Ria: Ma and Pa just tell me your Love Story?…Raglak…Part 1

Hello friends! Shocked?? Actually I was also not in mood to write but after reading your wonderful comments I was over-whelmed and thought of writing it now!
And maybe I will not be able to write in the upcoming week as Eid is this Tuesday/Wednesday and my aunt with her family is arriving today evening so it maybe hard for me to post!
Now without wasting anymore time let’s get to the story!

Raglak are shocked upon hearing Ria’s wish…

Ria: Just tell me your love story!
Ragini: You heard it Laksh, your angel’s wish!
Laksh: Ria beta chalo, you are getting late for school!
Ria: No Pa! First I want to know it!
Ragini: Laksh this girl is going out of control, it is all because of your extra love and care! You have pampered her a lot! And at the top her romantic love soaps! Ria! Pack your bag and leave!
Ria: No means no! (And folds her arms)
Laksh: Okay I promise we will tell you our love story now shall we leave?
Ria: Okay! But Promise means…
Laksh: Ria promise!
Ria: That is like my cool father!
Ragini: LAKSH!
Laksh: Ragini please…okay Ria say bye to Ma!
Ria: Bye Ma!
Ragini: BYE!

And Laksh and Ria leave! After few hours Ragini gets a call from Laksh…

Laksh: Hello Rags! How are you!
Ragini: Not at all fine!
Laksh: What do you mean?
Ragini: What was the need to promise Ria! Bachi to bach aap bhi bache ban gaye! (Kid is kid but you also became a kid)
Laksh: Ria was not listening na !
Ragini: Come on Laksh! She is getting spoiled!
Laksh: It is just a wish!
Ragini: Okay fine it is a small wish later she will wish something bigger and will expect it will be fulfilled! Be mature Laksh!
Laksh: She has not ask something big so let it be!
Ragini: Okay fine do whatever you want! It is completely useless to argue with the great Lakh Maheshwari!
Laksh: Ragini okay leave this topic. Did you have your medicines?
Ragini: Yeah I was going to..
Laksh: Ragini how can you be so care less! And be ready today we have to go to the doctor for your check-up. I will be reaching in 20 minutes after winding up my work!
Ragini: No need of that Laksh, I will go with the driver, and don’t forget to pick Ria!
Laksh: How can I forget to pick my princess!
Ragini: Okay I am hanging up ! Bye!
Laksh: Bye and take care!

At night…all are assembled for dinner…

Ragini: Ria did you have your dinner properly?
Ria: Yes Ma! Ma and Pa do you remember your promise?

Ragini glares Laksh!

Laksh (hesitantly) : Yes we do beta!
Ria: So please tell! I want to hear!
Laksh: First move up-stair ! Okay!
Ria: Okay!

Raglak room…Laksh is seen playing guitar while Ria is sitting on the couch and Ragini on the bed…

Ria: Now how much I have to wait?
Ragini: Come here! (stretching her arms, and Ria runs in her embrace)
Ragini: So there was a boy and a girl……


So the update ends here I am sorry for the short and boring update but bear with it and if you find any loop-holes do tell me and yeah no Raglak romance but wait the upcoming story is all Raglak and wait for the next update for some cute Raglak moments!

-Zuha Fatima


      • Yashasvi


        |Registered Member

        hey zuha just wanted to knw that how come u knw my nick name Yashu , i mean many knw it bt i told them n i never told u
        u guessed it or wt.!!! just curious to knw ..do reply

      • Zuha Fatima

        Zuha Fatima


        Actually my sister’s name is a bit long “Kashfia” so I made her pet name “Kachoo” so likewise I add a “o” or “u” if I find any long name! I hope you didn’t feel hurt!


  1. |Registered Member

    Can’t wait for the next episode, seems interesting, keep it up and take care ?

  2. Ruhani

    Superb dr.. They r so adorable together.. Such a cute family.. Can’t wait to knw abt their love story..

  3. rabia

    Aaawww it was short but soo cute and I always love laksh caring nature towards his family… I know eid is very near but plz still try to upload if you get some free time??
    Glad that u replied to my comment and happy eid Mubarak in advance???

    • Dafsi


      |Registered Member

      And Im not at hurt for mentioning my name Zuha dea I was abit happy (hehehe you know what I mean) and I respect you alot for some reason and yeah felt soooo happy to see you writing a ff 🙂 honestly I was not at hurt so no need to be sorry 🙂 keep rocking may Allah bless you 🙂

      • Zuha Fatima

        Zuha Fatima


        I am relaxed, that u are not hurt, coz once my teacher said, “Sometimes we hurt any stranger unknowingly, and we don’t get a chance to apologize, and later we regret!”
        Although we are good friends, but still we have never met so I didn’t want to waste the chance for seeking apology so I said sorry, and I can understand why were u happy, even if it was me, then I maybe on cloud 100th and u would have found me, dancing, jumping, laughing, and all the things an insane person do??

        Well thanks dear for your continuous support!

        And thanks for the wishes?
        May Allah bless u 2 and shower His blessings upon u!

        Keep smiling…Keep writing

        Love u ?


  4. Nusz Khan

    Nusz Khan

    |Registered Member

    Awesome Zuha, I really enjoyed it…

    Can’t wait for the next episode.

    Anyways keep smiling like always

    Nusz xx

  5. Affaa


    |Registered Member

    Amazing yaar….I can’t wait for next epi superb….good work…Allah bless you….keep writing….

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