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scene 1,
kaavya and her gang came and sit at the at the stadium where they are going to celebrate their freshers party of their…
kaavya :(bold)haam, raunak go and get the freshers… we’re starting it..
raunak :(as like a slave)hmm, yes.. I’ll go.
he goes.. kaavya thinks about Ragini and smirks in herself.. Laksh came behind her and gave a cute pat on her head with a pile of book..
kaavya :(hurt)ouch,
she gave massage to her head.. and turned and shot a glare at him.. Laksh laughs..
Laksh :(cheerpy)hey, why you here?
kaavya :(dramatic)did you forgot? today is our style fresher party to the freshers…
Laksh remember it and gave pat to himself on head..
Laksh :(looking sorry) sorry, I forgot ready..
he stared at her.. kaavya smiles..
kaavya :(smiling) okay, I’ll give forgive you you for this last time..
laksh :(nodding) okay, okay…
he accepted… kaavya smiles and pulled her nose… she then leaves him and waited for fresher..

scene 2,
raunak, proving he’s the slave to kaavya walks to the classes first…
raunak :(all class) there is freshers party… get up and go…
he atlast came to ragini’s class.. smitha and ragini’s expression turnstiles grave and looked at him…
raunak :(terrorly) you too, go..
he then walks away… the class students one by one walks out… ragini and smitha looked at each other with grave look…
ragini :(grave look) I’m scared..
she stared… smitha changed her look into cheerpy and bold girl… but inside, still the butterflies flying in her stomach..
smitha :(giving a tight smile) don’t worry, I’m here, na? come..
ragini : that’s why, I’m scared…
smitha suddenly looked confused and questions..
smitha :(shoots a look) what?
ragini :(smiling) no, I mean just for fun..
ragini shows her tongue dance at her..
smitha :(like she was going to cry for sure) you want comedy in this time?
ragini :(nodding no) no..
smitha then nods..
smitha :okay.. now let’s go.
they walks away from class to stadium… there is long queue… they stand..
kaavya one by one rags them.. after getting close to kaavya, smitha suddenly changed her place to behind ragini… Ragini looked shocked..
ragini : hey..
smitha :(folded her hand)hey,ragini you’re my sweety… please save me. .
she looked on… Ragini shots a glare and turned to look straight..

scene 3,
Laksh was suddenly got disturbed.. he thinks about dp and ap and all… he remembers a moment of his childhood..

ap was doing the kitchen work.. dp came there angrily while threw everything that on his way…Laksh as a little child, came out of his room and looked at them.. dp reached ap..
dp :(showing a photograp) what’s this?
he threw that on the floor.. already by him, ap bend down and took the photo… she looked and shocked..
ap :(explain) no, it’s not you’re thinking…
dp cuts her..
dp :(yelling) then what?
Laksh out in scare makes a sound.. dp and ap looked at him..
dp :(calmly as he can) laksh, go inside..
Laksh was scared and his legs do not moving..
ap:(voice as nothing happening) lakshya beta, go inside.. it’s not the age to listen all the thing..go..
Laksh nodded but didn’t utter a word.. then he starts to move in.. and dissappeared in..
ap looked at dp.. worried..
ap : please listening to me once..
dp : okay, say…
ap :(explaining) it’s not what you’re thinking.. I’m gone there for shopping for house thing and got accidentally met him…
dp didn’t satisfies by her answer and started his argument.. while Laksh inside in his room, was very scared and shuts his ears to not heard their fight…

fb ends..
kaavya and others suddenly breaks a giggle sound…Laksh came to his sense and looked at them…
kaavya :(laughing) see her… looking like a behenji….bur name rachna(mahima makwana). ..
kaavya laughs… Laksh looked at the girl standing… she’s wearing a old fashioned Punjabi suit and has books in her hand… she was looking shy with their talk…Laksh didn’t say and thinks things.. the girl, rachna ran away from there… kaavya and her gang looked at rachna…
they then continued.. at last, Ragini stand infront.. she was scared.. kaavya looked at her top to bottom.. she has a plan to humiliate her and smirks…
Laksh looked at her and wasn’t feeling well so walks away furiously from there.. kaavya and her gang stopped their giggling and looks at him.. Ragini also looked confused..
kaavya :(sighnalling to all her gang) clean this queue from here to their class..
she goes where laksh gone to.. Ragini looked at the way he goes and walks away…

scene 4,
Laksh was standing under a big tree and looked restless.. kaavya came to him and puts a hand for support..
kaavya :(worried) what happened?
Laksh turned and stand straight and looking at her..
Laksh :(sad) I’m not feeling well…
kaavya :(looking into his eyes) are you remember your mom?
Laksh :(nodding) yes…
kaavya nods and thinks deeply..
kaavya:(support) your mom is always with you… don’t worry…
she gave him a positive thoughts and gave a hug… Laksh hugged her back and looked relieved..
Laksh :(smiling) thank you, kaavya for being my best friend..
he broke his hug and goes to his class.. kaavya looked at him going..
kaavya :(mind voice) I’m not as a friend.. but as a lover, I’m saying it.. one day, you’ll realize my love… until that I’ll wait for you..
kaavya thinks and stands there still.. behind her, her friend kavitha (nikitha sharma) came and puts her hand… kaavya came to her sense and and turned..
kavitha : come let’s go to class..
kaavya :(remember) oh yeah, keys go..
they’re walks from there to their class..

To Be Continued….

PRECAP : laksh was putting his shoelaces together and saw two foot of a girl… het looked up and saw a girl standing..

episode 7’S link…

i hope you’ll like it… bye…. bye…

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