My right Decision (swasan os )

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swara and sahil were in a relationship since two years . they love each other . their families are neighbors and their fathers are business partners also . their parents wanted them to be maarried . sahil proposed swara she immediately accepted it two years before . she thought that she is the happiest girl in the world as she got her love . their parents have no objection with their relationship . but somewhere in swar’s heart there is still something missing . she herself don’t know that why she is not happy by heart . after seeing her parents happy . she ignores it .
swara and sahil are in college fianl year . when she accepted the proposal . Few weeks went awesome . swara and sahil talk late at night and roams . suddenly a sock that swar’s father die. it was a biggest shock for swara . her confidence break and now she and her mother were totally dependent on sahil’s father as swara was too young to handle business . sahil ‘s father consoles them and said that he will completes swara ‘s study . but the behavior of sahil’s father was changed after 1 month of swara’s father . he treated swara and sumi ( swara’s mother ) as their servants . he didn’t give them enough money but he paid swara ‘s college fees regularly . after one shock sahil ‘s behavior aslo changed . he order swara to wear western clothes .swara didn’t like those types of clothes . she told sumi about this but sumi replied that swara m helpless and you are would be wife of sahil so you should obey his order . this gave her extreme shock . she went to her room and cry alot . sahil restricted her not to talk to other boys as swara ‘s group include some boys including sanskar .
Sanskar : loves swara but after knowing that swara and sahil are lovers he burried his feelings . but he always supports swara .

Farewell Party
swara came to party wearing western clothes . sahil’s hand was on her waist. swara was uncomfortable . it was felt by sanskar . he felt extreme pain in his heart by seeing swara’s helplessness . sahil was drunk and he forcefully took swara to dance floor and was coming close to her . it was unbearable for sanskar but he can’t do anything becuz if he do something it will cuz great problem for swara . swara was uncomfortable and she has tears in her eyes . After that shail forcefully tried to kiss her . this makes swara furious . she slaps sahil hard and ran outside crying . sahil in anger said : U have done a big mistake by slapping me . u have to pay for it .
sanskar was also outside crying on his fate but after seeing swara running and her condition was very bad . he goes to her and said : swara
swara turns and immediately hugs sanskar tightly and cried . sanskar feels immense pain in his heart by seeing her tears .

he consoles her and said : shona u makeup is spoiled and u r looking churail . hearing that swara separate herself from sanskar and smiles a little 🙂
she said : thanks
sanskar : ab tu thanks boly ge
swara (worried tone ) : sanskar now what will happen .
sanskar : swara nothing will happen . you have done a right thing
swara : yes sanskar m feelings very comfortable
sanskar : swara we should live life according to our will not by others
swara : sanskar you r right . I always feel suffocation in the relationship . I want to live my life according to my way . these restrictions are unbearable for me . if my father is alive naww then it will never happens .
sanskar : swara now you have to live for you not for others
swara 🙁 determined) thanks sanky u guided me . now this sahil can’t show dominacy .
sanskar helps swara in getting a job and now swara fights shail with no fear as she had a big support of sanskar.
her life became easy .

AFTER 4 yrs
swara is a success lawyer and she won her first case of rape victim . sahil was the rapist and swara won justice for the girl as sahil ws sentence to death . she was very happy . she comes out from the court room where sankar a famous business man is already waiting for her . she hugs sankar and said I won . sankar was very happy . they celebrated their happiness .

ONE fine day
sanskar proposed swara and she immediately says yes and this I love u bdhuu but u proposed me very late ( making a pout )
sanskar smiled and said : I LOVE u too my princess 🙂
they happily married and after marriage They are blessed with a baby boy named aditiya .
swara is watching sanskar and aditiya playing and she said : yes loving sanskar was my perfect decision and smiles 🙂

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