Rich or Poor, Love knows nothing| |A Shraman FF| | Episode 3

Hi guys,
I am back with the next episode but Frankly speaking ,I only got 4 comments… pls tell me if you want me to continue it..
So let’s start:
Recap:Akshay and Shravan were hanging on a pipe.
Shravan and Akshay were sitting in Akshay’s house.
Shravan:When are you going to confess your love??
Akshay: Never….
Shravan:Then I will do it!
Akshay’s mouth drops open.
Akshay:No …
Shravan: Fine ,let’s first concentrate on the fresher’s party arrangement.
Akshay: OK

Both start making plans for the fresher party.

The next day in college:

Sumo was in the principal’s room with Riya while Shravan and Akshay entered…
Principal: These are the 2 fresher’s who will be helping you..
Whereas,Rishay were staring at eo with love while Shraman got the biggest shock..
Principal:So you can start working,
Date is: 22\04\16
Venue:Gardens by the bay,open hall
Each student has to give 100 rs for contribution.
Shravan :Yes sir.
Rishay were still busy in their eyelock.
Sumo stamps Riya feet as she moves out.
Shravan follows Sumo.
He goes and whispers something in her ear she smiles and agrees.
Rishay then come out.
Shravan :We have decided that you (Akshay) and Riya will be in charge of decorations and Sumo and I will be in charge of food..
Sumo:You can only call me Suman,only Riya calls me Sumo.
BTW, What is your name??
Shravan coughed…
Shravan:I am Shravan,he is Akshay.
Sumo: I know his name,Riya keeps talking about him only.
Riya stamps her leg.
Shravan: The case over here is no better.
Sumo laughs.
Rishay faces had turned crimson red .
Riya:If you are done spreading fake rumors then can we talk about the party instead.
Sumo:I never lie…What I am telling is not fake.
Akshay: Let’s go to the library,we will discuss there.

In the library:
Rishay sit together so Sumo has no option but to sit with Shravan.
Riya:What should be the theme?
Shravan: We are your seniors,you should obey us, just listen to us quietly.
Sumo: Riya,you know what?Let’s go and tell the principal that we don’t want to help, then we are free .
Akshay glares at Shravan angrily.
Shravan: Fine sit down
Shraman and Rishay discuss about their plan for the party..

After a lot of discussion, they end up making the theme Bollywood.
Just then the principal joins them.
Principal: I have made the pairs according to their role no.
Riya looks at Sumo and give an unwanted face.
Principal:But I haven’t found a partner for you both.
Sumo:Sir, I am not coming for the party.
Rishay and Shravan look at her in shock.
Principal: You are coming and Suman,your partner is Shravan while Riya your partner is Akshay.
Principal: No ifs and buts.
As soon as the principal goes away.
Riya,Akshay and Shravan bombard Sumo with questions.
Sumo:Guys calm down!
Riya:Anyway, If you don’t go then I won’t come as well.
Sumo: Fine I will Come.
Akshay whispered in Riya’s ears…
Akshay: We are also getting a chance to be together.
Riya blushes.
Sumo: If you love birds are done then we can continue with discussion.

Precap: Arguments between Shraman related to party…
So sorry for the short update ,and as promised I didn’t show Rishay confession ….Very sorry..

Pls comment and tell me how it is

Love Anu

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  1. hey hello u just continue it ,don’t wait for comments
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  2. Ohhoo…
    It’s OK…without confession..aaj nahi toh kal ho jasyega…
    But ff was chakkas..
    Akshay angry glare…
    Shravu commanding as senior…
    I lived it…
    I’m enjoying it to the core of my heart…
    Pls..don’t stop it???
    Post @[email protected]???

  3. Ariana

    Omg its sooooooooooo good! Idk wht to say. So SHraMan r partners…awesome…perfect..pls post next part soon dear
    loaaadddssss of love

  4. Really Nice ?

  5. Neeti

    Its really beautiful, especially Rishay prt
    it’s amazing, hahaha Shraman r pairs. Bt precap made me sad
    actually I am already sad cs Angel_pari di left us. I am crying. Sry I cant write anymore!pls contact hr if u can.
    Luv u- Neeti/Sadti/Cryti

  6. This was awesome. Loved it. ?
    This episode was too good. ?
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