Rhythm of Life – Tune 34 (RagSan)

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Recap: Vibha got scold from Ragini…

“Harsha… drive fast…” Ragini said with a tensed face. “Haan di… already driving in 180 km speed….” Harsha replied. Swara hold Ragini’s shoulder and consoled her and assured “nothing wrong will happen” “already mine and his relationship is dancing on wall… this Vibha adding fuel in fire by showing invitation… ABOUT THIS YESTERDAY HE TRIED TO TELL ME? THAT’S WHY NIGHT HE WAS TENSED? Huff… don’t know how many problems we have to cross over…. Don’t know what happened in office… seems something big had happened” Ragini’s chain of thoughts were broken when Harsha applied break in front of Metha Industries.

Ragini stepped out of car, in fracture of second Sanky fall down at her legs on road as someone beaten and thrown out. “Sanky….” Ragini screamed and hold his chin and shocked to see finger prints on his face which clearly shows that he was beaten by someone. Ragini helped him to stand. Swasha supported Sanky to stand while Ragini stepped forward towards the office staffs.

“what the hell is happening here? How could you beat up him? Who dared to touch him?” Ragini shot the question dagger, her eyes were in red due to anger. “its me Vikram Metha who dared to touch him…” the man said. “what? Mr. Metha.. you…? What he had done?” she asked with pleading face. “he is a betrayer… he betrayed me… he broke my trust… nothing more I’ve to tell about him… don’t stand with him in front of my eye sight… get lost from here” he said with a range and left to inside.

Pavi (one of the staff): voh actually happened is……

Flashback shown

Sanky came to office with a happy face as he is so confident about his presentation that their company will win the tender for sure. After an hour Mr. Metha came. “Congrats sir…” Sanky said with happy face. But the whole office shocked when Mr. Metha slapped him. Sanky stunned a minute… he is completely unable to understand what’s happening? He holds his cheek, with teary eyes “sir…”

“You betrayer…. Rascal…. I never saw such cheap class person like you… this is your loyalty to your boss who gave you job against the wish of many people? I believed you more than anyone… I considered you like my son… but you joined hands with my rival? Disgusting” Mr. Metha burst out. “What are you saying sir… I don’t know what you are talking?” a confused Sanky stated.

“Everyone know that your presentation is one of the best… we have blindly believed you… though the presentation is yours there is hard work of whole office. But you sold that to him…” “Sir please stop talking by traps… say straight… we only win the deal na..?” Sanky asked frustrated yet anxious. Mr. Metha laughed sarcastically “how could we win the deal when you sold your so called presentation to NIKHIL? You worked in favour of Khanna Industries… shame on you” he said.

“What? Nikhil? Sir very well you know I hate Nikhil… Nikhil is the one who prevented my job offers and personally I’ve my rivals with him then how can I work in favour of him?” Sanky justified himself. “huff stop your stupid drama… we all know your personal too… do you think that we don’t know Vibha and your relationship? You are going out with Nikhil’s so called sister by bunking jobs… you betrayed Ragini as well betrayed us too… for that Vibha you gave that presentation to Nikhil… get lost from here”

“haan.. Sir is true… he is dating with another girl… what fault he found in Ragini… he is tough to understand” people around him started gossiping while Sanky looks on and feels bad.
“No sir you misunderstood… I didn’t do anything against you…” Mr. Metha pointed his index finger as a warning and signed to get out… but Sanky continued pleading… even Sanky fall him his feet too but he got angry and started to punch him then thrown out of office

Flashback ended

Ragini clenched her fist after hearing the whole incident… then she saw dull and weak Sanky who was got punishment without his mistake. “Let’s go… we’ll discuss about this at home” Harsha nodded and started the car. Sanky told “Ragini… I had done nothing” “I know… don’t worry” she made him rest on her shoulder. Swasha also melted to see his condition through front mirror. “if any other blamed then too I won’t feel bad but Metha sir… you know how much I respect him?” Sanky told his feel. “I know Sanky… but now our time is very worst… we should go through this… we will cross over all the hardships… don’t worry… don’t loose your hope” Ragini consoled him while caressing his head which is rested on her shoulder.

Screen shifts to apartment

Vibha is just watching TV in Sanky’s home just then gets a call from Nikhil. “Hello bhaiya!” Vibha said when she attends the call by sliding the green button. “Where are you?” he asked her with rights. “In Sanky’s home” she replied casually. “What? What are you doing there? Sanky will be in office na?” he enquires. “haan I thought to irritate Ragini by showing our marriage invitation card” she said with happy.

Nikhil’s eyes turned red after hearing that… look Vibha… what do you want to do with Sanky do it… but don’t dare to hurt Ragini… still I love her… even I’m ready to accept her with her child also… that much I love her… stay away from Ragini or else you have to face consequence. You want Sanky so you done MEMORY LOSS DRAMA and I too accompanied you…

“haan bhaiya… I pretended like I lost my memory. Why? Because Ragini and Sanskar have to suffer. Because of them our life got ruined. You threatened me that you’ll kill Sanky… so I left him for his good sake but he? So soon found another girl. I was dwelling in pain with his thoughts but he was enjoying here… in just one year he got married too… how could he do this? How could he forget me so easily?” she started to reveal her

“haan for him, for threatening you over him you stopped talking to me. I felt alone… it seemed I lost my life… then only I got to know about his campus drive so I blackmailed everyone not to appoint him when he comes to office. Later only I met Ragini, a sweet girl, light of my dark life. She is my best companion ever… the time I felt alone and missing maa papa and you then she gave strength and reason to live the life. After her boost up I brought my company back in position which was facing heavy losses. I fall for her I was about to propose her but she took me in front of Sanky.”

He continued…. “I don’t want to create any scene in front of Ragini so I forwarded hands for shake but he that rascal… shown attitude towards me and left from there and insulted me. I tolerate everything but the indigestible thing is that she told me that she is in love with that stupid. Yet I didn’t disturbed her because her exams were near so let her concentrate on studies and thought after exam I’ll propose her but happened is….” He stumped his foot.

“after that you saw her in marriage attire and thought to marry there itself but police came and arrest you. You felt you completely lost your life… no one was with your side. My course were completed and I returned to India and found that you were in jail. After meeting you I got to know that Sanky is married. I was completely disappointed… I tried to bail you but everything went vain. Then I found Ragini and Sanskar leading a very happy life. He decided to enter his life by doing a drama and my memory loss drama was very well executed by so called kind hearted love birds. Now their lives in my hand… I’ll turn it upside down…. I’ll collapse everything… I’ll get my Sanky back” she said, revenge flew in her along with blood.

“I want my Ragini… by your’s and Sanky’s marriage all our wish will come true…” Nikhil completed. “haan actually I thought visit your office today but don’t know what happened all of a sudden here all left me alone” Vibha said with confusion. “what? Where they went?” he asked while she replied “I think Sanky’s office” “what!” he asked with shock “Ok do……” he said something which was shown voiceless. Both hanged the call with evil smirk on their faces.
Just then Ragini and co reached home.

Vibha saw Sanky’s condition, “omg… Sanky… what happened?” while saying she went near to him and caressed. Sanky showed his palm to avoid and mention “its ok, he can manage” Vibha nodded and glared him which was notices by none. “I’ll bring water” she said and handed to Sanky. He gave a faint smile to her. All explained what happened while Vibha gave OMG reaction. “Sanky is there any any to you who want to take revenge from you?” Vibha tried to provoke Sanky.

“there is no one like you are saying… those tricks were done by such a cheap class and unvalued family members” indirectly Ragini mocks Nikhil and Vibha. “by the way Khanna industries is yours right? Then you know how the file went there na?” Ragini continued… Sanky sensed if one minute he let them together instead home it will be named kick boxing court so Sanky stood and hold his head… Swara asked “Jeeju are you alright? Sanky nodded yes and requested Vibha to go home.

He sent her till door. “huff thank god he sent him or else I’ve slept her” Harsha expressed his irritation. “hey chill man don’t give scene to her” Swara contoured. While at door, “Sanky… you said RK threatened you as he will show who is he? Is this his work? Be safe haan” she provoked him with innocent caring face. She bid bye and left from there. Sanky sat on sofa and continuously thinking about her words…

“you (RK pointing Sanky) … you have to face many consequence…. Get ready… get ready… ready.” RK’s words echoing in Sanky’s head. He felt someone’s hand on his shoulder and found Ragini, she asked “what are you thinking?” “do you remember what RK said while leaving?” Sanky asked her casually. “what do you mean?” she asked with serious face. “while going he said you (pointing Sanky) … you have to face many consequence…. Get ready…. Its what he said… I think he is behind this swap” he told. “what rubbish he is talking?” Harsha said undertone before he tells it loud Swara excused and took him to her home.

“enough… I’m not ready to hear single word against my bhai” she shrugged. “if you wont hear the truth wont change… I’m sure he had done” he continued. “I said enough… he is not that much cheap… your so called lover Vibha had done this for her so called bhai” she complained. “now why are you dragging Vibha in it? she is not like that…” he supported Vibha and added extra fuel in Ragini’s anger. “if my bhai done then what is the need to Nikhil company win? His company should be win na… if he stole your presentation and put in nikhil’s office then also he can prepare better presentation than you na? he is not a duffer like you to keep the brain aside” she burst out. “what me duffer?” “haan you duffer…. Who brought my brother in mid without any logic” she looked him with annoyed and left from there. He murmured “disgusting” and made faces.

Scene shifts to Khanna mansion

Nikhil entered the house and found Vibha sitting on sofa and smiling alone. He placed his hand on her shoulder and asked “are you fine?” she stood and twirled him fast… “hey what happened?” “bhiaya I’m very happy… happy to core” he smiles and makes her sit and asked “what happened that you are so happy?” “come while tell you everything while serving” she dragged him to dinning area and placed plate in front of him and started serving… “bhaiya how you know about his office problem that his presentation had stolen?”

Something flashed on his mind, “Ragini fainted on road and that day till she opens her eyes he were there… he was glancing around and found a pen drive on floor. He placed it on nearby table and found some paper regarding deal… he connected the pen drive and checked what was in that pen drive… it was his presentation… an evil smirk appeared on his face… he copied it and placed it where it was… late Ragini opened her eyes”

“Wow… bhaiya really you are awesome… wherever you gets chance you are rocking. But feeling bad that Sanky got injured and faced many humiliation yet I’m happy… because of your today they both fight…” “what? Why they fought over this matter?” he asked curiously. “voh… as per our plan I did that but while leaving I confused him with RK’s name… now he is in our hands… I’m sure he should fight with Ragini…” she said with smirk. “Ragini loves his brothers and family a lot… she wont bear a word against them” he stated.
“exactly… now they will have fight…” she smirked again. “but in night he will behave normal na then?” he questioned. “she will be confused with his nature that’s what we want to create rift between them” she said with stern attitude and told him to finish the lunch.

Screen shifts to Harsha

Swara and Harsha were talking casually just then Harsha got a call, he saw Swara and excused himself and went aside leaving a suspicious Swara in living room. Caller whose back pose only shown asked, is everything ok? “no… you know what happened today? Harsha said while felt someone gaze on him, he turned around and confirmed no one there. He continued on call, “He is crossing his limits… day by day atrocity is increasing. Today he is blaming you for the collapse… he is talking so non sense…” “what? He is blaming me?” the caller revealed as RK while Harsha nodded in yes.

“haan I agree me and RV planned to steal the presentation but discarded it because if we done anything against Sanskar then it will affect Ragini directly or indirectly so we decided to keep patience. We have done nothing… we are not that much fool to spoil our sister’s happiness by our own hands….” RK justified. “I know bha….” He could complete the sentence as he is shocked to see Swara heard everything. “bhaiya call you later” he disconnected the call.

“what the hell you are doing Harsha?” she questioned angrily. “voh..” he stammered. “I’m shame on you… you are passing news here and there… what kind of business is this?” she asked with annoyed face. “look I’m not doing any wrong… I’m just informing the happenings to elder brother that’s it…” he stated. “you are not informing… you are creating distance between RK bhaiya and Jeeju.” She explained. “Jeeju… my foot, stop supporting that rascal” he argued. “why should i?” she countered

“first tell my why are you supporting Sanky all the times?” he asked. “I’m supporting Sanky because I’m not turncoat like you who changes sides often. From initial I’m supporting Jeeju and now too supporting him. I’m not calling him as Jeeju in front of him and calling by name in his absence like you… because of circumstances everything is happening… I believe in faith. One day this will proven that he is innocent. No one can separate Di and Jeeju even that Vibha too.” she burst out.

Swara and Harsha is shocked when they heard “What’s happening? Is everything alright?” from Ragini. Harsha is squeezing his hands in fear where Swara will tell that he is in contact with RK… Swara glared him and said, “Di… he is not like how you think…” Swara said while Harsha gulped. “Di he is scolding me for getting low marks in internal exams… and blackmailing me that in next internal if the same thing happened then he will snatch my phone from me” she complained while Ragini shook her head in disbelief “what is this Harsha… this is just internals right… in semester she will get good marks… no need to worry… more over after studies she going to get married only na… why are you forcing her… for home maker no need to stress” she chuckles. “Di..” she fakes cry

Ragini smiles at her childish behaviour and said, “just kidding ra baba…” she kissed on her forehead and left from there while Swara shooting dead glare to Harsha

Screen freezes with glaring face of Swara

To be continued……….

The real opportunity for success lies within the person and not in the job

Don’t know howz the chappy? Did you liked it? hope just 3 more chappy that Vibha will exist till then please bear her…. I’ll try my best to end her track soon. Otherwise howz is it? today no sweet moments but assuring next chappy will have ragsan cute moments.  keep smiling  by yours loving Aastha

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    Omgggg!!!!!sooper doooper doooper awesome amaznggg fabulousss update dr..reallly mindblownggg!!!!
    Ahh;!!!dis vibha n nikhilll…..I”ll kill dis bro sis duo…litterelyyy…..
    Feeelng sooo bad for sanky’s condition..oh gawdd!!!poor he…..
    Omgg!!!rags angry mood…
    Ohooo swara listened to harsha convo..omgg!!!!
    Ragsan f8 ….??? Rags supportng her bro n sanky blaming rk…while rags blaming vibha n sanky protesting her….
    Oh gawd!!!sanky plz listen to rags coz shez guessing absolutely correct….d devil is vibha only…churail dayan vibha???…
    Ahh;!!!aasthu throw her out of ragsan lyf soon dr plzzz….jst cnt bear her??????
    Bt yaar nikhil reallly loves rags sooo muchh..omgg!!!true obsessed lover hmmm……
    Waitng eagerly for nxt part!!!
    It’s an outstandng update dr reallly….
    Keeep rockng n stay blesssssed sweetheart..
    Lotzzz of love doll…??????ummmaaaahhhh!!!lotz of love n kisses???????????

    1. Astha

      Awww meri pyaari fairy… Loved Teri cmnt.
      Ohj u wanna kill them… Sry u can’t.. Bcoz u r with Diya age so u never born on this scenes so u cant kill. ?
      Happy that sanky keliye kuch bad feel kariyo… Haan rag is angry bcoz she cant bear those words.
      Swara n harsha sweet…. Don’t wry baby soon I’ll throw her out of their life.
      Ya Nikhil is soooooo cute.. I like him ?
      U too keep smiling ? n rocking…. Stay blessed with all the happiness
      Love u ? umma….. ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

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    Pehle mein aap uska face off karogey(reality)
    Second mein aap plan bnaaogey(planning)
    Third mein aap… Dhakke dekar bhgaa dogey(make her run)….. Ooosssssmmmmm quote

    1. Astha

      Thnq soooo much my cute babbu… Ur name sounds good.
      Abt chappy haan within 3/4 chappy vibha will be exit and ragsan life back to normal. Sure exposure planning n executions everything will be there… Keep smiling ? n stay tune on

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    vibha and nikhil unga 2perukum oru free advice tharen….idhuvara nenga 2perum pana thilalangadi velaiyai ellam ragsan kida solidu odi pogirunga….illa unga 2perukum oda life kum astha vum nanga yarumey porupu illa….ragu kanula irundhu thani vandhaley adhuku karanama irukira yaraiyum rk suma vida madan adhu ragini oda husband Sanky ya irunthalumey vida madan…aana nenga 2perum yaro oruthavunga ungala avan suma vidruvana kondruvan….aprm harsh and Sanky yum ungala vida madanga….oru pregnant irukira ponuku ivalavu kastatha kudutha ungala yarum suma vida madaga…..so better ipavey odi pogirunga….aprm unga life unga kida irukathu….Idhu free advice keda kelunga kekadi ponga….
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    yeana inum 3 update la Adha vibha oda irritating ga thankikanuma….noooo akka plz seikirama andha loose pathi vidunga akka….vibha and nikhil sariyana mental korangu….hate them akka….waiting for nxt one…tkcr akka….

    1. Astha

      Ha ha ha ? un cmnt padichitu sirupu thangala… Enga amma yeandi loosu Mari pH pathu sirikiranu kekuranga…
      Un free advice waste… They wont pay any heed. RK reaction to vibha n Nikhil… Actually nan think pannabey illa… But perusa oru reaction num irukadu… Vibha is so cunning… Ya ur guess is absolutely right always.
      About Nikhil… He is not that much bad as u think. Just grey shed he have.
      Ya sanky never told abt RK to vibha yet show know… How… What is behind it? Later will be revealed.
      Thnq soooooo much for the lovely cmnt. ?

  10. Awesome poor sanky but he is an idioti to support vibha..

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      ha ha kollanuma…. no da… un akka elaguna manasu.. ragini mari… so uyiroda irukatum but thiruthidulam… dont wry… y ai’ve to tolerate her three more chappy. yup… at least now u understood he is innocent… my herat throb… 🙂

      1. Uyirodava Seri irunthutu poranga akka but 3episodes Mela avanga irukka kudathu akka plzz??

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    Yaar amazing I never thought vibha as -ve character keep going

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    i know i know i am too late to comment but what to do , i have to read all the updates, it took whole day to complete all the chapters and finally i reached here.
    coming to the chappy, Awesome, shocking, outstanding and emotional too.
    i really hate this vibha and nikhil, both are devils and always ready to trouble my poor ragsan. there love is also not true, if she vibha truly loves him then she will never dod this dram of memory loss,
    what happened to sansku, behaving like a sanki character. he didnt trust his ragini, his own wife but protecting vibha infront of her.
    poor ragini bearing so much becoz of them that in her this state. for god sake sansku she is pregnant with your child, in this time you should love her, pamper her,but you are busy with you so called, fake gf. she is fooling you and you are trusting her. i am not talking to you…. you are vey bad. i will complaint this to Aashta and she will teach you a goo lesson. right Aastha…..
    update soon 😀

    1. Astha

      loved ur cmnt baby… ur cmnt brought smile on my face.. now i gonna sleep so ‘ll reply u in length on morning

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      First of all a big thnq sooooooooo much for reading entire story in one go…. Spending whole to read a story… I know how tough it is… Whole hearted thanks for that. ? ? ?
      Happy that u found shock and emotion together…
      Haan vibha n Nikhil is devils…
      U r right… Their love is not true…
      Sanky… What happened to him? Its a suspense…
      Ragini is really poor… At the time she should be like a queen but here suffer more than a slave
      Sure don’t worry… This Aastha will teach good lesson to vibha but not to sanky… He is innocent ?
      Once again a very big thnq doll… If I spoiled ur mood or made u bore anywhere on story… Sry for that… If u felt bore then just tell next time I can avoid it and will be able to give better one…
      U can criticize as ur wish…
      Love u loads… Keep smiling ?

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    How was ur health now??
    I will b waiting for your update on Saturday…take care da and sorry for being late dear…

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    1. Astha

      Offo sry… No sry da… Actually nan un cmnt kaga wait pannitu irunden… Watsap la last scene paths… Eppa pathalum online la Dan irupa Ana ippo kanomey…. Ennanu terilanu yosichitu irunden…
      Internal result vanduruchi adhan reason nu ippo purinjiduchi…
      Nallavela nan exam Ku pogala ?
      3 chappy nu anaki sonnen innaki outline story note la eludunen… Adhuvey 5 pakathuku varudu innum detail ah type Panna??? But I’ll try to end vibha soon.
      Yup Nikhil is cute… Ragkhil scenes try panren but sikka matengudu ?
      Vibha is the cunning girl… U r guess or doubt came true… She is acting.
      Ha ha ? sanky is really duffer… I wont mind.
      Ragini is sooooo sweet.
      Yup I better now.
      Love u loads… Keep smiling ?
      Take care ?
      Last but not least… Thnq sooooooo much for the lovely cmnt. Do concentrate on studies ?

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