Rikara Who Am I 39 to 41 (Last Chapter)

Shivaye, Annika and Rudra walk inside the mansion.

S: Ma, where is Omkara?

P: He is upstairs in his room. He came inside and ran upstairs to his room. Did… anything happen to Gauri?

S: No, Gauri is fine. It is just he got emotionally seeing her the first time. He was too happy for his friend.

All three of them head upstairs to Om’s room where they see Om. His back was towards them and he was painting something. It was not visible from where they were standing as Om was blocking their view.

S: How can you be so selfish, Om? That poor girl was begging us to see you and you just abandoned her like that? She wanted to see you the first time. Do you know how important it is to support the people that depend on you? You have to come tomorrow. I do not care what your excuse is but tomorrow you have to be there.

O: I cannot.

R: What do you mean by you can’t. You have to. I do not care. I promised her so you have to come. I will take care of all your responsibilities. I will learn to paint just so you can see her.

Om turns around. Her eyes red, tears running down.

O: Shivaye, I am a selfish b**t**d. I should not have abandoned her at Bareilly. She depended on me. But I just left her and…

S: Bareilly? We are talking about Gauri. Who are you talking about?

Om looks at them and then steps to the side. On the canvass, there was a painting of Om carrying Gauri around the fires doing the pheres.

S: Om…

R: Gauri….

A: Bareilly….

Om falls down onto his knees.

O: She is my wife for godsake. I left her just like that. Not even giving a shit about what was going to happen to her in the future.

R: Om, when did this happen? How did you find out about this?

O: When I saw her face, I knew it was here. (And then he shows him two letters. It was the same letter Gauri gave him before her operation.

The first letter:

Dear Omkaraji,

If you are reading this letter, I am probably dead right now. But, the only thing I will remember in my life is our friendship. You gave me such strength, something that I expected that my husband will give me. Yes, Omkaraji, I am married but it was not by choice. I did not love him and he did not love me. Our marriage just lasted 5 minutes but that did not affect me. I am sorry for not telling you this but now I want you to give the letter to him. Please do not tell him that I am dead or my acid attack as I do not want him to feel guilty. His name is Omkara and that is all I know about him. He has long hair just like you but you cannot be him. You are a true gentleman and proved to me several times that you are not him.



Second Letter:

Dear Omkara,

Thank you for saving me from Kali but there are several things you do not know about me. Personally, I do not care but I feel like I have an obligation to tell you. Not because you married me, it is because I do not want a person to have a bad opinion of me through their entire life. Do you ever think I would like to marry a man who is the same age of my father? I never wanted to marry him and was only forced to save my family. You misunderstood the entire situation, but I do not care. I am happy where I am now, so I am freeing from this so called relationship we had. I hope you understand how divine love is and find someone who loves you for who you are.



Shivaye, Annika and Rudra look at Om.

O: I left her behind but in the end she did not want to tell me the truth so that I do not get hurt. She wishes me to have a good life and tells me that…she is happy where she is. Why? Why did I do that?

S: So, when you saw her having a panic attack, she was referring to Kali.

O: Yes, she was living through the entire experience every day and if I was there, then she would have not been that situation. So, how do you expect me to meet here when I am the reason why she was in the place. She will probably kick me out of the room. I do not want her to treat me as her husband but she will instantly destroy our friendship. Instead of giving her the pain, I will do it. I will get away from her. She will mourn for a few days and then go back to normal.

A: That is not possible. She will never forget you.

O: Give her some time and she will. I am going to leave.

S: Where are you going?

O: I am leaving this city. She should not know who am I. When I met her the first time, she did not have anyone, but now, she has found an entire family who is going to support her. (Look at Rudra and Shivaye) She has found two good brothers who will always have her back. (Look at Annika) She has a sister who always makes her smile. And, now, she has a grandmother, and two mothers and fathers who love her. If I cannot be a proper husband, I can be a proper friend and give her a family that she longed for.

Shivru and Annika hug Om.

O: I am sorry for leaving you all but I have made a big mistake in my life and this is the only way I can fix it. I want you to give this letter to her once she comes back. This will break her heart but this is the only way I can solve this problem.

Rolling out his suitcase, Om heads downstairs and leaves the house.


The next day….

The two brothers and Annika head inside the room. As they slowly open the door, they can see Gauri sitting on the side of the bed eagerly smiling at them. She looks at them and then walks out of the room looking left and right.

G: Where is he?

R: He had to go to Singapore for an art exhibition so he could not come and see you.

G: What?? This is so unfair. In that case, let’s FaceTime him.

S: He asked us not to bother him… It is a very important client. I am so sorry….

G: You do not need to be sorry… he needs… he can’t leave me like this… wait till I see him. I am going to beat him for leaving me all alone like this.

S(thinking): He is sorry, Gauri for leaving you alone to fend for yourself.

G: When will he back?

A: In two days…

G: Two days (Gauri starts to squeal.) So the doctor said that I can come home in two days. This is going to be a great gift for Om. YES!!

Shivaye looks at Annika and Rudra.

S(Thinking): I do not know what is in that letter but I just hope it will not shatter her.

Two days later…

Gauri enters in the mansion, followed by Annika, Shivaye and Rudra.

G: Omkaraji!! Omkaraji!!

Dadi, Tejvi, Shakthi and Pinky gets up.

D(Thinking): Oh no, please help Gauri.

Gauri runs up the stairs to Om’s room.

G: Where is he?

She runs to every room in the house. Gauri runs back to the living room.

G: Where is Omkaraji? Where did he go?

Shivaye takes a letter from his pocket and gives it to him. Gauri looks at the letter and then Shivaye. Then, she opens the letter.


I cannot believe you betrayed me like this. Not only you lied to me about your past, but you did not tell me about your marriage. You lied to me and your family and I am done with your games. Everywhere I go in this house, it reminds me of you so I have decided to leave this house and away from my family for some time. I hate you and I am glad that I have destroyed this so-called friendship.

Gauri falls to her knees.

G(Screaming): I was about to tell him today! About everything! Why did he do this to me?

Shivaye run to Gauri and holds her shoulder. She passes the letter and he reads it. Then he looks at Gauri with tears in his eyes.

G: Bade bhaiyya, you are his brother. Why did you not tell him about me? If he would have just asked me, I would have just told him everything.

Shivaye hugs her.

S: Gauri, it is okay. He will be back soon. Stay here for a while. Your family will be here for you.

G: I broke your family, bade bhaiyya. How do you expect me to stay here?

A: But, Gauri, you said that we are your family. How can you leave us?

G: I will… I need to find him and hold his collar and scream about him. He said that my friendship is fake… fake…. Another man said that my marriage is fake and now he said that my friendship is fake as well. What am I? A doll to be easily played by everyone.

D(Thinking): It was the same man, Gauri. That is why he lied to you.

G: I need a picture of him. Where is it?

J: He took all his pictures with him.

G: What? He is that Omkara Singh Oberoi. I will find his picture on Google.

S(Thinking): Gauri, I removed all his picture from the web. He does not want to be found and if you see a picture of him, then you will be crushed. Then, Om’s sacrifice will be pointless. I cannot do that to him.

G: What?? I cannot find him. Omkara!! I hate you! I will hunt you down and find you. You will apologize to me!!

Gauri, taking her stuff, leaves the house. Shivaye holds her hand.

S: Gauri, do not leave!

G(Eyes red): Please let go of my hand, bade bhaiyya, before I disrespect you.

In fear, he lets go of her name and Gauri heads out to find Omkara.

G(Thinking): There is one thing that cannot be separated for you, Omkaraji: Your love for art. I will go to every art exhibition and find you in the end.


It was an art exhibition with several people. Inside a room, Omkara was sitting in a chair but he looked completely different. His long hair cut, his beard shaved off and without his earring.

O(Thinking): Gauri, how are you? Are you fine? Did you forget me? You should have forgotten me… It has been several months and with my family filling your life with happiness, it would have been a easy task for you. I cut my hair, shaved my beard and took of my earrings so no one can recognize me. I did not call my brothers just so you do not find out about me. I just hope you are happy. I even changed my name to Myran. Myran… it reminds me of you, the Myrah that I met at the park.

A man runs in.

M: Myran… there is this lady who is screaming at everyone.

O: What does she want?

M: She wants to buy your artwork. She is constantly screaming at anyone and demands to see the artist. She said that she is willing to throw as much as she wants to get that piece. I do not know what to do.

O: Did you tell her that the artwork is not for sale?

M: Yes, but she does not care. She seems to have a lot of money.

O: How dare she…. ( Thinks) messes with me, I am an Oberoi and she wants to throw money in my face.

Om steps outside and instantly stops. He looks around.

O(Thinking): Why do I feel like she is here? Is Gauri here?

Male Saathiya plays.

Man: Sir, she is here.

Om walks towards his art piece. It was the same one, Myrah twirling in the park. The lady was wearing a niqah, her face covered.

O: Gauri?? It cannot be here… Gauri is short, and this girl is very tall…

G: I want this piece, how much do you want for this piece?

O: It is not for sale.

G: I do not think you understand what I am trying to say. I WANT TO BUY THIS ARTWORK.

O: I do not think you understand what I am trying to say. It is not for sale.

G: Why? This is just stupid art. Just make another one.

O: Excuse, watch your language. For you, it is a piece, but for me, it is my life.

G: Life… please stop with your ridiculous sayings.

O: Look lady, this is the only picture I have of my wife. I cannot sell it.

G: Don’t you have another picture of her? You cannot even see her face. Is she dead?

O: Stop! She is not dead. How can you be so inconsiderate? She is my wife and she is alive.

G: Then, she is not with you. She left you. I cannot believe that annoying girl left you and now I cannot buy that artwork because of that girl.

O: One more word about my Gauri, and I myself will drag you out. I do not care if you are a girl.

G: You do not know who you are dealing with, Mister. Once you find out who I am, you will definitely regret it.

O: I do not care who you are, but you have no right of talking about my Gauri. Get out of here

G: I cannot and will not leave without the art. Give it to me.

O: Who are you to blackmail me?

G: Gauri Omkara Singh Oberoi…( She opens her niqah and it was Gauri)

Om looks at her in shock.

O: Gauri…

Om takes Gauri by her hand and takes her to the room.

O: How did you find me, Gauri?

G: Your artwork. Om. I did not have my eyes, but I know your style. The moment I saw this, I closed my eyes and felt the same way. That second I knew it was you.

O: Gauri, I am sorry.

Gauri moves closer to him and holds his collar.

G: Why did you not tell me this before? But, instead, you left me and insulted my friendship? Why?

O: The moment I saw you in this hospital, I knew it was you and I felt guilty seeing you in that situation. I was the reason why Kali attacked you.

G: Listen Om, the reason why Kali attacked me is because I insulted him. I hurt his ego and said no to his proposal. Just because you did not accept our marriage and left, it does not mean Kali would have not attacked me. What if he came to this city and killed me and you? Then, would you have blamed yourself.

O: Gauri…

G: Who are you to call my relationship fake? I did not care that you called our marriage… my marriage fake, but who are you to call my friendship fake? Om, I respected you as a friend and you leaving behind like that, that is betrayal.

O: Gauri…

G: It is my turn to talk and now listen up. From now on, I am only…. only Gauri Kumari Sharma. I want you to go back home to your family and live with them. They are waiting for you.

O: But, where will you go?

G: Who said that I stayed here? There was one person that I depended on and that was you. But, you taught me not to depend on anyone. So thank you. I did not stay with your family and never will. This Gauri is not an orphan because I do not care if anyone loves me. You said that you do not believe in love, and guess what… I have joined your club. Love is a weakness. Thank you and goodbye.

Gauri turns to leave but then Om holds her hand. He pulls her towards him and she falls on his chest. Holding onto her and pulling her towards him, he slowly talks to her.

O: Now it is my turn. Gauri, your friendship brought my barrier down and made me the person I was before. I realized how important it is to depend on someone other than your brothers so I would like to thank you for that. But, I have seen how much this acid attack has changed you so the moment I saw you, all those memories came back. Instead of staying with you, and reminding you of all those bad memories, I thought if I said that I hated you and your friendship and left, then you would not know the truth and you will forget anything. But, I was wrong. Here you are in front of me and for some reason, I am happy. These days without your companionship, I realized how much I need you as a friend… as my wife. Gauri, I love you, Can you please forgive me?

Gauri looks at him in tears.

O: Please, Gauri… Accept me.

Gauri hugs me and both of them cries while embracing each other.

O: Gauri, I want to get married and make you my official life. I do not care who is here but I need you by my side.

G: But, my brothers…

O: All of them married without my permission so it is okay if I do the same.

Gauri smiles and nod. Gauri and Om walk out of the room. Om walks towards his painting, lifts off the easel and heads to Gauri. He holds Gauri’s hand and Gauri then smiles at the painting and supports the painting with him. With the painting in their hands, they walk together, heading to a new happy step in their lives.

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