My RiKara Diary – Analysis- OMKARA SINGH OBEROI 1—INTRO

Omkara Singh Oberoi -The name itself is made of three words that are self explanatory , Singh Oberoi’s , the richest and most affluent family of Mumbai , the brother of Shivaay Singh Oberoi and the unfortunate son of Tej Singh Oberoi , that it Omkara. Omkara is a name of lord Shiva -the great and so is he- Great. An artist by profession , his heart lies in his sculptures but how can Omkara -the son of Oberoi’s be a mere artist? The thing hurt many and so he was always looked down upon in his family, specially by his father.

Three people in his life for whom he can give away anything , His brother’s Shivaay and Rudra and Mother Jhanvi…but his mother is facing the most painful time in her life…because of his father and so he changed , changed the golden heart within the cage of his chest into iron , he is trying to become like his brother , his brother Shivaay-the one who himself changed by Love… Will the new Omkara take up the old Omkara? Will this heart filled with anger and distrust gain trust in this “Suada” in this ” Love” again??? Only time will tell…Only her existence will tell…

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