Rikara Who Am I Chapter 10

Om and Myrah come back from the funeral home after finishing all the rites.

M: You know, Omkaraji…

O: Omkaraji…

M: Yes, Omkaraji. I feel that I should call you that…

Gauri remembers the time she crushed Om’s car with the bulldozer. Om remembers the time Gauri and Om collided when she was having Gol Gappas. They both smile and then Om turns to see her.

M: Why are you smiling, Om? Did someone call you Omkaraji before?

O: Yh… she did (smiling)

M: Do you like her?

O: What? No… Why are you asking me such questions?

M: You said it in a dreamy way…

O: So, where are you going to stay?

M: Home, where else?

O: all by yourself… will you be fine?

M: Yes, from now on, I have to stay here… by myself. Omkaraji, you can leave. I will be fine.

Om walks out and Myrah follows him to the entrance.

O: Myrah, be careful and call me if you need anything. Do not hesitate at all. I do not care what time it is. You will call me. Do you understand?

Myrah nods

M: I will be fine. You have been with me all day. Now go home and rest.

O(thinking): I would ask her if I can stay behind but I do not want to make it uncomfortable for her. She might not want a stranger, more specifically, a man to stay with her.

Om walks into the car and Myrah waves at him. He just looks at her.

M: Om, are you just going to stay in your car the entire day? Please go home and visit later.

Om starts his car and leaves.

As soon as his car turns the street, Myrah enters the house and closes the door.

M: Bhaiyya! (Crying) Why did you leave me? You know how lonely I feel now. Omkaraji and you saved me from Kali and in the end, both of you have left me alone. Just when I think, I have someone, they leave. Am I that unlucky? That is why I told Om to leave. I am scared that I will start to trust him and he will leave me as well. I am so scared… and I do not know what to do… Shankerji, I know that I do not talk to you a lot. After all, a Muslim girl calling her Shankerji will be frowned upon in society. But, please stay by my side and help me.

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