hi guys.. how are you all? i know you all have been missed this ff.. but not anymore.. guys, nowadays, I’ve been checking that there is so less Raglak ff.. even if it has it’ll be a two couples story… so guys, I’m asking all who have a creative stories to post.. because we’re as a normal human have so many creative and super stories.. why should we waste it? I’ve read many ff… the ff’s super than the drama stories… so don’t waste your creativity mind… but write stories or do something..

Scene 1,
the bus stopped at the bus stop place.. ragini got out of the bus… the bus then gone.. she waited for the cars to clear out on the road..after some time, the cars are cleared.. ragini crossed the road and walks…
she reached her house.. and also very tired.. she puts her bag and books on table and sat on the sofa… she was resting her head on the sofa and closed her eyes.. noorie saw her sitting and came to her…
noorie :(smiling happily and holds ragini’s hand) hey, how’s your college?
ragini opened her eyes and looked at her.. she got up and sit straight staring at noorie… ragini hold her wrist..
Ragini: why you asking? it was fantastic..
noorie (looking sad and down): oh, fantastic? super..
ragini know her feelings and touched her back of arm.. ragini looks down while noorie stares at ragini..
Ragini: listen, I’ve got a friend there.. but she cannot came to your place in my heart… never.. and i was lying, it’s not fantastic but it’s okay.. (looking at noorie and smiling.)
noorie (smiles and overwhelming by her word): yes, huh? I’m your best friend..
noorie hugs ragini.. ragini hugged back.. yamuna saw their hug and came to them.. they broke their hug.. noorie looked at yamuna.. yamuna sat beside noorie..
yamuna(smiling and confused): what’s the matter for you both hugged? and ragini tell me how’s your day and also about what you’re done?
noorie happily giggle.. ragini looked at yamuna and nodded..
ragini(staring at yamuna): it was good.. when I got into college, the college was so bigger than our mansion…..
she told the story to yamuna.. when she finished the quarter of story.. a man came in.. he was wearing a white uniform and black shoes.. he was a police man.. he saw ragini and stares at her, top to bottom.. yamuna realize someone is there and turned.. she saw the police man standing and staring at ragini.. she realizes the situation..
yamuna (looking worried): enough, ragini.. I’ll listen later ..noorie take ragini in..
she said.. even she stared ragini, she was checking the man with her corner of eyes.. ragini smile faded and confused.. she then saw the man standing… noorie at last saw him.. they trio becomes silent..
Yamuna: get her in.
noorie nodded..
noorie : okay, (nodded to yamuna)
noorie also realize who he staring and worried for ragini… she looked at ragini… who was already in worry and panic.
noorie (signing at ragini): let’s go, ragu.
noorie calls ragini in shortcut because she thoughts not to reveal her name to the man.. because he’s a police can easily know her fully with just knowing her name..
Ragini:(nodding and looked down)hmm,okay..
noorie grabs ragini’s hand and walked away from there.. yamuna came to the man.. she pretends a smiles..
Yamuna : come in, sir..
the man came to his sense and looks at yamuna.. he then smiles.. yamuna get him in and makes him sit..
man : haan, I’m here for you know, na?
yamuna :(smiling) yes.. I’ll call her..
man(signing no): first of all, who’s the new girl?
yamuna looked worried as they hardly hid her since she was at the age but now he saw her..
Yamuna(looking worried): why do you want that? wait, Sabina?!
yamuna called her fast to distract the man.. bur the man was adamant..
man :(looking at yamuna)no, wait… i want to know, who’s she?
yamuna : okay, I’ll tell… she’s janki’s daughter..
man looks so disbelief and surprised.. he giggled..
man : whaayt? janki’s daughter? she have a daughter.. good.. already she’s beautiful and now her daughter is so beautiful than her..
the man said in modelation that reveals his intention.. yamuna looked on… sabina came there wearing a se*y black saree… it got transparent.. the man looks at her..
man :wow, cool.!
he smiles and got up. he goes to Sabina… sabina was shying nd smiling at him.. she took him with her.. after they gone, yamuna got relieved.

Scene 2,
it was night, janki was cleaning the bed to sleep.. ragini came in..
ragini :(looking at her with a intention)maa,
she came to janki.. she makes ragini sat down on bed.. ragini lied on janki’s lap..
Ragini : maa
janki :(smiling and scalping ragini’s hair affectionately) hmm, yes.. say it..
Ragini (surprised): how do you know, that i’m here to ask you something?
janki laughs and beats her head slowly.. ragini acted like wincing in pain.. janki smiled..
janki : im you mother..I know you
ragini: oh, yes.. don’t take seriously.. I want to know about dad..
janki looked seriously.. her smile faded.. ragini realize it and got up. she looks at janki..
Ragini: maa.
janki (filled with tears): no, ragini.. it’s not important..
janki tries to distract her… ragini didn’t give up.. she grabs janki’s hand..
Ragini(worriedly): maa, please.. tell me about dad.. even today the principal, smitha asked me about dad.. think about me.. I’m also don’t know him except his name.. know my feelings… please tell me, maa.
janki realize how she’s struggled at college.. janki give up and sighed.. she remembers the bitter past of her life..
Janki : okay, it was your grandfather deendayal Gadodia who got me married to shekar, your father.. my parents died when I’m a little girl.. Theywere greed of my dad’s property… because my father had wrote it on my name.. it was never known to me till I’m pregnant with you..

Flashback _
janki was 5 months pregnant.. she was in her room.. deendayal came into the room. janki looked at him and stand up..
deendayal :sit, sit..
he makes her sit.. janki sat down.. deendayal shows her a paper.. janki takes it and read..
janki (smile faded): it’s property paper..
deendayal :yes, I want you to transfer it to our Shekar name..

flashback ends

janki was crying..
janki (sobbing): I’ve tried not to sign… but they threaten me that they’ll kill you.. so I signed it.. thus turning my life miserable.. they treated me like a maid.. even your fathe had done… then at my 7th month, your father married a woman and they named me mad.. after that I cannot tolerate it. and I came here.. you born here..
janki finished.. ragini realize how her mother struggle.. she hugged her mother and cried.. janki also cried..

To Be Continued…

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