hi guys… sorry for delay.. I want to tell you this, that i’ll update two ff in one day guyss… I have time for two ffs.. because I haven’t have to myself.. I always use my sister’s only so I got time in night only… so guys plz be patient ..

Scene 1,
it was next day, Laksh was getting ready himself to college..while Laksh getting ready in his room, sujata came with a phone with herself.. laksh looked at her through the mirror.. he know why she’s here with a phone..
sujata :(looking worried)laksh, beta.. your..

Laksh stopped her even she hasn’t finished her line.. Laksh turned..
laksh :(calmly)i know who’s it.. dp, right?
sujata :yes… but you should call him dad, na?
laksh :I’ll not call him dad..

he said and thus take the phone away from sujata.. sujata get worried as he what will he talk.. sujata walks away.. Laksh with no expression on his face confront dp.
dp is shown infront of a mirror looking vainly caringly but couldn’t show it to him..
laksh :hello,
dp :(calmly)hello, beta
Laksh :(showing frustrated)don’t ever call me as your beta..
dp :(still calmly)okay, I’ll not call you as my beta.. don’t worry…
laksh :hmm, why you call me?

Laksh boldly asked…
dp :that, today is your maa ki barsi.. i want you to be there
Laksh thought deeply.. he cannot refuse as it is his mom’s barsi…
Laksh : okay, I’ll come..
Laksh hangs the phone down without saying any bye of anything.. on the others side, do looked at him phone and sad..
Laksh throws the phone down on the bed and thinks..
Laksh :(murmuring and angry)what I’ve done… I’ve to see those eyeses which hurts my mom.. how cani go there? it’s the place where my mom lived in hell…

Laksh starts to walk left and right in angry..
laksh :(calmly)okay, I’ll go there but don’t see his face or talk…
he cooled him down.. he then sat on bed for a while came down with the phone…
sujata was looking restless as what he would said to dp.. he came to her..
Laksh :(showing the phone at sujata)Aunty, here’s your phone.
Laksh have it to get and walkd… sujata looked on and stopped him…
sujata :what your father said?

laksh :(long angry at het)don’t say that his my father..
sujata cooled him down..
sujata :okau, okay.. what dp said?
Laksh :(patiently)he called me to the barsi tonight and I’m going..
laksh walks away.. sujata looked boggled by his behaviour and smiled..
sujata :(thinking)looking like he’s changing..
sujata walks to the kitchen then.. Laksh started his bike and rushes from there…

scene 2,
Ragini was ina hurry to college because, she is late as her mother didn’t woke her at the right time.. she came to hall.. there is no one..
Ragini :(yelling)mom, I’m going..
janki rushes to her side with a plate of breakfast and milk.. Ragini looked at her coming..
janki :(telling)wait and eat then go..
Ragini :(pleaded)no, mom.. it’s already late..
janki tries to stop her but Ragini rushes to the door but stopped.. janki looked confused as she stopped.. Ragini turned to janki..
Ragini :mom, its not good to go..
janki :(smiling)that’s why i said to eat..
Ragini :(worried)mom, that’s not what I’m saying.. i think i don’t want to go to college today..
janki looked shocked..
janki :what?
Ragini :(waking to her)yes, mom…my heart is saying to don’t go..
janki realizeit was a drama not to go.. Janki smile..
janki :don’t act.. tell, what’s the matter..?
Ragini :(give up)okay,today we got a ragging in college.. so i thought not to go..
janki :(laughing)it’s this the problem? just go and enjoy.. it’s necessary in college..
she smiled and blesses Ragini to go.. Ragini smiles and nodeed..
Ragini :(nodding)okay, mom..
this Ragini walks out.. she walks in the road while she saw a ganesh idol in a small temple.. Ragini walks to it..
Ragini :(smiling)god, please help me to the safe from the ragging..
she prayed and walks out.. she then goes to buts stop and takes the bus..

scene 3,
there was some boys out there on the main door of college.. they were raging the students who are coming.. kaavya anda few girls came to them..
kaavya :(smiling)guys, guys.. stop it, yaar..
man 1:why, kaavya.. it’s so enjoyable.. see the girls.. they were looking so hot..
the man points at a few girl who’re passing..the girls looked at them felt uncomfortable by their comments on them.. they walks fastly..
kaavya was laughing at the girls and have a enjoyable moments… while, the girls only know the pains..
kaavya :okay guys.. it’s enough now.. we have a party for fresher today..
man 2: when? i done get any newsw..
kaavya :(laughing)hey, sid..it’s not organizing by the college but by us..
the three men noded..and smiled..
man 3: that’s mean, you’re saying that we’re going to have a great day today..
kaavya :yes..
kaavya noddes and smiled happily.. Laksh came there in his bike and parks it..
men and girl :(sake time)wooohoo,Laksh, you’re here..
Laksh :waving his hand at them)hi, guys..
he got off from his bike and came to them.. kaavya looked happy and came to Laksh.she hugged him..
kaavya :(loving)hi, laksh.. missed you..
she said.. Laksh hugged her back and then broke it.. he high fives with the three man and smiles..
Laksh :(smiling)what’s up, guys?
sid:(smiling)we’re having featherslfresher party today..
Laksh :(getting knew it)oho, i know..it’lll be a fun..
the all men cheers and three girls joins them.. the other persons who’re passing by got disturbants by their noise and passed..

scene 4,
Ragini reached the college and got in to class room without any one noticing.. she was afraid if she get caught then they’ll rags her.. she reached the class room and sat down… the smitha already.. she looked at Ragini..
smitha :(concerned)hey, what happened? why you looking afraid ?..
Ragini :no, I’m not afraid at all. but a little bit by the ragging..
smitha :(laughing)it’s the problem? don’t worry.. it’s normal.. be calm and answer their questions.. they’ll leave you..
smitha said.. Ragini after listening to her casual tone and make a smiles..
Ragini :okay, I’ll be calm and answer..
she motivates herself and smiles..
smitha :(smiling)that’s my girl..
she hugged Ragini side and smiles.. Ragini hugged her back and smiles..

To Be Continued..

Precap : kaavya and his group were rags the people.. Laksh looked not happy with them.. next was Ragini who is going to rag..

episode 5th link…

so, guys… i hope you’ll like it.. bye, guys…

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