Rich or Poor, Love knows nothing| |A Shraman FF| | Episode 4 part 1


Hi guys Thanks a lot for your comments, Sorry I couldn’t reply personally to them….
I am very sad because EDKV is ending ,It has been such a addicting part of her lives for the past 6+ months….
I am here with the next episode::::
Recap:College fresher’s party to be arranged by Shraman and Rishay…

The next day in the school:
Principal: I am granting you 4 this day off,do all the necessary arrangement and decorations.
Shraman and Rishay:Yes Sir..
Principal leaves…

Shravan: So me and Sumo will leave for the restaurant while you and Riya can see the deco.
Akshay: Hey, we don’t have any money to buy…
Shravan: We only need to finalize it so we don’t need money,you guys can ask the principal…
Riya: Okay bye.
Rishay leave to the principal’s office and get the money.
Meanwhile between Shraman.
Suman: You can’t call me Sumo, Shravu.
Shravan: You can’t call me that.
Suman :If you can then I can .
Shravan: Mind it I am your senior.One call to the principal then you are expelled, Then ask your parents to find a new school for you.
A tear drops from Sumo’s eyes.

Suman :I am sorry.
Shr: That’s better,Now let’s go and see the menu in various restaurants and their rates.
Sumo nods.
Shr: Lets leave.
We will go in a bus.

On the whole way Sumo kept quiet .
Shravan was thinking Normally this girl keeps blabbering nonsense, Now what happened.
Sumo: The stop has come.
Shr:Soo what Get down.
Sumo nods silently.She moves out of the bus followed by Shravan.
Just then they there was a loud scream.
A boy in his 20’s screamed Sumo.
Sumo immediately looks up and turns towards the sound.

She immediately runs and gives him a tight hug.
Shravan fumes in jealousy and clinches his unknowingly.
Sumo:Dev,It has Become so long I saw you,Where were you?
Dev:Relax,I was in US for the past 4 years, I just had an important meeting so I came.
Sumo:Soo you won’t come if you don’t have any work.
Dev side hugs Sumo.
Dev:It is nothing like that my Chipkali.
Sumo starts hitting Dev….
Sumo:You still remember, Mr Bandar.
Dev:Ok,Now who is he??
Dev points to Shravan.
Sumo:He is my senior at school.
Dev:Are you both bunking college??
Dev eyes them both
Sumo:No,No,Not at all,We have to arrange food for fresher’s party ,that’s why Principal sent us.
Shravan: Aren’t we getting late??
Sumo:Yeah, Wait a sec.She turns to Dev…Bandar, Would like to join us??
Dev:Chipkali, It is my pleasure.
Shravan keeps fuming at their talks.
Dev:We can go in my car.
Sumo:Shravan let’s go.

The trio sit in the car…
Dev is driving,Sumo on the frontseat while Shravan all alone on the back seat.
Dev:Where are you living now?
Sumo:At a hostel.
Dev:What happened to Uncle’s house?(Dev means Sumo’s dad’s house)
Sumo: It is on rent.
Dev:Oh,After Uncle,Aunty’s demise you must be feeling so lonely.
Sumo smile fades but she puts on a fake one: When master mind is there,then no one can feel lonely.

Dev smiles meanwhile Shravan is shocked,He thinks to apologize to her.
Dev:By the way where is mastermind?
Sumo: With her ?
Dev eyes widen.

Sumo laughs.
Sumo: Don’t forget that you got your love when you were in college only.
Dev:Okay,but what about you?
Sumo:No thoughts..
Devman continue their talks Ignoring Shravan completely.

precap:Rishay fun and decoration shops..

So sorry for the short and late update but I was extremely busy…
I will try to post an episode twice a week or more….
Lots of love

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  1. Nikita

    It was fun!
    But Anu we still have hope..
    We might get an extension till December..
    Okay now coming to the episode,
    It was fun!
    Awwh, Shravan must have felt so sorry.
    What he said to Suman..
    But it was fun watching Shravan’s jealousy..
    It was an amazing episode overall..
    Entry of DEV was nice!
    Post soon,
    Love you!
    -Nikita 🙂

  2. Angel_pari

    Hey anuu it was totally amazing one…. Loved it the core 🙂

  3. Ariana

    Finally u updated!! Yo it was all banged up nd hung up!! Jealous Shravu!!! Thanks god tht u cleared out the fact tht Dev already found his love so no problem. Waiting for ur next epi. Pls pls pls post soon this time. Don’t keep me waiting for long.
    Loads of love
    take care

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