Rich or Poor, Love knows nothing| |A Shraman FF| | Episode 1


Hi guys ,Here is the first episode…
In this FF,I will try to post longer episodes.

Soo let’s start:

In a wealthy bungalow,
A man is talking with a servant pacing around a room.

Man:Has the poor people’s colony been cleared for my 5 star hotel??
Servant:Sorry Ramnath sir but Riya told us not to because her friend’s hostel is there in that area.
Man:This friend of Riya. You go I will talk to Riya.

Just then a man enters.
Ramnath:I am no more Bhaiya for you,I severed all ties with you the day you got your daughter married to that bastard.
Lalaji: Enough is Enough…When your son gets married to a poor girl then you Will see.
Ramnath:If he would ever do that I will shoot him.
Lalaji:I care for my daughter and that’s why I let her marry him.
Ramnath: Now move out of my house..
Lalaji:I am going, I have no interest to stay with you.
By saying this Lalaji leaves.
Ramnath :Prepare for my car I need to leave..
Ramnath leaves ,in the midway the car stops.
Ramnath:What happened??
Driver:Sir,Its no entry
Ramnath: Just go ahead,everyone will automatically move their way when they see the great Ramnath Malhotra’s car.
They move ahead..
In the next minute, They hear the horning of another car..
Ramnath: Which idiot dares to horn at me ?
Ramnath gets out of the car.
The man in the adjoining car also comes out.
They both at each other.

Ramnath: Kara
Ramnath:Mere dost,It is so strange that despite living in the same city we didn’t meet each other.
Karan:At least we are meeting now.
Ramnath: Where are you gKaran
Karan:You know the textile king Lalaji has a son and a daughter.I am going a find a match for my daughter with him.
Ramnath: Stop then right away.His daughter married the son of a driver.I am scared if my son does this.
Karan:Even I am scared if my daughter does this.

Ramnath:my son,such a poor innocent boy.
I have a solution lets go to barrister Khosla.He will help us.

Both friends leave together to barrister Khosla.
At the court:
Khosla: There is nothing we can do sir.
Ramnath: Do something, we Will give you how much ever money you want.
Khosla: that’s the problem with rich people,Now I will surely do something.
I have an idea,He takes out a paper of marriage registration.
Khosla:Get your sons sign on this and the girl whose sign you want.Done,they both will get married by the court.
Ramnath: Wah What an idea!
Here take a blank a cheque from my side.
Karan:From my side too.
Both give the blank cheque and come out happily.
Karan:How will we get the sign on these?They will read and understand.
Ramnath: Don’t worry just see what I will do .

********Screen Changes.**********

A girl is coming in a BMW towards a tea stall where a girl was talking with it’s owner.
Riya:Happy Birthday Sumo!!!
Sumo turns around gives a big grin.
Sumo…Thanks a lot. Why did you come here??
Riya: I wanted to go for shopping with you.Now here is my gift for my dearest friend.
Riya gives a Peck on Sumo’s cheeks.
Sumo: thanks again,Oh my I forgot I had to return a T-shirt which I bought wait here..

From the other side
A man with a friend were driving the car.
The driver suddenly feels some golden light falling on his face.As he looks towards it he sees Riya but fails to see Sumo who is holding the gift.
He gets mesmerized to see her.
He doesn’t see and crashes with Riya’s car.The car also pushes Sumo who pushes an egg seller on his eggs.
Sumo:Kaka Are you alright??.

Riya:My car!You will need to pay for the damages
Shravan: Yeah
He gives her a 1000 rs note.
Sumo comes from the back
Sumo:You will also pay Kaka for his eggs.
Shravan gives another 500rs note.
Riya: One headlight is only for 500rs.

Shravan: OK,He breaks the other head light with his leg.
Sumo takes a stone from the ground and throws it on Shravan’s window screen .
Sumo:Here is a 5000rs note for its damages.
Shravan: It is only for 4000rs
Sumo:Its a tip for you Mr Arrogant.
Meanwhile Riya and Akshay were busy staring in eo’s eyes .
Sumo pulls Riya by the arm and takes here inside the shop.
Mean while Shravan was infuriated at her .
Shravan: How could She?I will teach her a proper lesson

Sumo: You buy what you want too I will return the shirt..
Sumo: Bhaiya, Here is the shirt which I bought from you and it is defective.
Sumo:Here see it
She shows the hole by putting her finger through it.
SK: I can’t see it.

Sumo brings it closer to him but still he refuses that he Is unable to see it.
Sumo pulls the whole shirt apart
Sumo: Now can you see the hole ?
SK:Yeah,Wait,I will replace the shirt.
Meanwhile Shravan and Akshay enter the same shop.
Akshay and Riya start talking while Shravan goes to buy something.

Sumo goes to another stall
Sumo:Pls give me Colgate family pack
Shravan comes to the same stall.
Shravan: Give me the same thing.
S K 2:Sorry there is only one
Sumo: I will take it
Shravan: I will
Sumo:I took it first
Shravan:I saw it first.
Sumo:Ladies first
Shravan:Not here
Sumo: I will take it
Shravan:You need it more cause your mouth stinks
Shravan: Yeah

He starts to walk away.
Sumo squeezed some of the toothpaste on her hand and dumps it on Shravan’s face.
Shravan takes a knife from his pocket.
He moves towards Sumo and attacks Sumo.Sumo screams.
Shravan starts to laugh uncontrollably. Sumo touches her stomach.
Shravan shows the knife. The sharp point could be pushed down.
Sumo faints because she was hell scared.
Riya sees this and runs to her.

She takes water and sprinkles it on Sumo.
Sumo opens her eyes slightly.Sumo gets up..
Riya: now let’s go, I want you to celebrate your b’day well.
Shravan was guilty and shocked…
Shravan: I am sorry.
Sumo:I am sorry,the fault was mine.
Shravan was about to say something but Riya pulls her away and gives am angry glare to Shravan and a smile to Akshay who watching the whole scene quietly.

Precap:Loads of Masti and laughter

So guys I am done with my first episode. hope it was long enough!
Pls comment and tell me how it was ..

Lots of love

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  1. ????????
    Its so lovely…dear…
    I loves it…???
    Ek hi part padkey aisa lag raha hai…
    Adhi kahani …padna puri
    kar li..???????

    1. Anushika

      Thanks a lot Sona,Don’t worry there are way too many twists to go?
      Loads of Love

  2. Ariana

    Hey!!! It was brilliant. Wasn’t this from the Akshay-Kajol n Amir-Juhi paired movie ISHQ? I can feel slight differences but still it’s kinda same. OMG!!!! That’s my fav 90s film. Thanks soooooooooooo much for putting ShraMan characters with it. I really can’t wait for their onwards nok-jhoks and the way u will change some parts up will add even more spice to it. I’m eagerly waiting for the next part. Post soon honey
    Loads of loooovvvveeeeee
    take care

    1. Anushika

      Thanks a lot Ariana, It was Ajay -Kajol Pairing. Actually I was watching it on Sunday and that’s when this idea clicked me.I will change the upcoming track to add Shraman romantic scenes.
      I will show less Rishay in it.
      Will post the next episode tomorrow most probably.
      Take care
      Lots of loooooooove

    2. Nikita

      Ohh! I loved it..
      You used my fav 90’s film..
      I’m loving it so much..
      And the whole scenario at the mall was hilarious..
      Love you Anu!
      Plss posstt soonn!!
      Loads of love,

  3. Loved it so much. ?
    It was amazing. Enjoyed reading it.
    Aww shravan was guilty ? ?
    When are you going to post the next episode? Waiting anxiously.
    Take care. Loads of love ?

    1. Anushika

      Thanks a lot Zainab, I will post it most probably tomorrow.
      Love you
      Take care

  4. The story is from ishq film

  5. Anushika

    I have told it in the intro

  6. Erika

    hey anushika pl. don’t mind dear i dont mean to hurt u but the story of your ff is the same as of the movie ISHQ 1997 of aamir khan and juhi chawla of try to change your storyline and sorry once again if i have hurt u dear…

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