Ria: Ma and Pa just tell me your Love Story…RAGLAK…Part 3

Hey friends! And I am back!! How are you all? I hope all are doing well! And thanks for the valuable comments! I am so happy that my comments reach to 40…and apart from this FF I write 2 more FFs for Swaragini..and here are there if you wanna read them!
1) Once Upon a Love Story…A Swasan and Raglak Fan Fiction
2) Objection My Lord! Ragsan (Few shots)

Jab ishq ki dunya mein 2 anjaan logon ka hoga samna. ..Tabhi toh shuru hogi Ria ke ma pa ki love story!
The episode begins @ night … Ragini is making Ria do her homework!
Ria: Ma, I am having difficulty solving this mathematics word problem! Will you plz help me?
Ragini: WORD PROBLEM!!?!?!

The very moment Laksh enters the room…

Laksh: Maths problem…that also Ragini? What a joke!
Ragini: What do you mean Laksh?
Laksh: Ragini don’t you remember what happened after that?
Ragini: What?? (Looking confused)
Ria: Tell me Pa what happened?
Laksh: Okay I will tell…

Flashback…10 years back…Laksh is narrating!
Ragini is in Laksh’s arm…and they both are sharing an eyelock! After a few secs…Both compose…Ragini bends down to pick up her books…and so do Laksh…Both hit each other’s head!
Laksh: Can’t you see miss? First you collided with me and now this! Wait..wait…are your intentions correct? (Raising his eye brow)
Ragini: Ooyee! Mr.Flirt! I am not that type of a girl!
Laksh: What type of a girl? (Smirking)
Ragini: Wohi…I mean…By the way why are you so interested in me?
Laksh: Laksh Maheshwari is always interested in beautiful girls!
Ragini: Line maar rahe ho? (Raising her eye brow )
Laksh: Whatever you think! Wanna be friends! *forwarding his hand*
Ragini: Friend?? That also you? (Trying to act sweet)
Laksh: Yes me!
Ragini: MY FOOT !! (Anger boiling..she stamps on his foot)
Laksh: How dare you?

Before Laksh could complete…A girl comes who is revealed to be Kavita…Swaragini’s friend!

Kavita: Ragini you know what?!
Ragini: What?
Kavita: The results have been announced!
Ragini: Jaldi batao! (WITH CURIOSTY)
Kavita: You got straight A’s in all but..
Ragini: But (a bit tension on her face)
Kavita: But not in Maths…
Ragini: Nah! I never get an A in Maths it would be a B right?
Kavita: No!
Ragini: Then??? *Shocked!*
Kavita: It’s a…
Ragini: Hmmmm….
Kavita: A “D”
Ragini: What???????????
Kavita: 50.50% in paper and after total average 58.75
Ragini: Tell me you are kidding! How can Ragini Gadodia get a D till date I never got a D! Howcome this time!
Ragini : What do I mean? (Raising her eye brow yet tensed)
Laksh: People like you are failed due to over confidence! Lolz??
Ragini: Oh really!
Laksh: Really! *showing attitude*
Ragini: I am kind of a person whose eyes are in the stars and feet in ground! And yeah for your kind information…I AM NOT FAILED!!
Laksh: 0.5 less marks may lead you to failure!
Kavita: But still me babes has made its way to A her aggregate is A and her % is 82.43%
Laksh: I am pretty sure I will have a better % than you!
Ragini: Let’s see! (Smirking)

The very moment Sanskaar comes and pats on Laksh’s shoulder…

Sanskaar: Bro you are passed!
Laksh:What is my % ? (Glaring Rags)
Sanskaar: A bit less but 79.75!

Ragini is ammused!

Sanskaar: Well I topple once again! Okay I am going to call home, after all I topped!

And he leaves hurriedly!

Ragini: So…Someone was giving me lectures of OVER CONFIDENCE! What happened? This is called Over confidence!

And she leavers from there followed by kavita.

Laksh looks on angrily!

FB ends….

Ria laughs…while Ragini is pissed. ..
Ria: Wow…Ma you got so bad marks in Maths!
Ragini: Mr.Laksh still I got beter marks than you! (Pointing finger on his chest)
Laksh: But still I got 92% marks in Maths! And you…Lolz?
Ragini:what do you mean???

And they continue fighting…while Ria holds her head: They will never change!


So the update ends here! Sorry for the short update..Actually fumigation is happening at my house so I am at my cousin’s place and posting from mobile that is why?? I hope u guys will understand!
Love you all ❤❤
Zuha Fatima.


  1. Affaa


    |Registered Member

    Yaar really amazing episode…I enjoyed a lot…I was laughing like anything…Zuha you’re a good writer…post next episode ASAP…love you

    • Zuha Fatima

      Zuha Fatima


      Thanks Affaa api. ..It is a pleasure reading your comments☺Thank you so much for your encouragement ??? And the compliment means a lot to me? Love u 2?

      -Zuha Fatima

  2. Fairy

    Awesome episode yaar….hehhe even i m also weak in math dats y opted bio science??…its really funny…bt jst loved raglak…

  3. Dafsi


    |Registered Member

    At last found it Zuha… I had to go Idk how many pages behind to find your ff and at last found it and Im tired right now…It was indeed what should I say???? Indeed a…an awesome lovely cute superb amazing etc etc etc chappy loved it so much sissiy waiting for your next chappy eagerly

    • Zuha Fatima

      Zuha Fatima


      OMG😱😱😱Itni saari tareef😁😁😁I am on cloud 100th now 😛
      Thanks a ton Dafsi di and sorry! Why did u go behind so many pgs u shld have checked my account for the post😏
      Anyways once again a huge Thankssss😘
      Waise ye tareef qatilana thi😜
      Gud bye XOXO

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