Rich or Poor, Love knows nothing| |A Shraman FF| | Episode 2


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Thanks a lot for all your comments, Here is the next episode.
Recap:Meeting of Shraman and Rishay and Rishay are good friends, Sumo fainted due to the prank played by Shravan,on her birthday, which makes Shravan feels guilty. Riya raging at Shravan.

Sumo…What is this Riya??
Riya:what is what?Why did God make you so simple ?I am going to avenge revenge.
Sumo: Don’t do anything like that.
Shravan hears this convo and is impressed by Sumo.
Riya:Let’s go,I have a surprise for you

Saying this she blind folds Sumo.
Both Riya and Sumo go to the area where the surprised was planned .
On the roof of a building.

Meanwhile Shravan and Akshay go to Akshay’s house to enjoy.
They were sitting on the roof top .Akshay was lost in his dreams thinking about Riya listening to romantic music..While Shravan was pacing around.
Shravan: Sir has given me the responsibility for arranging the fresher’s party along with some random junior who he will tell me on Monday.What can I do?
First let me wake up this duffer.
Shravan switches off the music.
Akshay: What are you doing yaar?
Shravan:Let me tell you an advice:
1)Never run behind a bus,train or girl.

You will end up hanging in the middle.
Sharavn keeps talking arranging the roof top while Akshay look crossing the pole staring at Riya,who was showing Sumo her surprise.

Below their house:
A man was talking to a deaf and dumb guy.
Guy ?
Just then he sees Akshay:
Man:What is wrong with you??Pagal ho gai ho.
Man:Look down below you.
Akshay looks down and screams ,He looses his balance and hangs on the pole
Shravan,Sumo and Riya see Akshay.
Akshay :Shravan save me!!!
Shravan looks at Riya and says

Shr:Maine pehele bhi kaha that ki kabhi bhi bus, train ya chokhri ke peeche bhagte nhi
Akshay: If your lecture is done,then help me.
Shravan :Coming
Shravan starts to walk..
Shr…Ram Ram Ram Ram
Shravan barely walks 5 steps and looks down and runs back.

Shravan: I will walk with my eyes closed
Shravan walks with his eyes clothes .As soon as he reaches towards Akshay.he looks down and falls down and starts hanging parallel to Akshay.
Akshay: Did you hear something?
Shravan: Yes,I can see it as well.
Akshay looks at the direction as well.

Akshay: Bhaiya,Ruko,Stop
The guy doesn’t look at Shravan and Akshay until
Shravan was hanging holding Sumo’s hand while Akshay had entered some old lady’s room.
Shravan: Don’t let go please!
Sumo:Try to come up.

Meanwhile Riya had her own worries about Akshay.
Shravan: This is what happens when you run after a girl.He has gone pagal in your love.His heart beat rises and his senses drop.
Sumo:Come up I can’t hold any longer
Shravan comes up and trips on the sill and falls on Sumo. Their noses meet and they have an eyelock.
Riya coughs.
Shraman stand up embarrassed.
Riya: Akshay has entered Kaki’s house .Sumo only you can save him.
Sumo:Okay let’s go.

They reach Kaki’s house and ring the doorbell.
Sumo:Kaki Mein Sumo Bol rhi.
Kaki come inside faster the door is open,I thief is inside.Save me.
Sumo enters the room
Riya smiles hard upon seeing Akshay fine.
Sumo:Kaki He is not a thief,he is ….uh.
Riya…Our friend..
Riya covers up Sumo.

Shraman and Rishay exit….
Riya and Sumo leave from there while Shravan and Akshay chat.
Shravan: I have already told Riya about your love for her..
Akshay: What
Akshay: She won’t believe you
Shravan smirks thinking about Rishay
Both leave for home.

Precap:Rishay Love confession..

So I am done with the next episode as well. Sorry for the small update,My exams will only end Next Monday so till then short update.

Lots of love

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  1. ????
    Nice one..
    That’s OK..yaar..shirt hi sahi kuch to hai…
    Hamari baaki dosthon ney tho..badi so break dhey dhi…ffs k liye..
    Its gud…
    Oh..rishay love confession..gud???

  2. This was so cute. Loved it. ?
    Post when you get time as studies come first 🙂
    Best of luck for your exams.
    Take care ?

  3. Nikita

    Damn cute Anu!
    I loved it..
    Everything about it was beautiful..
    Awwh! Rishay’s confession..
    Post soon!
    But yea, studies first..
    Take care
    Love you,
    Nikita 🙂

  4. Ariana

    Such a sweet one! Hell I was imagining the whole scene of Akshay n Shravan. Couldn’t stop laughing! Nd Shravan is already impressed by Sumo!!! Wht do I need more. Wonderful. Don’t worry I’ll wait till ur exams end but yah do post regularly
    all the best for ur remaining exams
    take care
    love u

  5. hey anu it was wonderful
    I am still laughing on akshya waala scene

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