” The problem with Love is that when we love someone intensely then we hate the one who hurt our love more Intensely”

Thats what is happening to him , he loves his mother the most in this world and thats why no matter that she isn’t at fault , he feels she is…no matter how hard she tries to explain him her condition , for him Her ‘Majburi’ is her ‘Khudgarzi’ because in his life he has met only the people who live for themselves , being betrayed numerous times in his life , from the very man who gave him birth to the girl he loved the most in his life , his heart is always broken into pieces. Whenever he trusts someone , he always faces the consequences and so he doesn’t trust her , he has vowed that he won’t trust anybody now unknown to the fact that he is refusing to trust the very girl who is gonna be his trust system throughout his life , unknown to himself that he is hating the very girl who is gonna be his lifetime love…

The intensity of hatred that he has harbor inside his heart for her states that she affects him a lot , he hates her after knowing her because he was interested in knowing her , her tears aren’t visible to him for now but soon these tears are going to be the reason for him to fight with the world , He hates her only to Love her in the coming time…

The tiger hasn’t roared until now but the tiger is going to wake up soon only to Protect her…

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  1. Awesome… just wow…

  2. Amazing dear..

  3. Lalitha

    Nice one dear..

  4. Ruksy

    I love the way how you explain things. Do beautifully.

  5. Just superb…Waiting for Gaurika/Rikara story to start…

  6. Samm

    it’s nice, but it’s all in the future tense, isn’t it? don’t get me wrong, but these are the expectations we have from the stroy and it’s characters. ever since the beginning, om has been the ideal kind of man for every girl. but now, his character has suddenly changed into this distrusting and businessman personality. it will obviously take a lot to change his mentality back to the same lovable person he used to be. for now, both, om and gauri seem to be fighting their own set of problems. so why is it expected of om to be the one to protect gauri in the coming time, instead of the other way round? as we know, om also has a number of enemies and he is not even aware of this fact. so, we can safely assume that the show can go either way, or even om and gauri can protect each other.
    having said that, you really painted a nice picture of the coming situation. we have seen om’s anger, and i really liked the phrase you used for him, “The tiger who isn’t awake now”, it fits him perfectly. 🙂 ii really like reading your analysis. 🙂

    1. Piyali

      Truly said , completely agree with you dear……but its just that I am too fed up seeing the heroine saving the hero and his family everytime , now that old scenes where Hero saves Heroine seem to me like more better , but still I understand what you mean but anyhow Om’s problems are far away from him for the time and Shivaay seems to be really interested in solving them so I thought he better take up Guari’s problem…….ok Jjust joking , Guari is complete for herself na but still somewhere , atleast somewhere she needs someone to deal with sooooooooooo many people , 1 person can’t alone fight the world( No discrimination between girls and boys in this line , it implies even for boys ) along with the responsibily of her mother so she needs someone’s help……thanks a lot for the comment……hope I am able to get to your doubts a bit…… you…….be happy……

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