Rich or Poor,Love knows nothing || A Shraman FF || Episode 5 Part 2

Hey guys,Thanks a lot for your comments!!! I am posting this small,tiny episode because of happiness…I got highest marks in maths in 7th grade….

Soo let’s start:
Recap:Shraman talk about themselves and their families…

Just then Rishay enter with big bags tired….
Sumo:Finally Riya has got some time for me ..
Shravan: and Akshay for me.
Rishay in unison:It is nothing like that BTW, what has been going on between you both?
Shraman in unison:Nothing, not even in our dreams..
Just then Riya sees the bouquet of lilly’s kept near Sumo..
Riya immediately takes it and tosses it to Shravan..
Riya: Sumo, How many times have I told you never to even smell Lilly’s ?
What if something happened to you?You can even be hospitalized if you smell them
Shravan again becomes shocked..
Sumo:Relax Riya,I had asked Shravan to help me put the bouquet but by that time you both came..
Riya :Oh then it is fine!!
Sumo:Keep your evening free tomorrow, both of you..Dev is treating all of us to dinner with Sona Bhabhi..
Riya lifts her eyebrow:What do you mean by all of us?
Sumo:You both and we both.
Riya:Why Shravan and Akshay?
Sumo: Well,Shravan was there when he called me for dinner , so that’s why Shravan is coming and as far Akshay is concerned,you know why..
Riya:Okay then
Shraman and Rishay Arrange the remaining flowers and set every thing and leave for their respective homes….

The next day:
Sumo wakes up and dresses up extra well for school because of the business tycoon visit..
Riya comes with her car to Sumo’s house to pick her up…
Riya: Sumo,What is the name of the guy coming to our school??I am the Emcee,got a call from the school last evening… And you need to help me write the script..
Sumo:I don’t know the name of the guy coming to our school… But yes I will help you in writing the script..
Riya: Thanks a ton,If I am not wrong you have to give the bouquet of flowers …right?
Sumo nods positively.
Riya:Then why can’t we switch jobs,I will give the bouquet and you be the Emcee,I will ask the principal.
Riya and Sumo reach the school ,The principal allows to switch jobs but he asks Shravan to help Sumo in hosting…
Shraman slap their head in dismay.
Just then a big expensive car comes and stands in front of the college… Riya goes with a bouquet towards him…As soon as he opens the door ,She stands in shock.. It was Dev Dixit….
Dev also gets big shock ..
Riya recovers first and goes to him with a bouquet.
She stamps him on the foot.
Dev wanted to scream on Riya but stopped just in time…
While receiving the bouquet,he purposely drops his hankerchief and while picking it up,he tickles Riya…
She smiles awkwardly…
The principal asks Riya to assist Dev to his seat and sit next to him…If he needs any assistance..
Dev smiles…..
While Riya groans in her mind puts up a fake smile…
Riya and Dev move to their seats…
Riya:Bandar,I need to tell the name of the GOH who came to Sumo…She is unaware of it.
Dev:Madam,Don’t worry about it…

Shraman come up on stage to start the show.
Sumo turns pale seeing Dev while Shravan starts the show by introducing Mr Dev Dixit….
Sumo continues by introducing the first dance on the song:
Manma Emotion Jaage Re.
During the dance,the principal asks her to sing because the people who were supposed to sing are absent..
Sumo refuses at first but the principal persuades Sumo…
She goes and tells this to Shravan…
He announces Sumo’s name for singing with the school band..
Sumo sings beautifully the song:
Kehte hain:
Khuda ne iss jahaan mein
Sabhi ke liye kisi na kisi ko hai banaaya
har kisi ke liye
Tera milna hai uss rab ka ishaara 
Maano mujhko banaya tere jaise hi kisi ke liye

Kuch toh hai tujh se raabta 
Kuch toh hai tujh se raabta
Kaise hum jaane, hume kya pata
Kuch toh hai tujh se raabta
Tu humsafar hai
Phir kya fikar hai
Jeene ki wajah hi yehi hai
Marna issi ke liye

Kehte hain:
Khuda ne iss jahaan mein 
Sabhi ke liye kisi na kisi ko hai banaaya
har kisi ke liye…

hmm Meharbaani jaate-jaate mujhpe kar gaya
Guzarta saa lamha ek daaman bhar gaya
Tera nazaara mila, roshan sitaara mila
Taqdeer ki kashtiyon ko kinara mila

Sadiyon se tarse hai jaisi zindagi ke liye
Teri sohbat mein duaayein hain ussi ke liye
Tera milna hai uss rab ka ishaara
Maano mujhko banaya tere hi jaise kisi ke liye

Kuch toh hai tujh se raabta 
Kuch toh hai tujh se raabta 
Kaise hum jaane hume kya pata 
Kuch toh hai tujhse raabta

Tu humsafar hai, phir kya fiqar hai
Jeene ki wajah hi yehi hai
Marna issi ke liye

Kehte hain:
Khuda ne iss jahaan mein 
Sabhi ke liye kisi na kisi ko hai banaaya
Har kisi ke liye…

Everyone including Dev,Shravan and Riya get mesmerized hearing her voice…
Just then Dev whispers something to Riya…
Riya also agrees to ask Sumo on it…
Precap:Shraman and Rishay dinner with Devakshi.
First of all very sorry for this late update ….and this update is short…
Listen to Rabta from Agent Vinod it is amazing…
What did Dev say to Riya???
Sorry For not adding Akshay:’s part too much
Lots of Love

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  1. First of all congrats for your result. Now you have to post a longer episode as a treat for us 😉
    Coming to the episode, it was really nice. I really liked it. Post the next one soon. Take care. ?

  2. pretty preeti

    Anu my deary Congo.
    It was too gud.
    Loved it.
    U were marvellous in explaining.
    Love u

  3. May dev trying to help sumo in identifying her innerr talent of singing?????????
    Or may he wana present gift to her for that..
    Ya..I listened it was so amazing..and acha laga kitney dino baadh bus song ko first yaadh karney..mey?????

  4. Ariana

    Awww it was such a cute epi. That Dev Riya teasing was adorable. Nd sumo singing is even better…..can’t wait for the nxt part coz dinners always bring something special <3
    post soon dear

  5. wow awesome

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