My RiKara Diary – Analysis- GUARI KUMARI SHARMA 3—HER LOVE…


” Love…Starts from anywhere , never to end”
The one whom she hated , the one whose face she never wanted to see , she fell in Love with him in a matter of few seconds…How? The simple reason that clears this fact is , Love is a emotion , it starts from anywhere , anywhere…You may fall in Love with your childhood friend , you may fall in Love with you new colleague at the office or you may fall in Love with the one you hate…thats what happened with her , The girl ready to fight the world , who though seems to be saved by him but is actually saved herself by her Faith , the girl who knows to fight the world , the girl who though living for others lives for herself as well , fell for a boy who characterized her as Gold digger …

this is Love , an emotion that can do anything , make you hate everyone who hurt the one you love…makes you cry with one tear from his eyes , makes you smile with his smile , makes you hate him because you can’t get him but at the same time love him…because he got you…never ask anything…Just Give , selflessly , she proved , she is Guari ,the way she is Kaali who’s ready to fight the world for herself , same way she is Guari , who is ready to Love him till eternity , never to care about the cycle of birth and death but only about Love…She loves him like Sati , respects him like Parvati…because..she is Guari …Omkara’s Guari…

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  1. After each episode of DBo the character I find unconvincing and illogical, is explained by you with so much ease as shivkara conversation. …… keep rocking with your thinking. 🙂 😉

  2. Awesome… just superb…

  3. Plz continue writing this way u r so awesome

  4. Yashu

    Lovely…superb…waiting 4 nxt…

  5. Superb…Loved it

  6. Priya15

    superb yr..i m at lack of words…do u really a 9th std student????ur english is just amazing.superb sweety!!!!!

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