stained cherry red as she heard the words, all excitement was gone…only a crimson red colour stayed, she bit her lower lip saying, “Why?”

“Because…” Omkara came closer to her and spoke in her ear.

“I fell for my Lover…at first site…” Gauri’s cheeks couldn’t be more red, today she truly knew What Is Love…


A/N: So as promised, A bit lively…It is inspired from one of my FF, I hope it was good.

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