hi guys…thanks for your precious comments on the previous episode…girls be brave and bold… don’t let your freedom even for a second.. of you done it then you’ll have to forget it… and boys don’t let your parents with listening to a girl’s word then you’ll regret it later.. guys don’t throw tomatoes on me… I thought to give a cute advice everyday so today is it …

scene 1,
the episode starts with the bell rang… Ragini and smitha came to the canteen..
smitha :(bored of class)today class is so bored, yaar? and the professor make me sleepy.. his lecture is like lullaby..

smitha laughed between saying but said… Ragini laughs with her comments… kaavya and her gang came to the canteen.. while all are okay, kaavya only glared at Ragini then walks away.. Ragini i get irked by her glare.. smitha noticed..
smitha :(laugh faded into horror)hey, Ragini what happens between you both? why she shot a glare at you?
Ragini :(uncaring)how will I know that? and one more matter, I don’t care if she’s thinking me as her enemy or not.. I just don’t care because I never going between her problem..

Ragini glared at kaavya and said it with a serious tone..
smitha :(calm down her) cool, Ragini.. it’s not so serious..
Ragini :(looking away) leave it and look at kaavya… I’m sure she’ll glare at me again..
smitha followed her order and looks at kaavya with half eye… kaavya glared at and turned away… smitha shocked..
smitha :yes..

Ragini :(smiling)it’s the logic of life and movie..
she said… smitha looked confused and looked on.. Ragini raised her eyebrow…
Ragini :I’m saying this is the scene which will take place in real life also..
smitha smiled as she understood it..
Ragini :(stand up) I’m hungry so I’ll go and buy something… do you want anything?
smitha :(thinking and say) I want a sandwich…
Ragini :(nodding) okay..
Ragini walls away… while smitha notices kaavya and her gangs movement deeply.. she then thinks something..

scene 2,
Ragini came there with two sandwiches.. one for her and the other is for smitha..
Ragini :here is.
Ragini yummy in hungry.. they eat it.. smitha stopped eating between…
smitha : Ragini, I have the conversation that what they were talking..
Ragini :(confused)are you kidding..I didn’t hear anything but you?
smitha beats her own head with her palm of hand..
smitha : I’m saying I’ve a conversation for them in my style… what to say, ah, dubbing!
Ragini :(choking) what? dubbing?
smitha :yes, listen..

Ragini looked at her… smitha rammed her throat before speaking anything out of her word..
smitha : see, them and listen to me..
Ragini realizes that it was….something funny.. she smiles..
smitha :(as kaavya pointing at raunak)hey, you slave where is the heart for my dinner?
Ragini laughs..
smitha :(as raunak listen to kaavya) yes majesty, wait I’ll give you my heart as for your lunch.. (now as kavitha) no, raunak.. you don’t do this.. think me before saying.. I’m your mistress.. (now, as Ajay) your majesty, please make me as your dinner..
Ragini laughs out loud with smitha’s conversation.. smitha also laughed…
smitha :(as, kaavya) no, you all don’t give me your heart.. but you can give me your eyes.. (as smitha) tada, a dangerous music…
Ragini :(paining her stomach with laugh) enough, I can’t laugh more as my stomach already painful…
smitha :(nodding) okay, okay… I’ll use washroom.. you go class, I’ll join you later…
Ragini nods… smitha walks away from there… Ragini thinks and laughs.. Ragini saw something as her laugh fade..

outside the canteen, a less far Laksh is sitting down on the bench and tying his shoe lace… a two foot came infront of him and stand… laksh sees it and pulled up his face up and saw her woman standing. she’s hides the sun and looking dark…
he got to saw a clear vision after tied his shoelace… it’s Ragini who’s standing… Ragini smiles and waved a little…
Ragini : hi!
Laksh looked confused first and thinks deeply.. he then remembers her..
laksh:(remembers) oh, you’re the same girl that I saved that day, huh?
Ragini :(nodding) yes..
she blinked her eyes while signed as nodded.. laksh smiled.
laksh : hi, I’m Laksh..
he shows a hand to her for a shake.. Ragini looked at his hand and at him..
Ragini : I’m Ragini..
she gets her hand into laksh’s hand and they grabbed each others.. they shakes a little and released their hands from each other clutch..
Ragini :thanks..

laksh :(confused) for what?
Ragini :(smiling)because for stopped the raging..
laksh : but what did I do?
Ragini : I know, you’ll ask its.. because if your mood off, your friend, kaavya let us go..
Laksh :(smiling) oh, that..
laksh said but Ragini interrupted him..
Ragini : so, what’s is the problem? and one thing, can we walk while talking?
lakskh nods..
Laksh : sure..
Ragini smiled and walks with each other..
Ragini : tell me.. because, I’m a stranger to you till now… so when you say a matter to a stranger, they’ll no problem..
Laksh liked her way of speaking and smiled..
laksh :yeah, you’re right.. today is my mother’s barsi.. and want to go to the house to which I hoped not to go ever..
Ragini : why? any reason?
laksh : absolutely, yes.. because it’s the place which my mother lives as like a prisoner.. and there lives the Hitler husband of my mother..
Ragini : you mean, your father?

Laksh signed not to identify him as his father by showing his hand no.. Ragini nods..
Ragini : why you hate him?
Laksh : because, he make my mother’s life as hell..
Ragini : oh, sad.. how you know that he makes your mother’s life hell?
laksh :(confused) what a question is this? haha, I saw it with both my eyes..
Ragini stopped and looked at him.. he looked at her.. she smiles..
Ragini : it’s not the truth by just seeing, listening and investigate deeply will bring out the truth to light..
laksh :(confused) what are you saying?
Ragini : did your father married another woman after your mother died? or before?
laksh : don’t say the word ‘father’ ..he’s not married..
Ragini :(smiled proudly) then your father loved your mother full heartedly… but he’s possessiveness for your mother..
Ragini walked away from there.. laksh looked confused..
Laksh :(screaming loud) hey, Ragini! what are you saying, yaar?
laksh looked confused… Ragini turned back while walking and smiles..
Ragini :(smiling) you’re saying me ‘yaar’..so let’s meet tomorrow… bye..
Ragini waved her hand and turned.. she walked away… laksh gazed at her while she’s walking..


PRECAP : Laksh came to MAHESHWARI mansion and saw dp there… he remembers how he tortured her mother.. but also remembers the word by Ragini…

episode 8s link…


so guys,, I hope you’ll like it… bye…

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