Rikara Who am I? Chapter 3

The next day at the park

Om sits beside her on the bench and again he sees her face covered.

O(thinking): I understand it is a religious thing but for once, please show it so I can attach a face to you.

G: Hi, Om.

O: Oh you remember my name.

G: Yes, I do. How can I forgot your personality? You are so different from anyone else I met.

O: Thank you for the compliment.

G: So, now it is only fair that I answer all the questions you had yesterday.

O: Questions? Do not worry about it. If you do not feel comfortable sharing, the n I can wait.

G: I am Myrah.

O: Myrah? That is a nice name. Nice to meet you. So where are you from?

G: I live close by here with my brother.

O: That’s nice. I also have two brothers, one older and younger. They are my life. I also live with my parents, and grandmother as well. We have a huge family. (Thinking) I am not going to tell her that I am an Oberoi. Even though she does not seem like a girl who runs after money, the Oberoi name might intimidate her.(Says) So what about your parents?

Myrah looks down at the ground.

O: I am so sorry. I did not mean to open old wounds.

G: I… am an orphan. My brother found me and ever since that moment, he has been treating me as a sister.

O: Myrah, who said that you are an orphan. You have a caring brother and now you have me, your friend

M: Friend??

O: Sorry, unless you do not want to be friends.

M(innocently) We can be friends… It’s just that you are my first friend in Mumbai so I am just happy.

O: I am also a shy type as well but as soon as I met you, I sensed a connection.

M: connection??

O: I do not mean a lovey dovey connection. Sorry if I gave you a bad impression.

Myrah starts to laugh and Om just smiles at her. And then, he gets flashbacks of Gauri laughing.

O(Thinking) It is the same type of laugh. I do not know how to describe it but the type where the person does not care who is around them. They will keep on laughing. The type of laugh that keeps on smile on your face.

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    Hi dr.2dy only I read all 3 prts of ur nw ff.I loved it.I tnk dis mysterious girl is none other than gauri. Eagerly waiting 4 nxt epi dr.bye tc

    1. Hope95

      You will find out soon.


    Dear Hope
    Om Myrah Scene And Conv? It’s Interesting Chapter??????

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

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    It is awesome

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