Rhythm of Life – Tune 35 (RagSan)

Thank you so much for the support friends… do support like this. Vibha you all hates her a lot… I’m happy that I portrayed her in negative character perfect I think isn’t it?

Recap: Sanky thrown out of office

Chappy starts with Swara warning Harsha that, “leaving you just for Ragini di, if she came to know you are in contact with RK bhai and he cares her this much after humiliation also then she will feel guilt… so I didn’t told anything to her… but don’t tell anything it will cause big problem… already di is stressed don’t give her more stress please… jeeju is not in the situation to take care of her… at least we should take care her… hope you can understand” He nodded in yes and assured, “if bhai called then I’ll tell both of them patched up… you don’t worry. I’ll keep di happy”

Next day

Sanky sitting in living room’s sofa, he is holding his forehead by thump and middle finger seemed lost in deep thoughts. He came out of trance when he heard Vibha waving her hand indicating Hi with bright smile on her face. He faked a smile. “ohhfff still you are thinking about yesterday… come on cheer up man… why are you stressing yourself when didn’t done nothing. our marriage is day after tomorrow… lets go to shopping” she tried to cheer up him.

“he wont come” Ragini said while coming from Swara’s home. Vibha glared her. “ohh.. don’t see glare me like that… I’ll die…” Ragini giggles while Vibha fumes in anger. Sanky about to open up his mouth but Ragini speaks up “ohh chill Vibha… no one can go out of this house without having breakfast” Ragini said to Vibha without facing Sanky, he sensed her care and small unknown smile appeared on his face which added fuel on Vibha’s anger.

He sat on dinning table and Ragini served him but didn’t talked to him as she tries to pretend like still she is angry over yesterday’s matter. Ragini standing near Sanky… by left hand he hold right hand… Ragini tried to free but he hold tight. “what are you seeing serve gravy… how can I eat dry chapatti?” he said while she closed her left fist… then served gravy by left hand… Vibha saw Sanky holding Ragini’s hand and clenched her fist. “Sanky… make it fast” she rushed him. He eat fast and got caugh… Ragini patted his head and back then gave water. “Vibha… cant you wait… girl’s are symbol of patience… you not even letting him to eat peacefully too… don’t know what kind of girl you are… you Sanky… cant you eat proper? Are you gonna pick flight? Just for shopping na… eat properly… if you washed your hand in mid then mind it you are gone” she said with angry yet care and rights.

“Sanky… wear that my favourite yellow colour shirt na… you’ll be very handsome in that” Vibha said while smiling at Ragini. Ragini smirked and said, “you wait Sanky… I’ll bring” she handed him shirt… he removed his shirt in hall itself… corner bit of his tattoo visible but before Vibha raising a question he wore the shirt. He found first button is missing. “ohh no… don’t worry Sanky… its Vibha’s favourite shirt… you both going to marriage shopping so I’ll stitch it… she brought needle and matching thread and started stitching…. Both are very close to each other that they can feel others heart beat. Sanskar completely lost him in Ragini’s magical eyes.

Soon she finished stitching and lifted her feet to cut the thread by her shiny teeth. When she lifted up her silky hair touched Sanky’s neck and he felt goose bump inside his body. Boiling smell is coming from Vibha who witnessed the scene and strong bond of ragsan. Ragini closes her when she cut the thread, she took his shirt from cupboard, while coming out intentionally she plucked the button, the scene flashed on her mind… she grinned at Vibha. At a point Vibha burst out by shouting “is that over?” their eyes lock was broken and both came back to sense. Vibha stood near door and Sanky bid bye to Ragini. She to does the same. “don’t you take me with you? Haan how could you take me… you both are going for marriage shopping … you both will share some special moments… sorry sorry you carry on” Ragini said with pout face.

“ohh no Ragini…. Nothing like that… actually I thought to call you but don’t know what you’ll say that’s why kept quiet… swasha also went to college you’ll feel bored here… lets come with me… we trio can enjoy” Sanky said with fully cheer up face. Ragini gave innocent look towards Vibha. “why are you looking her? She won’t have any objection… you don’t have na?” he asked towards Vibha while she faked a smile. “ok I’ll start car you both come” he said and left two fighter cocks alone.

Ragini gave a victorious smile while winking “only do you know to act like innocent?” “I know its all your drama… let see you or me… whose selection Sanky gonna select … my policy is tit for tat… I’ll show you where you should be” after saying this an annoyed Vibha stormed out. Ragini felt happy to irked Vibha and trio reached the mall.
A huge mall with multiple floors shown. “which section you wanna go at first? Dress or jewels?” Sanky asked to the girls. “mmm dress?” Vibha expected Sanky to decide and ragsan both agreed. “excuse me take costly silk saree” Sanky said to the shop keeper while Vibha looked him weird. He asked “what?” “Sanky we came here to select dress for marriage… for marriage we should select lehanga… not saree” Vibha said while Sanky closed his eyes as he done mistake. “excuse me show designer lehanga” Sanky said while rubbing his head.

“I know… as per tamil culture you used to take silk saree for marriage… don’t worry for you I’ll buy silk saree” Ragini thought to herself. Vibha is busy in selecting dress, “Ragini… you too take one dress na…” Sanky said. “why dress for her?” Vibha asked instantly. “for marriage we should offer dress for relatives too na… that’s the ritual right? My parents are not coming to marriage but I’ve Ragini, Swara and Harsha na…” he managed well with smile while Vibha faked a smile in irritation.

“excuse me… show me some light weighted low cost silk saree” Ragini said. Ragini was selecting dress beside Vibha, Sanky’s lips curved cute smile while staring Ragini. He went near her and took a blue coloured silk saree and kept on her and winked how is it? she smiled slightly flipped and checked the rate… she is not satisfied with cost, felt quite high and refused that… took yellow colour saree which was low cost and said, this is nice na… but her eyes were on blue coloured saree. Vibha took green colour lehanga which is not favourite of both Sanky and Vibha. Sanky said, “haan ok… take” then he turned towards Ragini and ordered shop keeper to pack blue colour saree. Ragini tried to refuse but Sanky kept his index finger on her lips.

“Ahem.. Ahem…” Vibha faked cough. Ragsan turned towards Vibha… “Sanky really do you like this green one?” “ha.. haan… why?” he stammers. “green is not your favourite yet you are agreeing to take this as our marriage dress?” she made an annoyed face. “voh.. I thought you like this… so thought no to disappoint you…” he managed. “ok leave… if you completed selecting dress for Ragini and you have mood then try to select for me” she said and turned another side. “oh.. please… don’t get angry…. See this blue one… I like this… what about you?” he keeps the dress on her. “Its actually awesome… I liked it a lot” Vibha said while seeing mirrior, she winked to Ragini to see Sanky’s position how he keeping his both hands on her shoulder. Ragini shook her head in disbelief.

“Sanky… I think… this is time to select dress for you… what do you think…?” Ragini grasped his attention towards her. He nodded and trio went to men’s selection. Vibha is torturing the shop keeper by telling this and that… Sanky saw Ragini who is standing since hour in pregnancy time. He brought a stool from far and made Ragini to sit and offered a cold drink. She smiled and drink while Vibha fumes to see his care towards her. “Sanky… I hope she is fine now… so come here and select the dress” Vibha ordered. He went there and saw many dresses but not satisfied with anyone. It was more than half an hour Ragini was sitting idle she lost her patience. She went near them and asked “did you selected?”
“he is not satisfied with anyone… I’m fed up” Vibha said with tired. “what? Sanky… here is so many dresses but you don’t like anyone… impossible… let me check” she searched the dress and finally took a blue coloured shervani from beneath. “wow…” visan said in union. “its superb… till now I was searching here but didn’t found… really you have magic in you… umma…” he kissed the dress. Vibha too liked it but tried to refuse it that only because it was selected by Ragini, but Sanky compromised her by saying, “your dress and mine both are same colour… its rare. I just loved it.. and its final” Vibha was completely annoyed with Sanky who supporting Ragini from morning.

“ok both of you liked the dress just try it and make sure its fit” Ragini suggested them and both left them trial rooms which is next to one another. Ragini is waiting outside… “Ragini… please help me to wear it” Vibha’s sound came from one of room for that Ragini said “yes coming” she stepped forward and confused in which room she went? She knocked left side room and said “open” the door was opened soon she went in locked it. she turned and found Sanky with white colour pant and shirtless. “you” she uttered in shock, “haan me… by the way why you told me to open?” he asked. “voh I thought Vibha… she needs my help bye” she was about to go but he hold her from wrist and pulled lightly… “hey what are you doing?” “do you remember our meet in trial room?” he asked with naughty smile.

Ragini is selecting the dress…. Finally she took pink colour western top and went to trial room. Sanky was passing near trial room suddenly a man bumped with him so he fall into trial room which was not locked properly. Ragini is about to shout but Sanky closed her mouth by his right hand and signed to keep quite by left hand. Both shared a very small eye lock. Ragini eyed him angrily then he went out. The scene flashed on her mind and she blushed lightly. Strand of hair was disturbing him to admire her face so he locked it behind her ear with his index finger with sensual touch, she shivered a bit by his touch. She pushed him but he didn’t let her go, “today I won’t leave you without a kiss” “is it? I won’t give… let’s see what you do” she went to Vibha’s trial room and helped her to tie the string. Ragini is helping while Vibha is fuming as she heard everything because they were in nearby rooms.

Ragini asked, “are we now going jewel section?” “no I’m feeling hungry so first we can eat then we will do they rest… what you say?” Vibha suggested. “ya she too right… now you are pregnant you should eat at right time so let’s go to restaurant” Sanky decided. Sanky ordered the lunch… “Vibha excused herself to get fresh and left to wash room. “do you want any sweet?” Ragini asked with a puppy face after Vibha’s leave. “no thanks…” he said with annoyed face. “ok I thought give this sweet…. You refused it… no problem” she told while squeezing her lips, he saw then realised what she said, with popped eyes, ‘hey hey.. I want” she smiled at his behaviour, she was about to come close Vibha came with waiter, so both stay away.

Trio started to eat while Sanky called the waiter and ordered butter scotch ice cream. “no Sanky now I’m not in the mood to eat ice cream” Vibha said, “actually I ordered for Ragini” he gave bulb to her. Ragini smiled at him. He leaned Ragini’s leg sensually by his leg for which she spill out the food. He smiled at her while she glared him. Vibha fuming in anger and controlled her best just then waiter placed the ice cream. “Vibha do you want milk shake?” she smiled to mean yes. He ordered. Vibha got a call so she excused herself and went far.

“hey now give the sweet” he asked like a kid, she smiled and forwarded a spoon of ice cream…. “hey.. what is this?” “you asked sweet na… ice cream is also sweet…” he made innocent face which she adored. She kissed him on cheek when he was looking other side. He turned and smiled then feed her ice cream… both ate in same spoon till Vibha comes there. Vibha, who was on call watched everything throw one eye… the milk shake arrived… she took it but unfortunately it spoiled Ragini’s dress. “hey what is this?” ragsan said in union with irritated face. She apologized “shall I help you?” she asked while Ragini said she can manage… she left to wash room and Sanky looks on while Vibha smirks.
While rubbing her dress with hanky Ragini came and saw Vibha & Sanky drinking milk shake in glass with double straw… Vibha noticed Ragini standing in far and said, “Sanky don’t you think Ragini as wall in between us?” “haan don’t she have any sense… she is disturbing and preventing our privacy” he complained. Ragini stood there with utter shock… while Vibha smirk evilly. Ragini sat there and continued the lunch but it was tough to swallow the food offered by them after hearing those words. Soon trio finished the lunch.

“Ragini” he called out while rubbing his said, without making eye contact he lied that, “Swara called, so you go home, me and Vibha will come after completing shopping” she looks on… “wait I’ll hire taxi” he added. She showed her palm straight to his face and said, “I can manage, you both carry on” Vibha, till then who was boiling felt chill in heart after seeing pale yet hurt face of Ragini. Visan both carried on their shopping. Ragini reached home by cab.

At evening

Ragini is sitting on spongy chair which was placed in balcony, she hold her head by first three fingers, she looked terribly upset… Sanky’s sudden change of behaviour disturbing a lot… “till then he behaved well with me… in that 5 minute what could happen that he completely avoiding me… something is really wrong… this Vibha is doing something with him… I should find out before its get worse” her chains of thoughts were broken when someone called out her name at door.

She opened the door and find a man around 30 age, “sir… you here?” “Sanky may be thrown out but still you are employee of Metha Industry… hope you remember that and you completed your file” the man said revealing himself one of the staff of Metha Industry. “haan sir I had completed my work… please come in” she called in and showed her files and designs regarding the deal. He checked those and hand over the file to her which he brought along with him regarding new deal.

She glanced the papers and reading each and every point clearly just then Sanky arrived with half of the shopping bags. He saw her busy in office work, yesterday’s scenes flash on his mind and felt bad. Straight he headed towards bed room, Ragini understood that what he thinks, soon she sent the man after signing the papers. The man greeted her and left from there.

Ragini casually asked, “how was the shopping? Did you bought everything or still anything left?” “Ragini…” he called out with pain. She hold his cheek by both hands, tilted her nose on his nose, “what happened ra baba? Why your face is dull?” she hugged her tight and burst out into tears, Ragini felt bad to see his condition and reciprocated. After a minute, “what happened? Why are you crying? Huh?” He was about to tell, the staff again called out her name.

She came out of room and asked “now what?” “Madam you missed to sign in this papers” “give me the pen” she signed with annoyed face without reading it. He left from there and she came back to Sanky. “mmm now tell me what is bothering you?” “why don’t you know? How are you so casual? Day after tomorrow is marriage… what are you going to do? Please help me to get out of this…” he pleaded to her. “there is no use in asking me… just go and tell Vibha about our marriage” she said very casually. “what is this Ragini… if I’m able to tell her then there is no problem… sudden shock will cause nerve problem… in her health condition I couldn’t take risk… do something else na” he said helplessly.
she made him sit on bed, “why are so good by heart? Your goodness is the reason to all problems… but I love you because of the same reason” she said while caressing his face. “don’t worry I wont give up you… you are mine… you are only mine… i cant see you with some other girl… till now I kept silent but not anymore. I wont let this marriage to happen… I’ve my plan… I’ll execute it on right time. You don’t worry… you very well know about my possessiveness… when you were my friend then also I wont let you to be with other girls… now you are my husband… better you keep a bit distance from Vibha… that will be good for all” she consoled and gave strength with a threaten.
He hugged her again… she was most confused with his behaviour… her eyes were in range…

Screen freezes with angry eyes of Ragini

To be continued……..

“The most irritating feeling is Boring, But actually its amazing,
Because this curves way to explore the beauty of rejected things”

Friends…. Howz the quote? First time I wrote my own… I named it as quote but don’t know actually what is it? coming to chappy, tried to show ragsan scenes… howz is it? did you liked it? Vibha… I know you annoyed with her but what to do, you have to bear her for some more time, in future chappy she will irritate you all at most, Saturn will torture you a lot while leaving you… same here too, her end gonna be soon so her atrocity too will be over. Do support this baby *pout* keep smiling by yours loving Aastha.

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  1. Shrilatha

    I just completed reading it on wattpad ..it’s amazing

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      Awww thnq sooooooo much dear. Happy that u read full story ? thnq soooo much for the support ?

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  3. Fantastic epi da chellam…
    Each and every scenes… just loved it
    Stitching scene was soooo cute darling??..
    Vibha ku semma nose cut?… aww vibha bulb? vangunatha pakumpothu evlo happy ah irukku theriyuma… .semmma.. shopping nd restaurant scene was beautiful.. .. love you ragini??… but this vibha… ahh irritating fellow ?.. hate her to the core…5mins kulla apdi enna magic panna??rags sign panna file la ethachum prblm varuma?? … poor sanky 2perukum edaila mattitu thavikiran.. marriage varaikum pogathu(doubt dan) but Murugar kitta suggestion kettuko sanky.. ivunga rendu perayum epdi samalikirathunu???… what s rag’s plan…aww baby un cute pout face kaga venuna intha vibha va sagichikiren??… eagerly waiting for next part dear… how are you teddy… clg poriya??… I missed you so much… actually en phn thannila vizhunthuduchu.. athan chat panna mudiyala?.. take care… keep rocking.. stay blessed… Luv you loads… ummmahhh????

    1. Astha

      I too miss u alot…. Dinamum un page Ku poi last seen last seen pathutu varen…? ohh thannila vilunduducha? Nan unga Anna result Ku black mail pannanga sonnale… Adhunu nenaichiten…. Appo ippo epdi idha padicha?
      Awww sooooo cute en pout face kaga vibha va accept pannikira… Unkita onnu sollata… 3 chappy la poiduvanu sonnenla… 4 aagum pola… Idha vituta innum 3 tolerate pannanum ?
      Haan da nan clg Wednesday la irundu ponen… Semmaya thookam varudu… Inda month kulla portion complete pannanumnu solli savadikiranga.
      Awww happy that u enjoyed vibha’s nose cut scene and ragsan moments…
      Papers… May create problem ?
      Ohhh murugar Kita vendikanum ahh… Apram velan training kuduthuduvan… Apram vibha Ragini rendu perkudaum romance pannuvan ok va? ???
      Thnq sooooooo much for lovely n funny cmnt da chellam. U too take care and keep smiling ? ? ??

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    It was amazing aastha

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    Sooper episode dear

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  7. Awesome akka…. Really confused with sanky’s sudden change in behaviour

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  8. It is awesome dear,loved it

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    Aasthu am so sorry da…jst nw only I remembered tdy is Sunday…
    You said na u will b updtng every Saturday nu…manicho…so I searched ur ff…
    Ok cmng to the story…i liked each ND evry lines like Ragini’s concern for san…san holding ragz hnds while eating and asking her for side dish…ha ha…then that stitching waala…wow Ragu ma…then that green clr lehenga scene…sanky concentrate on selecting saree for Ragini that blue waala saree…hey vibha sanky said not for u it’s gor ragz he said that our dress mtchng na…
    Then that trial room scenes…especially liked whn vibha bulb vaangura scenes lam awesome da…lovd it totally…
    And that ice cream waala scenes…chanceless…
    I doubt on sanky’s changed behaviour…
    That man who got signatures frm ragz I hav doubt on him bcz second time ragz haven’t read and signed in hurry…ragz consoling and threatening scene was the highlight…
    Anda vibha venam da…i hate her…plz seekrm Ava chapter uh muduchidu da…take care…see you on nxt Saturday…bye bye dear!!!

    1. Astha

      First I’m sry for the late reply…. Wuite busy… Adhan.
      Awww for me u spend time… My doll… Love u da chlm.
      Ha ha happy that u liked each n every scenes especially that dinning table n stitching wala scene.
      Ha ha me too happy for vibha’s bulb.
      Awww en chlm Thu Ku…. Last scene um pidichiruku….
      Very very happy that u liked each n every bit.
      Bye bye .. Take care n love u loads dear ?

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  12. Akshata

    i am too late to comment again……. oh what i saw you rocked it one again….. 😀
    coming to the chappy…..
    god ragini has became an epitome of sacrificing and patience devi. how could she tolerate everything. sansku is your husband, do you understand HUSBAND???? you have all the rights on him. this vibha is so annoying, poor sansku he is crushed between them.
    Sansku we all know that u r good at heart but dont let anyone to take advantage of it. u r human too, y r u bearing so much pain and indirectly giving pain my ragu too.
    now she has signed some documents without reading it. god hope they wont create any mess for ragsan.

    Wah!!! i love ur quote, created by Astha, awesome and quite true too,

    1. Astha

      Not at all ?…. U can cmnt whenever… No prob.
      Sacrificing Devi? Lets see in next chappy is she Devi of patience or she can harm her enemy too.
      Circumstances decides everything…all r puppet of circumstances….
      Yup… Sanky is poor. ?
      Aww happy that u liked the quote.
      Thnq sooooooo much for the lovely cmnt baby

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    Omg astha ur too cute & romantic ?? I thought ur ff is emotional ff amazing Dr keep going

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      Awww my dear…. Really u thought it emotional???? Ha ha… Emotional is easy for me as I’m sentimental idiot… Romance…. Trying to show… In future u can enjoy more thnq sooooooo much for the cmnt baby

  15. Asra

    fantablous akka…..ragsan scenes rmba miss panen inaki nenga neraya vey kuduthudenga…..superbbb akka….vibha nalla bulb vangunaya…..adhuvum 1000vots bulb pola…..nenga irundha place la light yae theva illa un bulb veluchamey Pothum pola….enakey kannu kosuthu pa…..trial room scenes semma akka…..table ku adila Kai ya paduchathu,saree selection,ragini ya chair eaduthu podu ukara solrathu,sherwani selection ellamey semma semma akka….Idhu elathulaiyum highlight icecream scene sweet scene than akka….love it alot akka….Ipa than na old Sanky ya pathen….adhaiyum Indha vibha loose keduthuda…..andha 5mins la ava yeana pana Sanky ya…..Sanky character ra nenga Ipa rmba confusion panrenga akka….pavam avan…..
    Ohhh my ragu yeadhula sign poda avasara avasarama….adhu vibha involve aaga iruntha sari….and adhu divorce paper ra illama irundhalum Kk….
    priyanka akka Sanky murgar kida advice vanganumanu enaku theriyala akka…..aana avan Kandipa lakshman kida Kandipa advice yum asirvatham vanganum….vibha oda nose cut panna…apa than ava adanguva…..apa kuda ava adanga mada nu nenaikiren akka….Aiyo akka inum 4 epic thanganuma vibha va….adhuvum inum neraya tholla kudupala….ohhhhhhhhh noooo akka……enaku vara adhirathuku avala kondruven akka…..ungalukaga avala vidren…..hate u vibha…..go to hell…..love u ragsan….and love u akka…..waiting for nxt one….tkcr akka….

    1. Astha

      Awwww happy that u enjoyed ragsan moments and vibha bulb scene.
      Ha ha semmaya vibha va ootra….
      Awww happy that at least innaikavadu ungalukulam sanky ah pudichirukey.
      Ur confusion regarding sanky will be cleared soon
      Ha ha… Laxman Kita…. No da… Sanky avlova kobapada matan… He is ramar. But sometimes krishanan ah mariduvan ?
      Ur cmnt is funny… I’m laughing.
      Love u too da chlm.
      Take care ? bye. Thnq sooooooo much for the lovely cmnt ?

  16. Silent_writer

    Omg u rockeddds asthuuuuu its one of my bestest epi of ROL i reallly lovedddd it and vibha dayan churail huh dont knw till how long have to bear her gosssh and ur qoute lazy dino u r super talented love u

    1. Astha

      Awwww bestest…. Such a nyz complement
      U have to bear her for some more Tim baby.
      Awwww happy that u liked my quote… Love u loads my baby ?

  17. AMkideewani

    Fatabulously awesome Aasthu, sorry for not being active here, hopefully I will come back soon in Watty, but my hopes aren’t that high?

    1. Astha

      Dont wry baby… God is wid u… U r pure by heart so ur heart is equal to temple… Everything will sort out very soon. U’ll be back as naughty Sam with a bang entry ?
      Thnq sooooo much for the sweetest cmnt in this situation ?

      1. AMkideewani

        Awww, thanks a lot sweetheart, love you

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