Rikara Who Am I Chapter 11

Myrah was sleeping in her bed sweating profusely. She kept on moving her head left and right.

M: NO!

Myrah gets up and covers her face.

M: It is burning. Please do not pour that on me.

And then she feels her face and can feels the bumps on it. She feels her way to the lamp and turns it on. She feels the bed and the things around her.

M: I am not at the Bareilly train station. Thank goodness I am home.

And then he hears a laughter. A man’s laughter.

M: Kali! Why is he Here?…. Gauri… this is my imagination. Get away from me, Kali. I know you are not here.

Kali’s laughter continues to resonate in the room.

M: I need my medicine. It should be in the cabinet.

Myrah gets up from the bed but then trips on the cup that was on the floor. She tries to get up but then her right leg lets go and she falls on the floor. Her face hits the floor and her nose starts to bleed. She crawls towards the cabinet and using it as support to get up. Struggling to get up, she opens the first drawer and uses her hand to feel through the cabinet.

M: It is not here. (sits on the floor with her hand on her head) Where is it? Where? In the kitchen?

The laughter continues.

M: Why is he haunting me like this

She crawls to the door and then she sees a pair of feet. She looks up and it was Kali. She tries to get up but then falls down.

K: Be careful.

M: Why do you care about my health? You are the one that did this to me. Do not come close to me.

K: Myrah, what is wrong with you. It’s me.

M: I know who you are. Why are you calling me Myrah? You know what my real name is?

K: Your real name?

M: Please, I am begging you. Let go of me, Ka…

She faints on the floor.

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