Rich or Poor,Love knows nothing||A Shraman FF||Episode 5

Hey guys,Thanks a lot for your comments …Here I am with the next episode ..I will try to continue this FF after EDKV ending….

Soo let’s start:
Recap:Dev invites Rishay and Shraman to dinner..
Shraman reach to school after deciding with the menu, while Rishay have completely forgotten about reaching school…They are in their own dream world enjoying.

The college ends but Rishay don’t return…
Sumo decides to call them but just then the principal comes to her…
Principal: Suman,Tomorrow a very big business tycoon is coming to our school to give a lecture, I want you and Shravan to help arrange visit..And you will give the bouquet of flowers kept in my office.
Sumo:Yes Sir..

Sumo is thinking: He could only find me to give this bouquet and that too with this egotistic senior.
Just then Shravan comes and says:Thinking about me right ?
Sumo for one sec becomes awed because he was saying the truth but she being Sumo will not admit the truth.

Shravan:Stop trying to lie,you are cursing your fate because the principal could only find you to give the bouquet and that too with such a handsome and hot senior..You are thinking how you would control yourself!
Sumo:Shut up,I was just thinking where these love birds are?
Shravan: Don’t lie again at least not to yourself and me.
Sumo gets irritated: If you have never seen a monkey then go look in the mirror.
Shravan: Why to take the effort to go to the mirror when one is standing right in front?

Sumo screams:Zip up your mouth now!I need to go home faster, let’s us put the flowers and leave.
Shravan: Yeah Yeah!
Both start putting bunches of flowers in the desired places.
Sumo:Shravan pls put these flowers where they are supposed to be.
She points to a bunch of lilies.
Shravan: Put them yourself.

Sumo: I have an allergy from them so pls keep it…
Shravan: so finally Sumo has come to ask help from the great Shravan Malhotra!
Sumo gets a shock :You are the son of Ramnath Malhotra right?
Shravan: Yeah What’s so shocking? If I am not wrong you also are a daughter of a billionaire, who has left you loads of fortune.
Shravan says forgetting the Devman convo.
Sumo:In which world are you??I am no way near rich…I live in a hostel and the house my dad owns is on rent as a source of income for me…
Shravan: BTW,Are you on scholarship?
Shravan: Same here.

Sumo: No wonder we are sent to do this.
She points to the flower deco..
Shravan: Talking about this reminds me where are Rishay??
Sumo: Who is Rishay?.
Shravan moves and pulls her cheeks: You are soo innocent, from Riya -Ri and Akshay-Shay so that forms Rishay.
Sumo:You are not allowed to pull my cheeks only Riya and Dev are allowed to.
Shravan: May I ask you one question?
Sumo nods her head
Shravan: How is Dev related to you?
Sumo:After my parents demise I grew up with Dev and his mom…In simpler words I am his adopted little sis.
Shravan: Then why do you live alone?
Sumo:I didn’t want to be a burden on them! After Dev shifted to US with his mom,I decided to be independent.
Shravan: I admire you and your thinking…

Precap: Devman shock

Sorry for This short update and not following the precap.I suddenly had to go out and was only able to type this short update…
Pls comment and tell me how it is

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  1. it ws wonderful!!!! hope u rmbr me…. y r u saying will try, plssss di continue na!!!!!!! evry1 will continue!!!!!! hahahaha Shravan praising himself ws amazing…… pst nxt 1 soon….luv u- Neeti

  2. Ariana

    oh girl u r killing me. So much of suspense. y will Devman b shocked? Can’t even wait so pls post the part soon!!!

  3. It is fabbbbbbb di
    Post fast

  4. wonderful
    I loved it .post the nxt part soon……plzzzzz

  5. pretty preeti

    Oh my god u r making me more curious superb my sis.
    It was tooooo gud.
    Keep it up.
    Loved it.

  6. Nikita

    No more suspense man!
    It was amazinngg Anu
    Sorry for not replying in the last posts, i’ve been busy lately
    Please post soon
    I gotto rush for my studies, sorry for the short comment!
    Love you!

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