Ria: Ma and Pa just tell me your Love Story?…Raglak…Part 6

Hey friends and this is Zuha, back with another part of this FF to bore you guys out 😉
Well aren’t you guys surprised to find me back so soon, you must be very happy that this silly girl is again back! Well I was bored from studies and I was free so just thought of using this time to give you guys another update if this FF by me, named as “Ria: Ma and Pa just tell me your love story!” which is completely based on Raglak ,and Swasan are playing a supporting role here  as mentioned before in the FB but I thought to make them part of the present as well, yet they will play an important role in Raglak’s love life!
Well once again huge thanks for making me reach +50 comments once again, keep showering love like that and keep supporting me! After getting so much love I thought to extend this Fan Fiction, well I just planned it to be a simple story where Raglak will tell their love story to Ria and then at the end they will have a second child and cherish their happy moments but what to do my Shaitaan dimaag asked me to bring some Tashan in the story so here comes a big twist for you all!
So fasten your seat belts as a long journey awaits your attention!

The scene focuses Ragini and Laksh talking, having the cake, Moh Moh ke Dhaage plays as they spend the night talking, laughing and their love continues to blossom! And they also didn’t know when they fall asleep sitting on the couch, where Ragini’s head was on Laksh’s shoulder and Laksh was resting his head on Ragini’s!
Next day; Morning
Raglak are sleeping in the same position, someone blew whistle near Laksh’s ear(The happy birthday thing which you blow I don’t know what it is exactly called but I hope you got the point!) Laksh and Ragini wake up surprised! Yes you guessed right, it was none other than shaitaan ki kahala (devil’s aunt) Ria! 😛

Ria: Happy Birthday Papa! (And claps)
Ragini: Ria! You scared us beta! (Giving a stern look)
Laksh (Hugging Ria): Ragini..why are you scolding my angel, on my birthday! (Placing a kiss on Ria’s cheek)
Ragini: Seriously, Laksh? Angel? That also this girl! She is not less than devil! Shaitaan ki khala!
Ria: Pa look Ma is always scolding me!
Laksh: So why you do things which irritate Ma?! (Pinching her nose cutely!)
Ria: Pa! What are you doing! My nose will get stretched like Pinocchio!

Ragini and Laksh laughs on Ria’ s cute nature! (So am I :P)

Laksh: Okay princess! I am sorry!

Ragini murmurs, “Once I used to be his princess!”

Ria: Jealous?
Ragini: Why would I be jealous!
Laksh: Ria your Mama is jealous thinking that she is no more my princess but in reality she is my queen! (Side hugging Ragini!)

The family smiles as they share some cute moments!

Suddenly Ragini feels some kind of a pain in her tummy!

Ragini: Aaaahhh!!

Laksh and Ria get concerned for Rags!

Laksh: Are you okay? (He panics)
Ria brings water for Ragini!
Laksh: Have it! (And makes her drink the water!)
Ragini: The baby just kicked! 
Laksh: Really? (His happiness is clearly visible on his face)
Ria: Wow! I want to hear it!
Ria and Laksh feels the baby kicking and are really excited, while Ragini smiles!

After a while…Laksh is getting ready for his office…Ragini makes him wear his tie and puts on his blazer!

Laksh: Ready to leave!
Ragini: laksh breakfast!
Laksh: Ragini I am getting late, and I will come home early today after all


And the 2 laugh, leaving Laksh furious!

Laksh: Very funny! (With an ugly face)
Ria (Who is busy stuffing parathas in her chotu sa mouth :P): Oh Pa! Who goes to office on his birthday?
Laksh: I go!

And he heads to leave!

Ragini: Suniye…. (So cute )
Laksh turns back: Now what?

Ragini stuffs a roll of paratha in his mouth and RagRia laugh Laksh also smiles with them, and leaves eating the paratha!

Laksh is busy working in his office and stuck in files, when his phone rings, and the name flashes, “Wifey!”
Laksh smiles and picks up the call!
Laksh: Hello Mrs.Laksh Maheshwari!
Ragini: Hello Mr.Ragini Maheshwari!
Laksh: What?? Mr.Ragini Maheshwari!
Ragini: So? When I can be Mrs.Laksh Maheshwari so why can’t you be Mr.Ragini Maheshwari 😉
Laksh: So sweet!
Ragini: Well there is one more gift for you hubby!
Laksh: Oh My God! ONE MORE? Please tell!
Ragini: For that you have to check the message which I send you just now!
Laksh: wait a second!

And he opens his Whats app, to find the name “Wifey” on the top, in the chats group! He taps and it opens, Ragini has sent a voice recording to Laksh! He taps to listen it, “Dhak…Dhak…Dhak…Dhak..Dhak!” as the phone was on speaker, Ragini was also able to hear it and smiles 

Laksh: What is this?
Ragini: Our child’s heart beat! Bye Mr.Ragini Maheshwari!

And ends the call, chuckling, and smies enjoying each and every moment of her new motherhood 
There Laksh was not less happy than Ragini, he spent his whole day listening to the sound, which indicated the sign of their beautiful love! (Moh moh ke dhaage tune plays)

Flashback…10 years ago…No one is thinking or narrating at the moment!
Laksh brings an unconscious Ragini to his room and places on his bed, actually throws her on the bed 😉

Laksh: Idiot girl! Made a fun of me! (He rests his back feeling pain as he held Ragini)Oh God! How much this girl eats! Fatty! By God, I feel pity on the person who will marry her, bechara, his life will be ruined or I must say he will be ended! I just wish this girl gets a Sadu types husband just like her so they become a perfect match! (Mr.Ragini Maheshwari is you only luck! :P)
He eyes Ragini lovingly! (Jiya re plays) He falls asleep on the couch!
After a hour or two…Ragini wakes up, she feels a severe head ache due to the excessive amount of alcohol which she took! Ragini holds her head, and much to her surprise she finds Laksh falling asleep on the couch! She shouts, “Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!” as she has seen a ghost 😛 Laksh also wakes up, frightened by her scream!

Laksh: God! What is wrong with you!? Insane girl!!
Ragini (Scared): What are we doing in the same room? And..(She looks at her dressing yeah she is wearing the same jumpsuit, much to her surprise and feels embarrassed to find herself in that attire she folds her hands to cover her chest!) And where are my clothes, just don’t tell me you did something with me!
Laksh: Listen to me!
Trying to make her understand for which he moves his hand and Ragini misunderstands him!
Ragini: Don’t you dare come near me! You spoilt Maheshwari! (And gets on the bed!)
Laksh: Relax! I am not doing anything! Look! (And backs off, Ragini is relieved!)

He hands over her sari to her, without looking towards her!

Laksh: Your sari!
Ragini (taking it): Thank you! (And leaves for the washroom!)

After a while…Ragini comes back dressed in the same white and silver sari, with messy hair, looking stunning with her simplicity, leaving Laksh mesmerized!

Ragini tries pinning her sari, but faces difficulty, Laksh who was noticing this, while sitting on the couch, approaches to her, he signs her and she understands he is here for lending a helping hand! Ragini was first hesitant, but as Laksh touches her body, her soul feels peace! She closes her eyes due to agitation she felt from his touch yet she was enjoying this emotion! Unintentionally, Laksh hurts Ragini by the pin, and she sighs and clenches her fist, as she felt pain, Laksh feels it!
Laksh: Dard hua?
Ragini nods: Thoda sa!
Laksh: I am sorry!
And he pins Ragini’s sari!
Laksh: It’s done!
Ragini smiles looking at him, while in the whole scene Moh Moh ke Dhaage tune plays…There was a minute of silence, while Raglak keep on staring and stealing eyes from each other!

Ragini (Breaking the silence!): How I landed here?
Laksh: Actually…you drank a lot and…
Ragini: And??? (There was a fear, indicated by the lines on her forehead!)
Laksh: And you fainted so!
Ragini: So…
Laksh: So I brought you in my room!
Ragini: That’s it! (Still fear didn’t wash off!)
Laksh: Yeah that’s it!
Ragini: Swara?
Laksh: Huh?
Ragini: I mean where is Swara?
Laksh: Actually she left for Kolkata as your aunt fell sick and as you were not in the condition to leave so I suggested her to leave you here! Waisay bhi vacations are starting so how will you manage in hostel! You be comfortable here!
Ragini: No I will manage! Well when will she be back?
Laksh: I exactly don’t know about it!
Ragini: Okay! So I will leave! Thanks for your help!
Laksh: Anytime! If you need me so I will be there for you, just ring a phone call and I will be at your service!
Ragini heads to leave but turns back with a smile: Waisay tum itnay bhi buray nahi ho jitna main tumhe samajhti thi! (By the way, you are not that bad as I thought!)

She leaves from there smiling, Laksh also smiles! Ragini was walking in MM hall which was already a mess after the party, and servants are cleaning it! Amidst all she finds a box, the same box in which she gave Gajar ka Halwa to Laksh but it was empty, and remembers Laksh humiliating her, she feels bad! She stops a servant!

Ragini: Bhaiya who ate this Halwa, or you threw it! If you have throw it then very bad! You wasted it, at least you should’ve given to someone who doesn’t has food to eat! And you know I wasted my precious time for this Sadu but he! (Ragini said it in a go!)
Servant: Madam shant ho jayi! (Madam calm down)We didn’t waste it nor did we throw it! Sir ate this Halwa!
Ragini: Who sir? That guy who is Laksh’s friend! Bechara bhol insaan hai! (He is an innocent man) (Assuming Sanskaar)
Servant: No madam! Laksh sir ate it!
Ragini (big mouth left open): WHAT???
Servant: And he praised this Halwa a lot and said to us that we should learn cooking from you! He loved that Halwa! Madam after many years he loved someone’s food after Sanskaar’s sir mother’s food! He has lost his family in a airplane crash!
Ragini: Thanks Bhaiya!

Ragini thinks, “Bechara! He doesn’t have any family, I was so rude to him! But he is not that spoilt as I thought!’
And leaves, smiling! (Jiya re plays!)
FB ends!
Ragini was busy decorating the MM!
Ragini: Ramu kaka (Servant) place the vase correctly! Acha bhaiyaa this is the list of things you have to bring!
Suddenly 2 tiny hands hug her! Yes Ria was the one!
Ria: Ma!
Ragini: My sweet devil, how was your test!
Ria: Amazing! And when mood is happy things go well!
Ragini: Correct! Acha you go and get changed, I will bring food for you!
Ria: Ma, Ramu kaka will do the things you just chill and relax!
Ragini: You just chill and relax? Then who will look after things here?
Ria: Of course! ME!!
Ragini: Acha!
Ria: You sit here! And just look how everything is done!
Ragini: Okay! (And she sits on the sofa, and smiles looking at Ria ordering the servants!)
Ragini (Self-talk) : My chotu si Ria, grew up so quickly! My doll! Mama loves you dear!
And gives a flying kiss to Ria, without her knowledge, as Ms.Devil is busy in her papa’s birthday celebration!


So the episode ends here! Did you guys enjoyed? I hope I didn’t bore you out!
Well please drop your comments below as they are glucose for a writer 😛 Seriously, your comments mean a lot!


Love u all!
Zuha Fatima.

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