Rhythm of Life – Tune 44 (RagSan)

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Recap: Abhigya gets to know the truth

Next day

RP, DP, AP, Parameshwar, Parvathi, Adharsh, Sanskar, Laksh, Uttara, Aditya and Aarthi are all eating while Parineetha and Sujatha serving food to them. “Athai… (Aunty)” Abhigya exclaimed with bright smile on their face. All looks on. “Enna vishayam? Kaalangathala rendu vaalungalum inga? (What’s the matter? At this early morning both monkeys came here?)” Parameshwar asked while others giggled. “voh he got job offer” Pragya said pointing Abhi while he widened his eyes at her statement.

“Hey Fuggy you told that you gonna tell that you got job offer now entangled me in this matter… stupid” he whispered while she faked a wide smile. “He is already working na they why are you exclaiming?” DP asked with point while Laksh repeated “haan you already working na…” he got killer glare from Abhi. He faced others and said, “vo…h…” he stammered. “Actually the matter is is he got job offer in same company where Sanky is working” Pragya completed while Sanky coughed who was eating casually. Smile on everyone’s face faded and became terror one.

Pragya hold Abhi’s hand and gestured to manage the situation while glared as she trapped him perfectly, haan… I too got job in same company so you don’t need to worry about Sanky hereafter. I’m with him, he said. Parvathi was about to say something but interrupted by Pragya, haan he will take good care of Sanskar. Day after tomorrow he has to be there so he is boarding evening train today. Sanky you too come na… he will be comfortable… even he don’t know the place na… she said while Sanky gulped as everyone giving dead glare to him.

He gathered his courage as he understood this is their plan and said, sure… why not I’m coming. “But Sanskar you came before 3 days only na…” Adharsh said while Sanky gritted his teeth and whispered ‘Yov double side goal adicha… mavane en matter unaku teriumnu akka kita potu kuduthuduven (hey if you played double side game I’ll inform to Parineetha di that you knows about my marriage)’ he blackmails.

Maapla correct ah dana solraru.. ni ippodaana vanda… (son is law telling the truth… you now only came na..) RP says while Sanky replies, “haan paa but he have to stay with me na then how can I leave him alone? Taking care of him is my responsibility na” “ok you can go to Mumbai along with Abhi” all agreed half minded. “What? Anna (brother) is going to Mumbai?” screeched a voice while Abhigya and Sanky gave ‘what’s this new problem’ look.

Screen shifts to Mumbai

A car stopped in front of Kundra Nivas and Ragini get down from the car holding baby in arms while Rishbala and Ambika accompanied her. Kailash stopped Ragini who is about to enter the house. Ishani came with aarthi plate and took evil eyes from mother and baby. Hall was beautifully decorated with colour papers to welcome the new member of the family. Happiness was filled in everyone’s heart. Nisha touched the baby’s arm by her corner of index finger and exclaimed… baby is so soft and too tiny… everyone’s lips curved smile at her antic.

Screen again shifts to village

“What? Anna (brother) is going to Mumbai?” screeched a voice while others look on. “Yean Prabha (Arjit Taneja), Aliya (Shika singh) ungaluku teriyada? (Don’t you know about this?)” AP asked suspiciously. “Oh haan we know… we are shocked because you agreed to send Sanky along… that’s it” Prabha managed while Aliya gave confused look. He elbowed her to see Pragya who signalling to manage the situation. Everyone agreed while Abhi too got his Paati (Grandmaa) permission.

Sanky and Abhi came with luggage in front of Pragya’s home. Pragya bid bye to them while Sanky at Abhi looked each other with confusion. “Hey you too coming with us na then why are you bidding bye?” asked confused Sanky. “I’m not coming” Pragya replies while her mother Sarala comes out and asks is she told that she will come with you?

“Not exactly aunty but she said she want to explore Mumbai so I said I’ll take her with me for two days but now…” Abhi says. “If you wish to go then you can Pragya… by this act everyone will think that I’m suppressing you in this village… I’m not barrier to your dreams… enjoy your life” she says while Abhi’s face glows. She hugged her mother all trio bordered the train.

“You are Sanky’s bestie na that’s why you too became expert in lying… very realistically you lied to my mom” Pragya taunted Abhi while travel. He laughed sarcastically “oh really? Ya you too his best friend na that’s why you too lied perfectly that I got job in his company” he said and she looked away like she heard nothing.

Ragini’s phone rings which was placed on nearby table of hospital bed. ‘hello Ragini… you are alright na… I’m really sorry I was not able to be with you at most important time… how is our baby?’ Sanky asked excitedly as well with guilt. “She is fine but you need not to show your fake concern that you care about her” replied a cold voice. Sanky sensed the voice and tears form layer in his eyes, he gulped and said, “RK…”
“Look don’t suit my BP up… don’t show fake concern… do you know to deliver the baby my sister gone through how much pain? You can’t understand… just hang the phone or else…” he said angrily. “No RK it’s not like that” Sanky tried to convince but the call was already disconnected.

Ragini came out of washroom and asked, “Bhai… Sanky called na… where is my phone?” “No… no one called… your phone must be in home” he said while shoving the phone in his back pant pocket. “No bhai… I heard ringtone and that’s specially set for Sanky” she reasoned but he said, “I think it’s your hallucination” he stormed out leaving confused Ragini.

His chains of thought were broken by Abhigya silly fight. Pragyaa was beating Abhi while he falls on Sanky. “Hey what happened?” Sanky asked while composing himself. “Ask this Fuggi” Abhi pointed Pragya while she again started to beat and said, “You again calling me Fuggi”

At Mumbai after one and half day travel

The chill breeze welcomed them. Abhi got down while Pragya widened he hands in air as enjoying the breeze. “oye Fuggi… don’t imagine you as heroine… just get down from the train” she get down from the train while making faces followed by Sanky. Trio reached Kundra Nivas by cab.

“Om Namashivaya…” the calling bell sounds
“Om Namashivaya…” the calling bell sounds again.

“Who is there at this early morning” Ambika murmured and opens the door. She narrowed her eyes and uttered “Sanskar” while looked other two (Abhigya) confused. “This is my friend Abhi and Pragya” he introduced while she called them in. Ishveer, Madhu and Kailash too came and welcomed him and asked about health status of AP. He explained the happenings and asked where Ragini is. Everyone’s lips curved smile to see his eagerness and pointed upstairs. He rushed to upstairs without thinking that Abhigya came along with him.

He was about to collided with RK who is rubbing his eyes and calling “Madhu”. He composed himself while RK glared him but changed it as smile when he noticed everyone watching them from downstairs. “Sanky… you came… come here is Ragini” RK said politely while dragging away while others talked with Abhigya and provided them juice.

“How dare you? Why the hell you came now? Whether to check my sister is alive or not? What do you want?” RK dropped all his anger on Sanky. “RK I can understand you are very angry at me…” a hurt Sanky spoke. “Look I’m not interested to listen your rubbish talks” RK turned his face to other side. “Please RK let me meet Ragini… please…” he asked with teary eye while he nodded to go. Sanky hugged him and thanked then rushed to Ragini’s room and stood at door.

Ragini was sleeping peacefully without any tension. Sanky’s heart starts to beat fast when he saw baby wrapped by cloth and lay down near Ragini. He comes in without shifting his gaze on baby. Just then Ragini slowly opens her eyes and her lips curves wide smile to see Sanky near her. The baby moves a bit and he looks at her with hope and she nods her head smiling. His eyes form layer of tears while glancing the small baby in reddish skin.

He sits on bed and forwards his hands to touch the baby hesitantly and his hands are shaking in nervous. But to his surprise the raises its hand and touches his hand. He smile from bottom of the heart and the tear which was conserved in eyes slides down. He lifts the baby and hugs her keeping her near to heart. He kisses her and feels the joy of being father. Happy tears flows from Ragini’s eyes to see his happiness. He hugs her from side and kisses her on head.

“You don’t talk to me… see with lots of pain I gave her birth but she touched your hands who never worried about” Ragini complained while making face and his face went pale at her statement. “See she have you hifi first” she uttered childishly. “Why not? She is my princess and even before she born also she was with me only” he said after taking deep breath and while placing baby on bed. Ragini hugged him tight he did so. “You know I missed you a lot” she said and he tightened his hug.

He broke the hug and holds her cheeks and said you missed me a lot na… no worry now I’ll be with…” before he could complete his sentence she placed her index finger on his lips and nodded head in no. “Right now I need your embrace nothing else” she said and rested on his chest while he caressed her hair.

Happy tears escapes from RK’s eyes who is watching the scenario near door. “I’m not angry because you went to your native… she is your Badi Maa and taking care of her is your responsibility but why you didn’t informed us before leaving her alone… that’s my angry” RK thought into himself while stealing glace on Sanky… whatever I’m angry you well knows to cool me… ya you knows to bring smile on my sister’s face that automatically my lips curves… he shook his head and left the place.

Ragini breaks the hug and narrowed her eye brow, “Achha as per sir’s wish baby girl born… are you happy?” “Happy? No way…” she looked him confused… “I’m the happiest person in the world…” he screamed and dragged her in his embrace. “Ragini… I became father… I gave birth to my princess… she is so cute though she is too small” he exclaimed and she smiled at his happiness and admiration… “Oye where you gave birth… I gave birth to her” Ragini said childishly while he said “Oye… half credit goes to me too” she laughed whole heardedly while the baby started to cry.

See you laughed like devil baby got scared and started to cry, Sanky teased while she fumed and took the baby in her embrace… “Baby started to cry because you showed your face in close up not because of her laugh” said Abhi while entering the room along with Pragya. Ragini looked at them nervously and stared Sanky then he assured everything is fine. “Hi I’m…” Ragini completed before Pragya says their name “Pragya… and Abhi” pointing them and made them amused.

“You know us?” Pragya asked shockingly. “Why not? You are his best friends then how I can unaware about that?” Ragini said with a smile. They all talked for some time and in short time understood each other very well.

After two days…
It was name ceremony of the baby girl…. Whole Kundra Nivas was beautifully decorated with colourful flowers. Cradle was decorated so attractively. Baby was placed in cradle worn new dress.

A girl enters into Kundra nivas but was stopped by Nisha. “Who are you?” she queried. “Who are you to question me?” the girl asked while lifting her eye brow. “I’m daughter of Rishabh Kundra” “ohhh… I’m your Chacha Ranveer Vangela’s would be wife” she said while pulling her cheeks and Nisha widened her eyes. Nisha pulled the girls hair and dragged, “How dare you interrupt in my Chacha Chachi’s life?” “Ouch” she screamed and RV came there with Ishani.

“What happened Nisha? Why are you behaving like this with her?” he asked. She explained what she told and RV smiled and said, “actually she is our company’s new health adviser, you sweet Chachi Ishani’s best friend Varshni… she came here to give this month’s report nothing else” “That’s the limit” Nisha warned and left in while Varshni said
“Saithan ki Bacchi… huff” “hey… you came at right time… today is my Nanand’s baby’s name ceremony… come on” Ishani welcomes all gets in.

Pandit asked “did you select the name?” Sanky peeped out and said yes. Sanky holds baby in his arms and whispers “Diya… Diya… Diya” in baby’s ears while all smiles happily as they agrees the name and Ragini takes sigh of relive who was glaring Sanky till then.

All uttered “Diya…”

Varshni caressed the baby and gave some amount in her hand as it’s a formality to give something to baby while seeing it for the first time. All bid byes to Abhigya as two days is over so they have to go back. Pragya hugged Ragini and said, “He is far from his family… take care of him… I need not to say yet…” Ragini cups her face, “I can understand… really he is lucky to get such a caring friend like you” “Fuggi and caring… huff two poles… she is only knows to torture” Abhi teases her while Ragsan looks at each other that this two how gonna tackle one and half day journey.

@ Night
Sanky dragged Ragini who was about to go out of room after feeding the baby. “what do you want?” she asked irritated. “Why you were giving killer look while the name ceremony?” he asked and she smiled. “voh… did you watched Om shanthi Oshana, Jillunu Oru Kadhal and many more movie… the hero will name his daughter by his ex-lover name… I was thinking what you gonna do… but for god sake you gave beautiful name to our daughter and escaped from punishment” she said with sheepish smile.

“Diya…” beautiful name… I named her Diya because after her arrival only light came to my life and most of things settled down, he said and lost himself. Ragini smiled and hugged him from side.

After two days
Abhigya coming towards home while Parvathi and Parameshwar who is coming out of temple stops them and asks “how did you returned?” “voh… in face to face interview I was rejected…” Abhi says in sad tone. “Then Sanskar?” Parvathi asks. “There was new project so he stays there” Pragya said in undertone while closed eyes and elders giving dead glare to them.

“Then days passed… Roshik born… that’s it” Ragini completes narrating their story to preethi with faint smile on her face.

Screen freezes with smiling face of Ragini

To be continued………

“Follow your dreams, they know the ways”

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