My RiKara Diary – Analysis- GUARI KUMARI SHARMA 1—INTRO

Guari Kumari Sharma – A cute girl next door , at first glance she appears to be any fun loving girl from a small place like Bareilly who enjoys her life to the fullest but one deeper glance at her life reveals so much about her. The beautiful values to live that she teaches even to strangers by a small conversation of 2 minutes , the cuteness that she fills in every life by her cuteness…

Can anyone know how much pain , how much maturity is hidden behind those innocent actions of this girl? Her love for someone whom the world blames her to be not related to…Her anger just like actual Goddess Parvati that emerges when someone hurts her sentiments , her mother’s sentiments , the self-respect she has and most importantly -the Trust that she harbors within herself…Her trust is something that is for sure gonna break the anger of her Shiva…of her Omkara …turn the Iron into Gold…Turn the Hatred into Love…

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  1. Khushilovesroumya

    She is so similar to anika.Like I still miss ishana.She can’t stand up for herself.Read my rent also because I don’t want to write whole thing here.

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