My RiKara Drabbles-#6-In Her Arms

“Will you marry me?” Gauri was sitting on her knees with a red rose in her hands.

“Ummm…Naaa…” Omkara smiled as he started walking off leaving Gauri behind, in shock.

“O…Oh hello…Listen…”Gauri quickly got up and ran behind Omkara while Omkara stopped.

“Why…Why won’t you marry me, I am so beautiful, cute, intelligent and awesome!” Omkara’s eyes widened looking at a blabbering Gauri.

“How would I know that, it’s our first meet and also…”

“Leave it now, I will listen to your reason some other day, I lost my bet with my friends today, I assured them that the first guy entering the college will agree to my proposal but you…” Gauri made a sad face.

“Aww…leave it, Omkara here…” Omkara smiled.

“Gauri…” Gauri shook hand with Omkara with narrowed eyes while Omkara smiled at her cuteness.


Gauri smiled as she remembered her first meet with Omkara, she pressed the bell of the apartment again.

“Why isn’t Omkara opening the door…” Gauri was not able to contain her excitement.

“Omkara, I know that day was a proposal of game that led to our first meet but today, after a whole of 6 months I am proposing you again but this time…real wala…” Gauri thought smiling.

Gauri was lost in Omkara’s thoughts as the door moved, Omkara struggled to open it.

“Omkara, I am ringing the bell since 10 minutes, where were you…and why are you not coming to college from so many days…” Gauri questioned as she entered inside talking.

“Gauri…” Omkara almost fell down as Gauri held his head sitting down on the floor taking his head in her arms.

“Omkara…” Gauri screamed in fear.

“You asked me na why I don’t want to marry you…because…because I have lung cancer…last stage but…but I want to tell you something…I Love you…” Omkara closed his eyes.

“Omkara…” Gauri screamed as Omkara closed his eyes forever…in her arms.


A/N: Alright,so after long and a tragic one but again random thought that crossed my mind, decided to post, hope it was good.

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