Ria: Ma and Pa just tell me your Love Story?…Raglak…Part 2


Hey guys I am back with the next part of this FF, and thanks for your valuable comments! And please keep commenting, like this and I will surely reply to them! I am sorry I was not able to reply to your comments on the promo but will definitely reply on this update! And from here the love story begins so better you don’t miss any update!
Flashback…10 years before…Ragini is narrating!

A girl is getting dressed, she is wearing a pink anarkali suit, with a red shalwar and dupatta around her neck with her hair tied in a braid, looking very elegant with a light pink lip gloss on her soft lips. A voice is heard, “Ragini!” The girl turns and is revealed to be Ragini, as the screen focuses her smiling face!
Ragini: What happened Shoona? And what are you doing under the bed?

She asks a girl who is seen under the bed!

Girl: Actually, I am searching for my Math’s Book!

Ragini bursts into laughter upon hearing her!

Ragini: Pagli, who keeps Maths Book under the bed!
Girl: I keep Ms.Swara Gadodia! (standing up the girl is wearing a yellow jump suit as Swara is wearing in the title page of Swaragini nowadays, with bangs in her hair, with long earrings going perfect with her look without any make-up)
Ragini: You are total insane!
Swara: Actually, Mami ji (Janki is Swaragini’s aunt here and both Ragini and Swara are orphans and live in Hostel) called on skype yesterday, and asked me am I studying well for exams so I quickly grabbed my Math’s book and started solving sums! And when she ended the call I threw it under the bed and started watching my favorite serial! (You can imagine any of your favorite serial!)
Ragini: Swara grow up! Wait I will get it!

Ragini goes near the shelf, and picks up a book and gives it to Swara.

Ragini: Yesterday I found it on the ground and placed it here!
Swara (hugging Ragini) : Thanks Ragu! You always have a solution of my problems!
Ragini: Acha bas! We are getting late for college! Let’s go!
Swara: Yeah!

And they both leave!

A screen focuses a big mansion, a room is focused, which is messed up and you can say that it is in a TOPSY-TURVY state! A boy is seen sleeping on the bed, which is all the way messy! A phone, which is on the ground rings, flashing the name, “Jigri” The boy opens half of his eyes and searches for his phone and falls on the ground, getting hurt and lets out a shout “AAAHHH!!”
A woman enters the room and is shocked upon having its sight, and holds her head!
She wakes up the boy, and warns him not to sleep again, and the boy nods his head in confirmation! And as the woman leaves he falls on the bed again and sleeps! After a few seconds the phone rings again, and the same name flashes, the boy picks the phone up in his half-sleep!

Boy: What is it yaar?
Caller: Have you seen the clock, it is 8 we have to reach the college as well!
Boy: So what! I am the great Durga Prasad Maheshwari’s son I don’t care either I reach college late or not as I will be allowed to enter!
Caller: Okay, you are the son of great Durga Prasad Maheshwari, but I, I am a simple, son of a auto-rickshaw driver, and studying on scholarship, I will not be spared, so please Sir get up from your king sixe bed and get ready I am waiting!
Boy: Okay, where are you?
Caller: Come to your balcony!

The boy stands up rubbing her eyes, and he is none other than the hot, dashing, handsome Laksh Maheshwari (I know kuch ziyada ho gaya na!)
He comes to his balcony to find a boy on a scooter waving him..
Laksh shouts, “Sanky!?!”

Yes the caller is none other than “Sanky” sorry, sorry Sanskaar Malhotra!
Sanskaar shouts, “Lucky ke bache! Get ready! Late Lateef!”
Laksh: You are just impossible!

Laksh leaves from his balcony to get ready while Sanky smiles!
After a while, Lucky comes, dressed in a grey casual T-Shirt, and with blue fitted denims, with a black skinny jacket, with spikes in his hair, looking so adorable! (You guys must be thinking that I am a big fan of Namish so unfortunately I am not! But then the question arrives why I am blabbering about him so much when I am not at all interested in him, so for that you have to wait!)
Sanskaar: Wow Mr.Handsome! Shaal we!

And Sanskaar’s wears his helmet and sits on his bike!

Laksh: Wait!
Sanskaar: Now what? Look Lucky we are already late, don’t waste time!
Laksh: You think we will go on this “Phateechar” (Useless Car or something like that!)
Sanskaar: Look don’t you dare say anything about my scooter, it is my papa’s scooter
Laksh: That also 30 years old!
Sanskaar: LUCKY! (Giving him a stern look)
Laksh: Sorry, sorry Bhai! It is the world’s best bike….I mean scooter!(Laksh murmurs “This is not worth calling a bike!)
Sanskaar (With a question mark?) : Did you say something?
Laksh: Did you hear something? (Sanskaar looks on confused) I mean you were giving lectures of getting late now wasting your time itself! Let’s leave!

And they both leave on Laksh’s sport car! (With full music on and Laksh dancing like Monkeys while driving!)
Both Swaragini and SanLak reach the college at the same time! And start walking without noticing one another!
As Swaragini were busy talking and so were SanLak!
Swaragini leave for canteen but SanLak are in the college ground!

At Canteen…
Ragini: Swara, you sit here, I am going to order coffee for myself, and…
Swara: I will have nothing Ragini! (Busy on mobile, irking Ragini)
Ragini (Taking mobile from her) : You are having your breakfast you had nothing in the morning, and without breakfast the day never starts..
Swara: And even if it starts, it never goes well! That was what you were about to say, right?
Ragini: Yeah, right! (With a sweet, smile on her face)
Swara: I will have a juice and a sandwich, that is it! And yeah be fast as class start after 10 minutes!
Ragini: Yeah, yeah!
And she leaves!

At the ground…
Kavya walk pass SanLak, Laksh holds her hand!
Laksh: Kavya Sinha right?
Kavya (Excited) : You remembered me?
Laksh: I never forget beautiful girls!
Kavya (blushingly) : Laksh, I am not that beautiful!
Laksh: Who said you are beautiful?
Kavya (Shocked) : HUH?
Laksh: I mean to say…you are most beautiful!
Kavya (Smiles while blushing) : OH!
Sanskaar shooks his head on seeing Laksh flirting with Kavya! While on the other side Ragini reaches to Swara with the breakfast! Ragini while sipping coffee, notices Laksh flirting with Kavya!
Ragini: Such people have made a fun of LOVE!

Kavya on the other side leaves from there, and SanLak start moving…
Sankaar: How do you do it?
Laksh: Love is nothing just a game, and when you have to play it, you have to learn with this player! (He say smirking)

Ragini to Swara: Love is a delicate relation, yet with its own beauty, and such creeps are disrespecting the lovely relation of LOVE!
Laksh says to Sanskaar: Relations are nothing just a joke!
Swara says to Ragini: Whatever you say, he is just tooooooo hot!
Ragini (Irked) : I think we are getting late for the class! Let’s leave!
Swara: You go! I will catch up after having food!

Ragini leaves, angrily! Ragini and Laksh are coming from the opposite sides, and they both collide and before Rags would fall two arms held her, and it was none other than Laksh! Raglak share an awkward eye-lock! (Jiya re from Dehleez plays, Man I love that tune!)
Flashback ends!
Ragini comes out of the FB as she notices Ria fallen asleep in her lap and she caresses her hair, and looks up to Laksh and smiles and he to smile back as they recall there LOVE! Laksh keeps his guitar back and holds Ria in his arms and place her on the bed, and he notices Ragini struggling to get-up due to her baby bump, Laksh smiles and forwards his hand;
Laksh: Need my hand?
Ragini (smilingly) : Always!

Laksh helps her getting up and takes her to the bed and make her lay down, and he too goes to sleep, Laksh on the right side, Ria in the middle, and Ragini on the left! Both RagLak change their sides and both end-up placing their hands on Ria! Raglak smile looking at each other while Jiya re plays in the BG… Episode ends on their smiling faces, as they fall asleep…


Sorry if it is boring! I tried my best! And Eid Mubarak once again! And here is your Eidi (eid’s gift) I hope you liked it!
Love you guys a lot! Do Comment as it will be the best Eidi for me!

-Zuha Fatima

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