Rhythm of Life – Tune 43 (RagSan)

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Recap: Ragini gave birth to a baby girl

Sanskar was shocked to see a shadow of a person while praying. He turned and saw the person and dazed… his heartbeat stopped for a minute. He gulped and uttered ‘Abhi!’ “What were you praying? Who is Ragini? Haan she is your junior right… I remember. Why she have to leave her family for you? Why are you repenting in temple at this time and what happened to you?” extremely confused Abhi shot question daggers.

“voh.. voh…” stammered and tried to manage but narrated whole story after getting dead glare from Abhi. Abhi’s eyes got widened to know such a big truth of his friend’s life. Sanky hugged him and sobbed. Abhi was stunned and don’t know how to react so just patted his back and broke the hug. “First you come to home… we can discuss further” Abhi consoled and froze when they turned to leave. Both gulped their saliva and looked each other with shock.

Screen shifts to hospital

Baby was handover to Ragini to feed the milk. She caressed the baby while lots of emotions filled in her eyes… a drop tear tripped out through corner of her eye while feeding the milk. Later she kissed the baby all over its body and was happy to see the dress designed by her on baby. Soon whole family members came inside the ward caressed Ragini and baby… Ragini’s face was pale due to delivery but she threw a warm smile to them. Happiness was filled everyone’s heart.

RK had happy tears in his eyes. “Baby looks like Ragini… see the face cut same to same” Kailash said with bright smile. “No way… she looks like her father… see same sharp eyes” Ambika replied while RK clenched his fist which was unnoticed by everyone. RV and Ishani were smiling at the baby while holding their own baby at hand. Swara and Harsha was spell bound to see the tiny hands and feet of the baby which had too tiny fingers… without blinking they admired the baby.

Screen shifts to temple

Abhi and Sanskar uttered shockingly ‘Pragya… you here?’ “What are you both were talking about?” asked Pragya who was holding aarthi plate in hand. “Nothing” Abhi shrugged while Pragya replied “nothing… fine… I’ll get details from Sujatha aunty” “no no no….” Sanky screamed instantly and dragged her to nearby pool by holding her wrist followed by Abhi. She jerked his hand and shouted “what the hell you are doing?” “Pragya try to understand” Sanky strived to manage but Abhi revealed the complete story. She was shocked and kept her hands on mouth being stunned. She took deep breathes while her eyes were cherished in red.

“Patttt” a tight slap sound jerked Abhi while Sanky held his cheek.

“I never expected this from you… what do you thought about yourself? Haan I was wondering what’s in that job that made you leave your family… but you went for her. I’m really getting angry on her but she is not at fault… it’s you…” she scold him while ‘Unnai solli kuttramillai… ennai solli kutramillai… kaalam seida sodanaiyil kadaavul seida kutramadi…. (You are not at fault… he is not at fault… its God’s fault by the time) the sentiment situation song plays in Abhi’s phone. Pragya gives killer look to him.

“voh… situation song… Sorry” Abhi said while holding his ears and murmured “today he is finished by this Badra Kaali” “you are the sole reason for all mess. If you can’t make your family agree her then why the hell you gave false hope to her that you’ll be with her? In every important time you left her alone. Giving birth is second birth of a woman but you left her at most precious time… you was loyal to none… you cheated your family by hiding the marriage… you cheated the girl by leaving her… you even cheated us who believed you blindly that you’ll hide nothing from us…” she collapsed on floor.

“Haan Fuggi is right… you hide this from us… you told us your love for Vibha but how could you hide your friendship between Ragini… except she is your junior you told nothing… I’m really upset with you Sanskar but don’t worry… I consider you as my true friend so I won’t leave you alone at tough time. What about you Fuggi?” Abhi winked at Pragya. “Haan I’m with you Abhi but not for this liar but for that innocent girl and his family who considers me like their daughter” she replied while facing other side. Hot tears tripped out of Sanky’s eyes, who got stabbed by Pragya’s words.

He wiped his tears and asked with choking voice, what you both going to do?
Abhigya smirked at each other.

Screen freezes with smirking face of Abhigya

To be continued……

“Discouragement and failure are the two of the surest stepping stones to success”

I know this is short… I’ll update next part by tomorrow… keep smiling… by yours loving Aastha.

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