Rich or Poor, Love knows nothing| |A Shraman FF| | Intro

Hi guys
I am back with another FF,This FF is following the track the Hindi movie ‘Ishq’ but there will a few Changes.

Here is the character sketch…

Suman Tiwari: From a poor family,Is an orphan, Best friend of millionare’s daughter,Riya.Kind and Simple.Still studies in college by scholarship.18 yrs old

Riya Kashyap:Daughter of Karan Kashyap,a billionare.Best friend of Sumo…Both are more like sisters..
Fun and bubbly.Studies in college with Suman.18 yrs old

Shravan Malhotra: Son of Millionaire Ramnath Malhotra… Doesn’t like his dad ,Best friend of
Akshay Kumar.Still studies in college final year,Topper.20 yrs old

Akshay Kumar:Hails from a middle class family. Calm and composed person,loves to play pranks and have fun with partner in crime Shravan Malhotra.

Karan Kashyap:Father of Riya Kashyap. Despises the poor people and thus hates Suman.Ramnath Malhotra is his childhood friend .
They both want their daughter and son to marry.

Ramnath Malhotra:Father of Shravan Malhotra.hates the poor just like his childhood friend.
Is not in friendly with terms with his son.

Lalaji Malhotra: Brother of Ramnath. Doesn’t differentiate between rich and poor.His daughter,Vandana is married to the son of their driver.

Kichu :Servant of the Malhotra family.Very close to Shravan.Shravan calls him uncle and cares for him a lot.

So I am done with the Character sketch..

Rishay(Akshay+Riya) and Shraman are in the same college but have not met eo yet…
Ramnath and Karan too have not met so but will meet eo soon..
Lalaji and Khushi will not have a large role just to make Ramnath realize his deeds.
Ramnath doesn’t like his bro anymore as boy.lalaji’s daughter married a poor boy..

Let’s see how all of them will meet and will their father’s despise for poor people stop them from falling in love???

Pls comment and tell me how this intro was??.
Lots of Love


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