Ria: Ma and Pa just tell me your Love Story?…Raglak…Part 5


Hey friends! How are you all? Hope you all are doing well! I am back with the 5th Episode of this FF “Ria: Ma and Pa just tell me your love story!” which is based on our beloved Raglak! Thanks for the immense love and support you all have showered upon me! Your comments are a pleasure to read! I guess this is my most successful FF but I will try to enhance my writing skills so that you guys are able to enjoy this FF more! This FF is only based on Raglak ,and Swasan are playing a supporting role here as seen in the FB! If you want I would include them in the present as well! The choice is yours do you want Swasan in the present or not? And yeah I will be winding up this FF soon! Till then bear with me and my FF!

@ Night
Ragini is making Ria sleep by singing Lullaby! Ria silently closes her eyes and falls asleep! Laksh enters there in his night suit!
Laksh (whispering) : She slept?
Ragini (Putting the blanket) : Yes!
Laksh: Good!
Ragini: Happy Birthday hubby!
Laksh: Birthday?? (Laksh is surprised) Oh my god! It is 20th July (00:02 is the time) It’s my birthday today! Wow! How can I forget?
Ragini: When I am here then no fear!

Laksh: Huh?
Ragini: Wait a minute!
She tip-toes out the room leaving Laksh confused! Ragini comes back after a minute or two, but this time she brought a small chocolate cake, with a candle, lightened over it!
Ragini: Here you go with your cake, birthday boy! (Brushing his hair)
Laksh: Ragu!
Ragini: What Ragu? Come on cut the cake!
Laksh cuts the cake and Ragini sings the happy birthday song very slowly so Ria doesn’t wake up!
Ragini: Happy birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Lakshya! Happy Birthday to u!
Laksh cuts the cake and stuffs the whole cake in Ragini’s mouth!
Laksh: First bite for my wife!
Ragini: I still remember your 1st birthday which we celebrated together!
Laksh: OH MY GOD! That day was something AWESOME!!!

Ragini and Laksh goes in a FB …10 years back…Raglak are THINKING not NARRATING!!!
The college was over, Ragini packed her stuff and was about to leave when Laksh came inside the class!
Ragini: Mr.Flirt! Don’t you have etiquettes? Don’t you dare tease me I have a pepper spray in my bag!
Laksh: Oh excuse me! I have a status! I don’t flirt with Sarak Chap Girls!
Ragini: So why are you here in a room where there is only a girl! (Classes have been over Rags was completing her assignment)
Laksh: Look Ms.Sarak chap! Tomorrow I am throwing a birthday party at my place! After all it is Laksh’s birthday, the whole college is invited!
Ragini: So you are here to give me the invitation?
Laksh: Indeed!
Ragini: And you think I will come in your bl**dy party? No way! I also have a status, which is Shareef Log not Lofar Lufangay like you!
Laksh: I am also not interested in inviting you!!
Ragini: So who has asked you to invite me?
Laksh: Mere dil ne! (My heart said!)
Raglak share a cute, romantic, awkward eye-lock!
After a while…Ragini and Laksh comes into senses…
Ragini: What did you just say?
Laksh: I mean, the whole college comes at my birthday and unfortunately you are a part of this college so…Here is the invitation for you!
He forwards the invitation card!
Ragini ignores him!
Laksh: Take it! Or else…
Ragini: Or else?
Laksh angrily throws the card on Ragini’s face and walks off!
Ragini fumes in anger!
Later in evening…
Swara is talking to Kavita and is getting dressed, Swara is putting on jewelry! She is wearing a beautiful yellow gown with golden work on it, and her hairs are braided! She has applied a dark pink lip-stick, with a pink blush on! While on the other side Kavita is wearing a white, skiny frock, till her knees with, a white stoned necklace! Her long earrings, falling upon her shoulders are also white stoned! And her hairs are left open!
Swara: Han Kavita!
Kavita: Where are you?
Swara: At home!
Kavita: I am outside your house waiting for you! Be quick!
Swara: Yeah I am coming!
Kavita: Is Rags coming?

Swara: Don’t know?
Just then Ragini comes in the room with a cup of coffee, and takes out her books!
Swara: Ragu! Kavita is asking are you accompanying us?
Ragini (Busy with her books) : Where?
Swara: Actually lucky invited us!
Ragini (Confused as she don’t know Laksh’s name as Lucky) : Who lucky?
Swara: Uhmmm…Laksh Maheshwari!
Ragini: SWARA! You are going to his party? Are you out of your mind!?
Swara: Ragu! Please…look he is such a sweet person! He invited us! Please!
Ragini: Swara but that guy…I don’t want see his face!
Swara: Okay fine! Look the whole college is coming, don’t even look at him! Kavita is coing too! You enjoy with your friends okay!
Ragini: That’s okay, but what will we gift him? He is such a high-class guy!
Swara: Relax! Dosti mein sab chalta hai!
Ragini: DOSTI? When we became his friend?
Swara: Actually…when he came to invite me he asked me…so!
Ragini: And you agreed?! Shoonaaaaa!
Swara: Acha sorry! Now let’s go!
Ragini: Okay! But promise next time you will not talk to him! Undertand?
Swara: Okay meri MA! Now go and get ready!
Ragini: Abhi aayi!
And she leaves to change!
After a while…Kavita and Swara are outside waiting for Ragini!
Kavita Where is this girl? We are getting late!
Swara: Ragini bhi na! Wait I will call her!
Swara was about to call her when her eyes fall upon on an innocent beauty descending down the stairs! Yeah you guessed it right it was none other than Ragini! Looking stunning, in a white sari, with silver embroidery (Actually I want to show Ragini a very sweet soul with traditional upbringing to show her total opposite to Swara and to make Laksh grow more dislike for Rags! I hope I don’t disappoint you!), carried very decently and her hair tied in a bun! Her pearl jewelry makes her look more elegant! She has applied a pink lip gloss to give a rosy touch to her lips with a very light make-up!
Ragini: Challay?
Swara and Kavita (Awestruck): Yeah!
And the trio sits in the car! While Kavita drives, Swara at the back and Ragini in the front!
Ragini thinks, “I hope that flirt doesn’t misbehave with me as I don’t want to indulge in a fight with him on his birthday!”
Scene shifts to MM…The whole MM is decorated and is looking like a pub or disc! Loud music is playing! SwaRagKav enters and are amused to look up at the set up!
Ragini: Kavita, are we at the correct location?
Kavita: Yeah!

Ragini: It is so awkward over here! I think we should go back home!
Swara: Come on yaar! Look it is such a rocking set up! You just chill! And now we have come dance shance kar ke jaayenge! Chal Kavita!
And SwaKav leave for the dance floor, while Ragini is left back alone and the awkwardness is clearly visible on her innocent face!
Ragini (Self talk): Idiot party of an idiot person! By the way, where is the birthday? (As Laksh is nowhere to be found!)
Suddenly the lights are dimmed, music starts playing, all turn towards the stairs, a boy is seen, but his back is towards all, he finally turns and is none other than our LUCKY!!
Bach ke zara zara, shaitaniyan meri
Oh ladies
Oh ladies! (He does some actions)
Kar ke zara zara bemaniyan meri
Oh ladies!
Oh ladies!
Karoon seena zori seena zori
Tumhe hona ho manzoor
Phir dil dil ki chori dil ki chori (He starts descending down the stairs continuing his dance)
Hai mera kya kasoor!
Kya karron oh ladies!
Main hoon aadat se majboor!
(He romances with his dancers *Female* XOXO 😛 Irking Ragini!)
Huzoor Huzoor!
Main hoon Aadat se majboor!
Ricky Bahl baby and he’s so smooth as silk
Before you blink this cat drinks milk
You never seen him coming
Keep switching his moves
Keep switching his color
Conman baby he is a lover
Cons karne ki hai khujili

Chakma deke he is out of there quickly! (He let’s go the girl dancing with him and she falls on the other side and hits her head by the bar’s table 😛 This irks Ragini and she moves from her place)
Aankhon ke neeche se kajal chura loon mein
Aisi safai hai meri
Enrty hai phoonk si exit toofan hai
Yeh muh dikhai hai meri
Kholu har tijori, har tijori
Haan mein toh hoon mashoor!
Kya karun Oh ladies mein hoon aadat se majboor! (Ragini was walking when someone spills juice on her dress by mistake! She excuses and starts moving to get herself clean)
Huzoor…Huzoor mein hoon aadat se majboor!

He finishes his dance and bows down, without noticing Ragini moves towards the dance floor, Laksh gets up, and as destiny wanted, Ragini collides with Laksh on the Dance floor, and in the arms of Laksh! They share an awkward eye lock while Jiya re plays…Their eye-lock was broke by the applaud! Ragini rushes herself!
Laksh (to himself) : Birthday party mein entry maari nahi ke kaali billi ne rasta kaat liya!

Sanskaar comes and hugs him: Happy birthday bro!
Laksh: Thank you!
Sanskaar: Hmmm…Dosti mein
Laskh joins him!: Dosti mein NO SORRY NO THANK U!!
And they laugh, and give hi-fi to each other!
There Ragini is washing off the stain from her sari, but due to light color of sari she is not able to do so! As the juice was spilled on the blouse she let her hair open so that the stain hides!

Ragini: It looks better! That is why; I didn’t want to come here! Stupid Person! Stupid Party! Huh!
And she leaves for the party area yet with a huff!

Sanskaar: Hello friends! Welcome to the birthday party of my beloved friend Laksh Maheshwari! In honor of this party I would like if we have a duet dance on this dance floor! Please come forward with your partners! So let’s burn the dance floor!
Ragini entered the hall, and she bumped into a guy, and this time it was not lucky, it was sanky! Sanky was somewhere mesmerized in Ragini’s beauty! After a minute of silence…
Sanskaar: Hey! I am sorry!
Ragini: No, no it’s okay!
Sanskaar: Wait a minute! I have seen you somewhere!
Ragini: Yeah your face is quite familiar too!
Sanskaar: Single?
Ragini: Huh?
Sanskaar: Actually want a dance partner, so will you accompany me?
Ragini: Yeah sure!

Laksh is still searching for a partner, when his eyes fell upon Swara, who is drinking water!
Laksh : Well let’s make her the partner for tonight! At least she is better than that Behen ji (Rags)

Laksh proceeds towards Swara!

Laksh: Hello Swara?
Swara: huh….Hello!
Laksh: Well wanna be my partner for the dance!
Swara: Well I would love to do so!
Laksh: You are so nice better than your cat sister! She doesn’t know how to talk!
Swara: She is like that only, true soul! Whatever is in her heart is on her tongue!
Laksh: Whatever!
Ragini-Sanskaar and Swara-Laksh reach the dance floor! Music plays!

Pal bhar teher jao
Dil yeh sambhal jaye
Kaise tumhe roka karoun
Meri taraf aata
Har gham phisal jaaye
Aankhon mein tum ko bharun
Bin bole baatein tum se karoun (Sanskaar twirls Ragini and Laksh twirls Swara)
‘gar tum saath ho! (Partners get swapped! Laksh-Ragini are now partners and Swara-Sanskaar are partners! Laksh and Ragini make faces looking at each other!)
Agar tum saath ho! [Laksh (While dancing) : Kaai billi! Mera Rasta katna zaroori hai?] Agar tum saath ho [Ragini (While dancing) : Meray rastay mein aana zaroori hain? And she smirks] Music plays….
Teri Nazron mein hain teray sapnay (Laksh twirls Ragini and so do Sanskaar!)
Teray saonon mein hai naraazi
Mujhe lagta hai ke baatein dil ki hoti lafzon kid hole baazi! [Laksh (While dancing) : I hate you! Ragini: I hate you 2!] Tum saath ho ya na ho kya farq hai (Laksh let goes Ragini and so Sanskaar)
Be dard thi zindagi mein dard hai! (Laksh pulls Ragini and so do Sanskaar)
Agar tum saath ho
Agar tum saath ho! (The couples continue dancing closely!)

After a while…All is set for Laksh’s cake cutting!
Sanskaar: Come on! Make a wish!
Laksh’s wish: Oh God! This year I will not ask much but just throw out that behen ji from my life! PLEASE!
Ragini thinks : It is his b’day but plz God take me away from this stupid person!

Laksh finally cuts the cake! All sing the happy b’day song! Ragini also sings reluctantly!

Later…Ragini is walking and without knowing her hairs flew back and her stain is visible!
Laksh is also coming from the opposite side busy on the phone! Both collide once again!
Laksh: Can’t you see?
Ragini: Yes can’t you see?
Laksh: Excuse me? You are talking to…
Ragini: Yeah yeah I know Laksh Maheshwari!
Laksh: So please stay in your boundaries…(He notices the stain and smirks)Well, well where is my gift Ms.Ragini … Uhmmm I forgot your surname…
Ragini: Gadodia!
Laksh: Where is my gift Ms.Ragini Gadodia?
Ragini: Wait a second!
She takes out a box from her bag and forwards it!
Ragini: Here you go with your gift!
Laksh: Let’s see what Ms.Gadodia has brought for us!
He opens it and to his surprise there was…
Laksh: What is this??!! (With an ugly face!)

Ragini: Gajar ka Halwa! 😛 😛
Laksh: Are you out of your mind Miss? Gajar ka Halwa? That also for Laksh Maheshwari? Oh yeah! What can I expect from people like you! You don’t have clean clothes to wear and shoe off attitude! Bl**dy people! Take your Gajar ka halwa and get lost!
He places back but Ragini is standing idol!
Laksh: Take it!
Ragini: Take it or Throw it!
Laksh: Waiter!
The waiter comes!
Laksh: Waiter, throw this! Bl**dy people!

Ragini was way too much furious on Laksh and gulps down a glass of alcohol placed nearby, without knowing it is alcohol!
Music starts playing…All turn towards the dance floor…A girl is seen…Music plays!
Give me give me love and give me more
Thoda sa mujh se love le bhi aao
My lover gave you dounce and I feelin’ low
Again and again and again
What danger what danger what danger (Laksh turns upon to see)
Take me down, down, down
What danger, what danger what
Take me down, down, down

Take me down, down, down
Take me down, down, down

The girl turns and is none other than Ragini, fully inebriated, but this time not in any traditional attire, instead wearing a sleeveless, fitted, skiny, black jump suit! Laksh is super duper shocked! She pulls Laksh and dances sensuously, leaving all shocked! The dress was like given in the following link below!


Aaj dikhade mujhe love kar ke
O baby bahon mai bhar ke
Oh jo bhi socha sapnon mein woh aaj dikhade mujhe sab karke
Tu isaq mera, Tu isaq mera
Tu hi meri raton ka nasha
Tu isaq mera, tu isaq mera,
Soya hua jism jaga

Laksh tries to leave the dance floor, getting uncomfortable but Ragini pulls him back!

Kali Raton mein
Crazy Ankhon ne chua (She sensuously moves her fingers around his face)
Kuch mujhko kuch meri sanson ko hua
Kali Raton mein
Crazy Ankhon ne chua
Kuch tez asar lazy sanson ko hua
Tu isaq mera, tu isaq mera
Tu hi meri raton ka nasha
Tu isaq mera, Tu isaq mera
Soya hua jism jaga

Sardi mein garmi hai
Poori besharmi hai (She sensuously moves her fingers over Laksh’s chest)
Jaanam jayaaz jo
Humne who
Ghalti ki hai
Please dikhade tu ghazab karke
Labon ke paas lab karke (She moves her fingers on his lips irking him more)
O job hi socha sapno mein woh aaj dikhade mujhe sab karke
Tu isaq mera tu isaq mera
Tu hi meri raton ka nasha
Tu isaq mera tu isaq mera soya hua jism jaga
Tu hi meri raton ka nasha
Soya hua jism jaga

Ragini falls in Laksh’s arm, unconscious!

Ragini and Laksh burst into laughter remembering that day!

Ragini: For the first time I drank!
Laksh: Whatever you say! You were looking se*y in that dress! (Winking at her)
Ragini: Laksh! (And starts beating him with pillows)
Laksh: Ragini! Leave it! Ragini!
Ragini and Laksh get statue as Ria moves and changes her side!
Laksh: Phew!
Ragini: Happy Birthday Laksh!
Laksh: Thanks sweet heart!
And he side hugs Ragini!


So sorry!!! Yeah I know I promised to post on Saturday! But I was having high fever, and then I went for a family picnic yesterday! So busy, busy! Well I wrote a long episode for compensation! This updates is not proof read as I am feeling so much lazy so please pardon me for the mistakes!
And how was the update? Boring…Shocking…Interesting…Poor…Fair? Please leave your point of views regarding this update in the comments section below! I hope you enjoyed! But the real spice is yet to be! Now from here the actual story begins of Raglak! You will come across many shocks and realities from now an onwards, and with each episode a new shock! So be ready 😉
And one more thing I am busy this week as schools are starting from 1st and I have to wind up my pending work so Insha Allah meet you guys next week!
Love you all!

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