Rhythm of Life – Tune 41 (RagSan)

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Recap: Karvachauth Special

Sanky hugged Ragini from side and wondered what happened to her? Is she… is she missing her family? He thought to himself.
Just then group of ladies came there and knocked the door which was already open. They looked at the entrance and welcomed the ladies in. “Aab sab yaha… kuch kaam hai kya? (You all here… is there any work?” Ragini asked to the ladies. “Sanskar… now Ragini is in ninth month… do you know that?” one of the lady asked and Sanky nodded in yes. For pregnant lady we will celebrate a function… that should happen in 7th month or 9th month… so we society ladies decided to do that coming Friday as its good muhurthday. What you say? Another lady reasoned.

Ragsan both stood numb to see their love. “maa… what is the need to do this all?” Ragini asked while another lady replied “you calling all of us maa… we considers you as our real daughter… wont we do this for our daughter?” she winked to the ladies and the threw a smile. “haan… we are not asking you permission… we are informing… invite whom all you want… ok then we starts our preparation” one of the lady said and about to leave but stopped by Sanky who is holding his both hands together “Thank you maa” said with tears.

“offo… yeah dono pati patni hai na…” one of the lady shook her head in disbelief and said “will you say thanks to you maa? No na… don’t get senti… our daughters like handsome jeeju only… not this crying jeeju” everyone giggled and headed to their home. “We are very lucky to have neighbours like them who considers as their own family na?” Ragini said and Sanky nodded in yes, “haan in our village this is normal… in city that too in Mumbai… I didn’t expect this… I heard that people who lives apartment don’t even know neighbours names too but this is so sweet na”

The fresh Friday

Attractive tent was made with yellow and white colour satin cloths in garden of apartment. “Harsha… did you checked the food items, taste and quantity?” Aradya and Raina asked him and he replied, ‘haan di… everything is perfect” “Swara…” shivanya took her name before she could complete Swara replied, “haan di I’m bringing the bangles” preparation for the function was on full swing. Sanky was coming towards the tent looking dashing in his pink colour shervani. “hey dude… where is Ragini… is she got ready?” Rithick asked.

“haan I’ll check out…” he headed towards the lift just then Adharsh entered the flat. He saw him and rushed towards him… “mama… epdi irukinga? Vitla ellam nalla irukangala? (Jeeju… how are you? Is everyone fine in home?)” “haan everybody is fine… is there any work?” adharsh asked. “no bhaiya… you came that’s the big thing… we will handle the works… you just take rest” shesha said. “haan you must be tired… please take the seat…” Yuvi said and provided chair. “ok mama… sit here… I’ll bring Ragini… murhuth time ho gai” Sanky excused.

Sanky was stunned to see Ragini in pink colour lenganha, who applied make up very limited and head was covered with flower. “ahem ahem” shesha faked cough, now I made her up… so I’m leaving you can stare her like you gonna eat her but come down soon everyone is waiting for you. Sanky rubbed his back of head in embarrassment. After shesha leaving the place Sanky came close to her… came very close to her and she was unable to predict his move. He took kajal from her eyes by his ring finger and kept dot behind the ear to avoid evil eyes.

He brought Ragini down to tent where everyone is waiting for her. Old ladies started the rituals… they applied chandan (sandal paste) on her cheeks and hands… kept vermillion on forehead. They does the same with Sanskar too. then made Ragini wear glass bangles. Aham-Raina, Aryan-Aradya, Yuvi-Shesha, Shivanya-Rithick and Adharsh admired them with happy faces. One by one everyone continued the ritual and Ragini took blessings from old ladies. Adharsh too does the ritual and she bend down to get his blessing… he made her stand and blessed, “May god bless… you’ll read happy life with your partner (nallaruma… thirga sumangali ya iruma)”

Harsha is taking picture of Ragini and the surrounding… when he focused Ragini, tears was welled up… her eyes were looking the straight… Harsha turned and found RV standing with Ishani along with their new born child and Ambika and Kailash also came. Tears kissed to her cheek. With smiling faces RV and Ishani came towards Ragini. “Ragini…” RV uttered without leaving a second she hugged him and burst into tears, she sobbed silently. He broke the hug and wiped her tears. “bhaiya…” tears continued to flow… I’m sorry bhaiya… that day… i… before she could complete her sentence he placed his finger on her lips and gestured to be silent. “How are you?” he asked while she replied “superb” then returned the same question he too said the same.

“hello excuse… here me too present” Ishani grabbed their attention. “bhabhi…” she uttered then looked the 3 months baby she held in her hand. She shrugged this is… Ishani nodded in yes. Ragini took the baby in her arms and kissed it, tears fell on baby. “see your bua is bathing you by her tears… tell her that you already taken bath” Ambika commented and everyone smile at the sentence. “kaki…” Ragini said in childish tone. The baby extended the its hand casually and it wiped her tears. Ishani and Ambika does the ritual then all went Ragini’s home.

“bhaiya… I’m really sorry…” Ragini said. “offo till you didn’t ended that topic?” Ishani snorted. “I’m very happy that you both came” Ragini felt happy. “Actually the credit goes to Sanskar only… he only came to home and convinced us” Rv said.


Sanky went to Kunra Nivas. Ishani was playing with baby which is laid down in the floor. “Di…” Sanky uttered with hesitation. She stared Sanky standing at door she doesn’t know whether to call him in or not as RV is descending the stairs. “you? Here?” RV asked with surprise. “voh… shall I come in?” he asked before RV could say anything a voice said, “if it is enemy then also we will call in so you can get in” Sanky looked at the direction from where the stern voice heard, it was Ambika.

Sanky get in and fold his hands together. “this pose is for greeting or apologizing?” RV mocked. For both… Sanky said. RV was about to talk but interrupted by Sanky “I know you all are angry at me… whatever happened in these days I’m the sole reason… I don’t have rights to ask sorry but yet I’m here… there is no mistake in Ragini… whatever she talked is just burst out… please if you want to punish then please punish me… Ragini is really innocent… she misses you all a lot. Coming Friday we had arranged function for her… please… you all must come” Sanky pleaded to every one of Kundra Nivas.

Initially RV, Ambika and Kailash was not even ready to listen Sanky’s words and gave annoyed look but when he told about function they got melt and smile crept on his lips. “If you invited us will we come?” Ishani asked making everyone confuse. “di…” Sanky uttered with confusion and hesitation. “did she came to hospital when my son born?” she asked with logic and others nodded head in agreement. “di… but everything was my mistake… when you were on hospital only my marriage was arranged with vibha… then my recover… there is no fault in Ragini… please di” he said with teary eyes.

“Hey… chori… kya bath kar rahi hoon tum? (Hey girl… what are you talking? Don’t you know the situation? Cant you understand? We all are going to attend the function if you want come or sit here only) Ambika said in raised voice. “maa I just kid him…” she made faces and murmured which is audible to everyone “only telling you also like my daughter but full support to original daughter only” all glared her except Sanky. “Look Sanskar… till you takes my son and caress him and bless him I won’t accept your invitation” she said with pout face. All smiled at her childish behaviour. Ambika hit her head and said “even give birth to a boy still behaving like child”

Sanskar hold the child in arms and played with him for few minutes then drunk juice which was provided by Ishani, then he took purse and placed 500 rupees note in baby hand. RV asked, “why this formality?” “You only said this is formality then asking why? Why you raising such stupid questions” Sanky said and instantly bite his tongue for calling him stupid… gave apologetic look. RV patted his back and said… nice to see same Sanskar who is naughty in college times. Sanky faint a smile.

“voh… RK…” Sanky struggled to start the conversation. “haan if bhai came to know he will be very happy… wait I’ll make call in IMO” he said and dialled the number. After few rings RK attend the call, “hi… call at this early morning? (in Switzerland its early morning and in India its noon) any matter?” rather than telling showing will give you sweet smile… RV said and faced his phone in front of Sanky. “You? At Kundra nivas what are you doing?” a shocked RK asked. “voh..” Sanky stammered and fear is clearly visible in his face. Just then Madhu came back to RK and saw Sanky… asked “you?”

“bhaiya… bhabhi… you know what? Now only Sanky came… he apologized for all his mistakes… ya we were angry on him… but he is not at all faults… he was drugged… I should understand his situation na… you know? Coming Friday they had arranged a function for Ragini…” RV said with excitement. Rishbala don’t know how to react… “RK… you are coming to India to attend the function… ok you all carry on your talk I’ve some important work” Kailash said and left. “what sweet news can be than this? Sure I’m coming to India don’t worry… do the arrangements” said RK with glow on his face. Sanky thanked him and apologised too. Then they cut the call and left to their places.

RK hugged Madhu and said, “We are going to India” he kissed her cheek tight. “We are not going to India” Madhu said in plain voice… RK gave confused look and broke the hug and asked, “What do you mean?” “Whatever Ragini talked… I can’t forget… she cares about her husband’s respect who till now didn’t celebrated one year anniversary of their wedding… but we… I too care about my husband’s respect” Madhu said. “Are you of your mind? She is small girl… she don’t know what is right and wrong and what she told is just out burst of anger… that’s it… we shouldn’t mind that” he said in raised voice.

“haan I agree… actually you didn’t got my point… I know how much you love her and even me too. Now she is fine and happy… let it be… there is no need of us. If she is in problem then I’ll be the first person to save her. This is my point of you… rest is your choice… I won’t stop you” she completed and left to kitchen while RK looks on.

Flashback ends

Ragini stared Sanky lovingly then asked to RV “where is bhaiya?” “why are you asking that matter… he too wished to come here and was very excited but he didn’t got visa… because it was applied just 2 days ago only na so…” Ambika said. Sanky hits his head and said, “Forgot to introduce… this si my jeeju Adharsh” everyone greeted him. “he knows about you both?” Kailash asked. “Voh kaka… he suddenly came here and we caught” all nodded “ohh”

“kavala padadinga… ippodiku vitla nelaima sarilla adhan… kudiya sikiramey Ragini ya nanga enga vituku kutitu poiduvom (don’t worry… in home there situation is not god… otherwise we will take her more before… yet soon we will take her to Tamilnadu)” Adharsh said in assurance. Family members passed a sweet smile. “hey translate them” Adharsh said while Sanky replied “they know Tamil you only don’t know Hindi” Everyone giggled. “ok then we will come another day” Kundra family said. “so soon? Be here for some more time na” Harsha said and RV caressed his face. “voh… we should not take baby out for certain time… yet brought here.. that why… another day pakka…” Ishani said wjile blinking he eyes.

Ragini stared the baby emotionally and kissed it while saying “should meet Bua often… ok?” Ishveer smiled and left from there. “ok then I too take leave” Adharsh said. “What? Mama… enna nenaichitu irukinga? Avlo doorathula irundu vandurukinga avlo seekiram anupiruvoma? (jeeju… what do you thought? You came from so long and we will sent you soon?)” Sanky reacted instantly.

“hoye… over ah alakkada… vitula poi silitu vanduruken… un akka ku mattum terijadu… Arthi kum Athu kum dosai ku thotuka chatney nan dan… ella prachanayum settle pannitu kupdu… ingaye vandu settle ayduren (hey man… don’t show over care… already I lied in home and came here… if your devil sister came to know then for Arthi and Athu’s Dosa I’ll be side dish… your sister will smash me… call me after settling the problems I’m ready to be gar jamai as I’m in your home) Adharsh said. While swasha and Ragsan suppressed their laugh. Adharsh left in evening train itself.

“Huff finally settled everything… served food to everyone… we too ate… Ragini… did you had lunch? Is your family dramas got over?” friends asked them. Friends served food to Ragsan and swasha. There was 9 variety of rice… Ragini enjoyed delicious food.


Ragini came out of dressing wearing Nighty. Sanky came to room and lied on bed as tired. “What sir today itni tired ho gai?” she asked. “from morning works losing my nuts… huff… very tired (ammadi… bendu kalunduruchi)” she caressed his head and kissed on fore head. He woke up and asked “are you happy? How was my surprise?” he asked. Not only me even my champ also very happy, she said. Is your champ told? “arrey if you are doubt put your hands on my tummy” she said while he kneel down and placed his ears on her tummy and heard the movements. Goose bumped into his all over body… both shared a lovely eye lock.

Elite evening

Ragini and Sanskar is watching 3 idiots movie. They are laughing while comedy scene and excited while watching marriage and eloping scene… that was climax… sister of the heroine is wincing in labour pain… Sanky felt tight hold on his arm and turned his gaze… Ragini who was resting on his shoulder casually till then clutched tight. He shrugged what happened? “Days passed very soon na… see delivery date came near… just three to four days is left… Mujhe dar lagraha hai” he rested his head on her and said, “you are my brave queen… if you scared baby too will scare so chill… be relax… I’m with you na” she gripped her hold while he kissed on head.

Just then Sanky got a call. He took the phone and stunned when he see the caller ID, Periyappa (bade papa) he attend the call… “hello periyappa…” “sans… san.. Sanskar….” DP’s voice cracked. “Periyappa ennachi? Yean voice orumari iruku? (What happened? Why your voice is choking?)” “Un periyammaku… (Your badi maa…)” he couldn’t complete his sentence and he had teary eyes. “What happened to Periyamma?” “she got heart attack” DP said and broke down into tears. Sanskar was freeze to a minute. “Periyappa….” He called him again and again. RP grasped the phone from DP’s hand and spoke up, “Sanskar…. Un periyamma unna pakanum nu solranga… ICU la irukanga… sikirama vaa… (Sanskar… your aunt wishes to see you… she is in ICU… come soon)” “ana train travel eh 1 and half day achey… (but travelling time is 1 and half a day… how can I reach soon?)” “kaila kaasu iruka illaya? Irukula… flight pudichi va… (you have money na? pick the flight and reach soon)” RP said with stern voice. And Sanky nodded in tension.

“Sanky…. What happened? Why are you tensed any problem?” Ragini asked with tensed face. “voh… Ragini Periyamma got heart attack… I need to g….” he said with very tensed face before he complete his sentence his eyes fell on her tummy and remind that her delivery date is near. “Then why are standing like statue? Go and pack your stuff… I’ll book the ticket” she said. “But…” “What but? Go” she ordered him. “how can I leave you alone at this time?” he asked while staring her belly… she too liked down and realised her condition… she gulped her saliva and said, “don’t worry about me… to take care of me Swasha and kaka, kaki sab hai… but you need to be there at this time… you go” she assured him… he is not convinced yet he don’t have any other option… he went to pack his stuff while she booked the ticket.

He came out with his bag and she threw a smile and bid bye. His eyes were moist… he couldn’t control himself… he hugged her… tears escaped from his eyes but she know her tears will make him more weak so soon wiped it and broke the hug. I’m fine go… she said while standing at door… Swara came out casually and stared Sanky with confused face to see him with luggage. “Why at this time you are standing with luggage?” she asked while they explained everything. “What?” a shocked Harsha asked… “haan… Harsha… please take care her…” Sanky said and Harsha nodded in positive. With heavy heart sanky bid bye to her.

Screen freezes with the moist eyes of Ragsan

To be continued…….

“Choose to be optimistic, it feels better”

Thank you so much friends… I think this chappy is a bit bore, isn’t it? but don’t worry next will be… something good gonna happen… I won’t tell that now. Keep smiling and do support like this by yours loving Aastha.

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  1. AMkideewani

    Don’t you dare say it’s boring, because it isn’t it’s more than mindblowing and I love it❤❤❤❤ like I love you

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  5. Woww semma episode akka????RK vum vanthuruntha innum semmaiya irunthurukum….Apro intha time la ragini ya vettutu sanskar poratha pakkum pothu etho thappu nadaka pothonu thonuthu… Delivery appo crt ah sanskar ah Vara vachiruga??

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  8. U rocked ittttt… Mindblowing epi dear.superbbbbbbbb.. function super ah irunthuchi.. RK vanthurukalam.. innum semmaya irunthurukum..sanky RV family ah invite panna scene cute ma…. haha Adharsh veetuku polana dosaiki chutney ah?? 3idiots (Nanban ) mve patha scene super.. oh no sanky ragu va vitutu poran so sad.. last part was emotional.. ragsan moments were lovely.. loved it so much baby… keep rocking??

    1. Astha

      Nanban movie…. One of my fav… Yup ends asambavithamum illama function mudinjiruchi…. RK relationship are like glass na… Its not so easy to mend but their loved will do it.
      He he yup chutney dannnn….
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    Amazing Dr ?? I thought madhu is little angry with sanskar & maybe sanskar is trapped by his family keep going

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    fabulous akka….loved it alot….rv family oda ragini function ku vandhathu happy ya irukum….but rk vum vandha inum jolly ya irundhirkum…ragini inum rmba santhosa padrupa…sanky rv family ya samathana panrathu supper akka…ishani dialogue ava n’s kulantha peithirkum pothu vandhala nu kedathu adhuku aprm peasunatha nalla irunthathu akka…madhu peasunathum nalla irunthathu…One year kuda agala aana ava husband oda respect pathi peasuna…nanum V2ku en husband oda respect than important kudupenu sonathu superbbb akka….adarsh superbbb akka…satini ayirvenu sonathu superbbb….Sanky ragu va vidu Ooruku porana….yeana akka…ragu pregnant anapo avan oorla than irundhan…Ipa kulantha pirakum pothu avan Ooruku poran….apa ragu pregnant nu kiratha phone pani sona mathiri than…kulantha peranthathaiyum phone la than sola numa….ohh pavam Sanky….2pakamun madikidan….oru pakka periamma inuoru pakkam kulantha….eagerly waiting for nxt one akka…tkcr akka…

    1. Astha

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  12. Nice episode…rv rk and sanky conversation is nice….ragsan scenes are super…little bit boring… Waiting for next part soon…

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      Thnq soooooo much akka… I know its boring…. But due to one reason I had to drag this next chappy will be something else…. Stay tune on

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    Sry asthu for being late…it’s awesome…
    Ragsan separation giving me some doubt…u won’t giv separation trck na…
    And I njyd their seemantham fnc…aww they r cute…and ishveer is awesome…waiting for the nxt updte…post it soon da…and all d BST for the xams…

    1. Astha

      Hey unaku wattyla private msg pakura palakamey illaya? Msg panni one week agudu yet no reply….
      Actually I was waiting for your cmnt n now got it…. Happy that u enjoyed seemandam n ishveer n ragsan scenes
      No separation track… Just separation for one chappy or two that’s it.
      Thnq sooooooo much for the cmnt

      1. Darshini

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    1. Astha

      Happy that u didn’t found it as boring..
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