Rhythm of Life – Tune 33 (RagSan)

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The bright sun raised with new hope and confidence…

Ragini was standing and praying in front of Matarani’s (goddess) idol in temple. Ayigiri nandhini song was switched on by temple manager. “Hey matharani why are you testing my patience? What mistake I had done? Why are making me to dwell in pain? Why always taking away my loved ones from me? the most hurting thing is our first priority not giving first priority to us… I’m fed up with this Vibha… till now I tolerated her because I don’t want to see Sanky in embarrassment but now I lost my patience. If I kept silent then she will dance on my head. I decided to face the consequence… I had cried a lot so I’m going to face my challenge instead keeping silent… you only have to give strength to me…. plz maa be with me in the war between good and bad” she prayed to god.

She opened her eyes with confidence. Pandit showed aarthi plate… she put both the palms on lamp and then applied the blessings on face. Then filled her hairline with vermillion which was given by pandit. Then patted the bell, “cling” sound came out of it. After sitting 5 minutes in temple moved to home.

@ Apartment

“kkkrrrrr” door bell rang…. Sanky opened it.

A Man hand over a parcel in Sanky’s hand by telling “sir your order” Sanky received the parcel after paying the bill… he caressed it and smiled. “Few days back Ragini and sanskar were watching TV. ‘hey see the heroine’s saree its superb na…. I just loved it’ Ragini exclaimed. ‘hey I want dress like it… wont you bought for me?’ she asked him. ‘yakk… is this design… worst taste’ Sanky said. Ragini glared him and left from there… he smiled by her act and placed the order similar to that saree”

He kept it on table of living room and went to kitchen to have breakfast. Vibha entered the home by telling “good morning baby” Sanky faked a smile while she sat in front of his chair. She glanced the home and asked “where is Ragini?” “she has gone to temple…it’s the time she will come soon” Sanky told. For that she nodded. Vibha staring the parcel on table… Sanky stood to keep the plate in sink but Vibha too stood at same time and gravy which was balance in plate spoiled Vibha’s dress.

“oh shit” shrugged. “oops sorry” Sanky apologised. “I thought to visit bhai’s office… now dress got spoiled” Vibha made an irritated face while telling this. She went near the parcel when Sanky washing his hands. “wow… beautiful saree… for this only you poured gravy on me right? Sanky love you!” she told while holding saree in her hand. Sanky turned shockingly he was about to tell this is Ragini’s but before he could utter she locked herself in room.

“god why you always playing with me” murmured himself with an extremely irritated face. “haan ” he said with annoyed face when Vibha called him. “why you called me now?” he asked. “the is open come inside” she said. He entered in the room and shocked to see her. She was standing with blouse and petticoat. Suddenly he turned to other side and said, “till now you didn’t got ready then why you called me?” perfect irritation is visble in his eyes. “actually I know to wear saree but need help to take lower fleets… come and help me” she told casually. “In few minutes Ragini will come she will help you or else I’ll call Swara she will help you” by saying this he was about to go but Vibha blocked his way.

“whats wrong with you Sanky? You longs to see me in saree but wont you help me? you always praying Ragini’s name then what is my priority? Who am I to you?” she shed crocodile tears. “no Vibha not like that… ok now what I want to help you that’s it na come…” he kneel down and started to take fleets and avoided eye contact with her.

Ragini came to home and about to press calling bell but found door is unlocked. Sanky tucked the saree while Vibha took deep breathe and felt his touch. He searched pin and found is little far from him… he leaned to take that but got slipped by her saree and both fell on bed. Ragini opened the room door as she didn’t find him nowhere… “sorry” he excused and about to stand, Vibha caressed his face by her index finger. She hold his collar and looked with lust… she was about to kiss him on lip but pulled by Ragini and fell on floor.

“what the hell you are doing?” Ragini shout at Vibha. “Ragini” Sanky tried to say something but Ragini stopped him by showing her palm. She turned towards Vibha and again asked “what are you doing?” “we are in love we will do anything… what bothers you?” Vibha asked. “haan you both can be lovers for that will you do anything before marriage? don’t you know any family values? Will you cross the limits? Is this the way you were pampered?” Ragini dropped all her angry on Vibha. She continued no good valued family will wish to have daughter in law like you…. Such a shameless girl, all the place you girls will give if he left you due to some issue then you will blame the boy as he used you and then threw… what the hell you all thought about yourself?

Vibha ran from there while wiping her tears… Sanky who was stunned to see Ragini’s speech, came out of trance and asked, “Ragini what is this?” but shook his head in disbelief and followed Vibha, to see carefree reaction Ragini.

Screen shifts to Ishveer

Ishani is eating apple just then RV enters the room with a glass of orange juice. “oh.. no… just now mom gave apple slices now you are giving juice…. I cant eat anymore… what do you all thought is this my stomach or tank to fill lots of stuff” Ishani said with pout. “You are pregnant and delivery date is not so far… you should be healthy then only you’ll be able to tolerate the pain… so should drink this juice too that’s final” a concerned RV said with cute smile on his face and placed the juice on nearby table. Just then got a call from Madhu

“hello my dear devar ji… how is my sister?” Madhu asked with a cheered voice. “what to say about adamant sister who is refusing to eat well?” RV countered to Madhu, while Ishani snatched the phone and complained RV with extremely cute pout “di… I’m not refusing to eat… he expects me to eat all the time… is this fare? I’m also a human being na… always he will skip his breakfast in name office but now he is forcing me to eat…”

RK grasped the phone from Madhu and said, “you should be proud to get such a lovely husband you know?” he supported his brother. Madhu grab the phone from him and said, “haan haan, these boys will get concern… no no… extremely concern when we are pregnant only after giving birth they don’t even think about ourselves too… all the love poems and movie dialogues will be applied beginning of the marriage life only then we are nothing to them” she mocked. Ishveer smiled to see their cute nok-joke.

Aww my better half… you are mocking me? RK said while hugging Madhu. “ahem ahem” ishveer faked the cough and asked them “where is Nisha?” just then they shifted their gaze to Nisha who is sitting on bead bag with angry face. “what happened to you? Ok take it, chachi (aunt) is on line” forwarded the phone. She kept the phone near ear, “hello Nisha baby… how are you?” Ishani asked. “I don’t want to talk to you all… just keep the phone on belly… I want to talk to baby” Nisha said with angry. Ishveer looked each other as well Rishbala too stared each other.

Ishani placed the phone on her belly, “baby… soon you come out… I just hate these elders… they always spends their time in romance or fighting… no one giving importance to me or talking with me… they always expects me to go to school and do homework. No one is ready to play with me. if you came out then you and me can play” she said with her innocent face while elders dropped their jaws open. She continued “don’t worry not only you and me are going to play alone… after few months Ragini aunt’s baby too will come to play along with us… umma…” she kissed threw phone and handed the phone to RK and left from there.

After hearing Ragini’s name smiles fade away from their faces and all became serious. “bhaiya… I want to tell you one thing…” RV walked out while talking. RK too came quite far from Madhu, “haan tell” “voh… Sanky is preparing presentation for the foreigners deal, behalf of Metha industry” RV stated. “haan… that’s really a very big deal and all top ranking companies urging to get that deal” RK replied. “we should teach lesson to Sanky” RV said while RK replied to him “haan you are right… we can teach him a good lesson through this presentation” with evil smirk on face. RV too smirked and hanged the call.

@ Night

Ragini is playing with a kid, she giggles him and both laughs heart out… just then a tired Sanky enters the home. after seeing Sanky the small boy bids bye and left from there. “Ragini why you behaved…” before Sanky could complete his sentence, Ragini interrupted and said, “Sanky, you are tired right? Go and get fresh I’ll arrange the supper on table. “but Ragini” Sanky tried to talk but again cut by Ragini, “we can talk later 1st get fresh” she tells him and left to kitchen. After fresh up Sanky came to kitchen. Ragini served the food and ate together. Sanky again tried to talk about Vibha but Ragini kept her index finger on her lips to indicate shouldn’t talk while eating.

After completing supper both settled in bed room. “Ragini why you behaved like that to her? Haan I agree she should behave like that… yet what is the need to be so harsh to her? Do you know what happened because of this?” He narrated something which was not audible to audience, while narrating his face was really horrified and it seems something big had happened. “I don’t know how to refuse… really I’m in helpless condition… tell me how to come out of this mess?” he pleaded with hopeless face. Ragini I’m talking to you but you are…. He turned her who was sleeping facing another side and found earphones in her ears and she dozed off.

He kept his hands on head… here I’m telling such a big thing but she slept… he took a deep breathe then took off earphones from her ears and covered her with blanket. He was about to switch off the light felt dizzy and heavy pain in head. He hold his head by both the hands and bite the tooth tight due to excessive pain, He breathed heavily “don’t know what happening with me from few days” he murmured himself and slept slowly.

Next day

Ragini stretched her hands out of blanket with yawning…. With half opened eyes she saw the time and woke up with a jerk “what! 9 o’ clock” she exclaimed. “At this time Sanky should be on the way to office… where is he?” she thought to herself and searched him but found a note on table. She opened it “hi Ragini… now only you wake up? No problem… in this time you should take rest that’s why I didn’t wake you… I had prepared breakfast… its on table… eat it… and 11 o’ clock don’t forget to have fruits or juice. Don’t stress yourself… take rest… today is the tender day… to know the result of my presentation I need to go earlier… bye… love you… by yours Sanky” an unknown smile appeared o her face.

“He really loves me and cares for me… but don’t know whats happen to him when he is with that stupid Vibha. Soon I’ll throw her out of our life” she thought to herself and got fresh up then had breakfast. Just then swasha came there by waving “hi di” “hi… nowadays you both became very busy I think” Ragini said. “Nothing like that di… everything because of that heavy syllabus” Swara said and cursed her college. “there is some meeting for teachers and head of the department regarding their training so today is leave” Harsha said.
“that’s cool we can spend some quality time” Ragini said with bright smile on her face. Smile on their face die away when they heard “hi”

With irritated face all turned towards the voice and found Vibha with smiling face. Vibha walks up to Ragini while saying “seems you all are happy… I’ve a happy news to increase your happiness” “wow… are you going abroad again?” Swara asked, while Harsha smirked. “what! Me… leaving you all…. Not so soon… if I went then you will feel bad na… ” Vibha said with pout face. Ragini thought to herself “not in dream also we will miss you or feel bad for your departure… here each and everyone is just waiting for your departure only”
Vibha forwarded a card to Ragini from her handbag. All stared each other with confusion. “why you staring like that? Just open this card and read” Vibha stated with smile. Ragini read the card and shocked… a glass braking sound heard which is symbolise her heart break. She stood with shock. Swara read and she too shocked. Harsha eyed them weird and read the card and said, “what? Sanky weds Vibha?” “haan our marriage got fixed… thought shared this happy news to you at first” Vibha replied.

“very well I know that you don’t like me… don’t know the reason but always you tries to keep me away from Sanky… even I too hate you… I don’t like you. Your yesterday’s behaviour… I should be very angry at you… but I won’t be. Because… just because of your such behaviour Sanky agreed to marry… he always says some silly reasons but yesterday he don’t have any other option than agreeing to our marriage… the situation is created by you. So I’m very happy at you now” Vibha said with attitude.

Flashback shown

Vibha reached Khanna mansion with teary eyes. “Vibha… what happened? Why are you crying?” Nikhil asked her. Just then Sanky entered the home. “Sanky what’s happening? Why she is crying?” Nikhil asked to Sanky. “voh.. voh,” Sanky stammering. “bhaiya… Ragini scold me… she spoiled our privacy and scold me as a shameless girl and she burnt me with her words… she is telling me that I don’t have rights on Sanky” Vibha shed crocodile tears while saying.

“not like that… she doesn’t meant that” Sanky tried to justify Ragini. “he said you don’t have rights on Sanky right? Actually she is right… before marriage you don’t have such rights… so both get marry then she cant raise a word against you… simple…. For this why are you crying?” Nikhil gave idea. “haan… you are absolutely right bhaiya… me and Sanky going to get married.. that to by the end of this week… arrange everything as soon as possible. If marriage is simple then also ok but I want to get married soon” Vibha said for which Sanky stunned.

“what is the need to hurry… you don’t worry… sure we can get marry but in just week? This is not possible…” Sanky tried to avoid but got interrupted by Nikhil, “you don’t worry about this arrangements… I’m Nikhil khanna… I can do whatever for my sister’s happiness” “no I meant…” Sanky trying his best to avoid the marriage but Vibha signalled something to Nikhil through her eyes.

Flashback ended

“well… you too don’t like me…. that’s great… because I just hate you to core… and about this marriage… day dream is not good for mental health… so stop day dreaming… when I’m here I cant marry Sanky… at any cost I’ll stop your marriage… you are unfit daughter in law for his family… I wont let you both to be gather” Ragini said with more attitude and confident

“mmm challenge… basically I like challenge… then only I can enjoy the tears of looser” Vibha said mockingly. “anyway… all the best Miss. Vibha khanna” Ragini said with evil smirk on her face, while Swara and Harsha is very happy to see the positive and confident approach of their sister.
Just then Ragini got a call from office and shocked after the call. “di what happened?” Harsha aasked with concern. “I need to go office… come soon” Ragini rushed to office along with swasha

Screen freezes with attitude face of Vibha and tensed face of Ragini & swasha

To be continued………

Attitude is the little thing that makes big difference

Hi friends… how is the chappy? You all asked to show the bold Ragini and justify Sanky’s side. I tried to show a bit. Hope you liked it isn’t it? be frank to express your thoughts… negative comments, suggestions as well positive comments also welcomed whole heartedly. Do comments and don’t forget to hit vote. Keep smiling….. by yours lovingly Aastha

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  1. Jazzy

    amazinggg episode but hate this vibha bczz of her ragini is not getting attention that she should get from sanky during her pregnancy

    1. Astha

      Thnq sooooooo much di… Ragini’s time is not that much good… After throwing this vibha her life will be better than now.

  2. Sindhura

    I hope sansky speaks he is suffereing between them

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      Haan sanky suffering because of vibkhil… Soon it will be revealed

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    1. Astha

      Haan evil to be suffer… But the fact is life of good will take over by evil but at the end the good will win. This is mahabharat’s dialogue while playing dice “tharmathin vzhalvudhanai sudu kavvum iruthiyil dharmamey vellum” translation of this dialogue which I told above… Be patient. ?

  8. Fairy

    Fantastic update aasthu….
    Omgggg!!!!!dis vibha???
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    Update ws sooooo amaznggg aasthu…
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    Keep rockng n stay blesssed sweeetheart???
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    1. Astha

      Thnq sooooooo much for the lovely cmnt.
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  10. Awesome chappy teddy…
    Ishu n madhu phn convo superb
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    Omg!!RV n RK enna pannanga??I feel pity for sanskar…
    Loved ragini’s attitude. ..
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    1. Astha

      Thnq sooooooo much da kuttima
      Haan chappy serious ah ve pona kadupperumla adhan knjm chill out panna Nisha scenes
      Ha ha pity for sanky… Sure in next chappy u’ll scold him as well feel bad too I think…
      Happy that u liked rag’s attitude
      Huff what to do u’ve to tolerate her for some more chappy I think 3 more chappy.
      Love u loads… Umma…. ? ? ? ? ?

  11. Oh what happen to sanky?hate vibha and nikhil.loved ragini

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      Sanky matter is a suspense baby… Happy that liked Ragini the angel ?

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    1. Astha

      Thnq sooooooo much for the lovely cmnt dear. Don’t worry soon I’ll try to end this vibha.. (vaara vaaram idhadan solren ? what to do?)
      Sanky Ku enna achingaradu suspense so stay tune on.
      Haan Nisha is cute. Don’t wry rv n rk edhum seiya matanga.
      Ha ha enjoyed when u scold Nikhil ?
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      Sry for the late reply

  13. Feeling bad for ragini yaar she is not getting the attention she should get in the pregnancy period. I think vibha’s chapter will end soon. Please update soon dear

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      I can understand baby… But when one’s time is not good then that cause many sad events… Soon everything will be alright

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    Yaar sorry for late comment don’t do anything for sanskar please about rv & rk they teach the lesson by talking R elders with speech not hurt by breaking the deal I thought Ragini will save sanskar keep going

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      Very very sorry for such a late reply
      Thnq sooooooo much for ur constant support ?
      Don’t worry nothing will happen due to rk n rv but sanky will suffer n will lose the deal… Its a gossip for u.

  16. Wow outstanding akka ragini Oda boldness pakka romba nalla irukku but sanskar innum konjam kasta padanum
    So sry akka konjam busy ah irukkura athanala perusa comment panna mudiyala

    1. Astha

      Thnq soooooo much for the lovely cmnt.
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