Rhythm of Life – Tune 32 (RagSan)

Thnq soooooo much for ur support frnds but sorry for being irregular. My immunity level is low so nowadays i’m falling in ill often so i cant give proper updates… weekly one update is able to give. But if u uncomfortable with this then tell me i’ll end this story in next chappy by giving summary of future happenings. Decision is urs….

Recap: Ragsan sweet moment after fight with RK.

Sanky and Ragini’s pendant tangles. Ragini smiles and tries to free the pendant. Finally she succeed and about to go but Sanky stopped her with hesitated face. Ragini got confused by his face and asked what?

“voh…. Ragini…. This pendant has my name…. Vibha coming here often…. I think till now she didn’t noticed it… but it could cause some problem so….. please remove this pendant for few days…..” Sanky said with hesitation. It felt to Ragini as thunder passing into her after hearing those words……. “Ragini this is equal to your mangal sutra…. When you have this pendant that means I’m with you…. Please never remove it at any cause…. If it is not in your neck means lost me…. never remove this…..” This is what Sanky told on their surprise date, his words echoed in her ears….

Ragini looks Sanky in shock…… he continues… “voh… actually…. Today Vibha asked me few questions…”

Flash back is shown

After Ragini fought with RK, Sanky too left to home, where Vibha is waiting with confusion…. He dropped her at Khanna nivas, when Sanky was about to go Vibha stopped him, and said,

“ I’ve lots of questions….. why swara calls you as jeeju? What is the need to keep maid? Why or how you chose Ragini as maid? Who is she? Where is her husband? Why she stays with swara? Who was that came on morning while Ragini cleaning the floor and why you took them to swara’s home?” Vibha shot the question daggers

Sanky was puzzled by her questions…. Then he gathered his courage and said, “actually me and Ragini’s husband are good friends…. Ragini’s husband is none other than swara’s elder brother, so she used to stay with swara. My friend it means her husband is in abroad. Most important thing Ragini is not a maid. She used to take care of me….. she is like a good friend to me. swara calls me as jeeju tahts nothing a big matter she used to tease me by that and it became a habit. And about the morning persons…. They are relatives of Ragini and its their personal matter. That’s it…. nothing else.”

Flash back ended.

“this is what I told to her…. You and swasha too maintain for sometime….”Sanky said with fear. Ragini don’t know what to say…. She is broken by inside. Yet nodded in yes only to keep her lovable husband away from stress.

Next day

Sanky is busy with his laptop but suddenly someone blindfold his eyes by hands….. “Vibha…. I’m busy right now…. I’ve to complete my presentation… its so important…. Keep your childish game with you” said irritatingly. Hands were removed and he turned his gaze towards the person standing in his back and stunned…. His words stammered… “voh… Ragini…. I thought….” Before he could justify him Ragini showed palm and faked a smile then gestured to continue his work. She left from there. Sanky cursed himself for his deed.

Ragini closed the room door, tears escaped from her small eyes when she closed it…. Sanky was tired resting in rolling chair as closing his eyes in conference room after completing the meeting. Suddenly someone kept hands on his eyes….. “Ragini… I’m very tired…. Can you bring a coffee?” Sanky asked. Ragini was stunned as he found her correctly…. She gave him coffee and asked him how he found her? “I can smell you baby…. Though you don’t have habit of using fragrant sprays your body has some sweet smell….. I can found you easily by that my jungli bili….” Sanky said with cute smile on his face. Ragini smiled at his reply…… those sweet past moment faded when she opened her eyes after hearing main door bell sound and went to hall.

San: Vibha….. you? Here?
Vibha: why? Shouldn’t I come here?
San: not like that but I’m going to office what will you do here?
Vibha: actually I’m getting bore so thought to spend some time with Ragini….
Sanky looks suspicious yet leaves from there to office after bidding bye to both.

After sending Sanky, Ragini is standing in balcony and lost herself in deep thoughts
Vibha: what are you thinking?
Ragini: nothing….
Vibha: Sanky is sooooo sweet na….
Unknown smile appeared on Ragini face after hearing Sanky’s name: ya…. He is very sweet.

While talking she took Sanky’s guitar…. And started to play it….. sweet music flew from her hands
Ragini asked surprisingly: do you know to play guitar?
Vibha blushes and says, “haan….. I know to play music… actually Sanky only taught me”

Flashback showed

Vibha sees Sanky’s guitar and asked “hey…. Do you know to play guitar?” when she came to his hostel room. “haan I know…. Do you like guitar?” Sanky asked to Vibha while she replied back with pout “what? Like? I just love to play guitar…. But I don’t know to play”
Sanky smiled at her and gave guitar to her….. she kept it in position while Sanky came back to her and placed her hands around her hands…. He made her play….. she blushed while Sanky leaned to her cheeks…. She tilt her head as it giggling her still she is blushing…. Four hands on guitar played a magic and heavenly sweet music flew from the guitar…. He leaned more….. both shared a sweet eye lock

Flashback ended

Something was burning after hearing those moments…. Of course its Ragini who is burning in sea of jealousy.

In evening

Ragini was talking with swara and harsha in their home. just then she noticed Sanky entering in home while hiding something in hand. She gets curious and excuses her then goes follows Sanky secretly…. He places beautiful candles around table then spreads flower petals on it…. then places black forest cake on centre of the table. Ragini smiles says to herself, how romantic my cute and naughty husband….. he brought my favourite cake to enlighten my mood…..

Just then her smile fades away when she saw Vibha entering home….. “awww…. Its sooooo cute…. I just loved it Sanky” she said and hugged him. She added, very well you knows to enlighten my mood, I was angry on you as you shout at me afternoon…. But now…..” still in same hugging position “haan I shout at you…. Actually I was busy but you were calling me again and again…. Exactly… I know you very well…. In fact I know that you’ll come here to shout at me…. that’s why soon I prepared it….” she patted him…. Then they cut the cake and fed to each other. Ragini, who was watching this trough window left from there in angry.

@ night

Sanky came to home after dropping Vibha….. he found Ragini lying in bed…. Ragini did you had your dinner? She turned to other side. “I’m asking to you only…. Why are you not replying? What happened?” Sanky raised his questions. No response. He lost his patience. He made Ragini sit and asked what happened?

“you had your candle light dinner na… just sleep happily” Ragini said in irritated tone. He guessed what happened and about to apologize. “please Sanky…. I’m fed up…. Don’t give me false hopes” she said. Sanky felt bad for her sudden words. Ragini saw the pale face of Sanky and felt the pain…. “Sanky please… don’t keep your face like this…. Its hurts me” “for you only it hurts? Wont I get hurt while seeing your pale face?”

“look Sanky…. You said soon you’ll do something to settle the situation and Vibha matter….. but I’m not finding any rays for that….. you enjoys the company of Vibha….. you never forgot her or her favourite things….. in fact you love her…. So no need to show any fake concern towards me…. and moreover if you like to live your after life with Vibha then just tell me but don’t play double side games.” Ragini burst out.

Sanky’s pov: she is totally misunderstood me… she got hurt so much….. she is jealous of Vibha….. she feels insecure…. Its not her mistake….. its all because….. just because of me only….. ya she too done a mistake…. Its loving me…. rather than this she done nothing…. RK was right…. I’m not worth for your love… I didn’t keep you happy as I said…. Whom I liked to give eternal happy, I’m hurting her so much, I’m the only reason for her tears… for me she left her lovable family too…. don’t know why god sent me in her life… by sending me into her life, her whole life became a question mark. Never I gave happy to her. I’m useless. In pregnancy time also I let her suffer…. I just hate myself now… I’m good for nothing

“No Ragini…. I really love you…. Soon I’ll end this Vibha chapter…. Please believe me…..” he pleaded. He hugged her but she didn’t reciprocate….. “please….” Before Sanky could complete his sentence, Ragini said “I’m hungry…. If you want you can eat” “I’ll die to eat your handmade food” Sanky said with smile…… “you are dying to eating my handmade food or you will die if you ate my handmade food?” she mocked. Sanky felt bad. Both ate dinner then slept….

It was midnight….. Sanky is not feeling sleepy…. He rolled in bed…. He saw peacefully sleeping Ragini…. He caressed her hair, “Ragini…. I love you…. I really love you only…. What’s my mistake…. You and Vibha both have similar taste…. In liking black forest or in loving me…. I cant forget your favourite but the matter its Vibha’s favourite too. you took that as I remembering her belongings…. Haan I agree she is my 1st love but you are my true love… I’m really sorry for hurting you, I promised you to keep happy but now… I’m the one and only reason for your pains. In pregnancy times girls will like to live heavenly life but because me you forgot to smile…. I’m extremely sorry Ragini” tears escaped from eyes and he kissed Ragini on forehead. He turned another side and slept. Ragini opened her eyes and tears welled from her eyes… “ I know by heart you are good, but your actions hurts me, then your sad face, it weakens me…” Ragini thought to herself and rolled close to Sanky…. Sanky turned and saw her and thought in sleep she came close… she buried her in his chest…. He felt happy and dozed off while hugging her.

Next day

Ragini went to market and purchasing fruits and vegetables
Rag: bhaiya… this is not fare…. You have to give discount to me…. I bought this much things na….
Shop keeper: haan haan… take this… he gave balance amount.
With smiling face Ragini came and started to walk…. She is holding heavy vegetables bag….. after noon time…. Sun rays are burning like flame….. she is feeling dizzy…. She kept hand on forehead…. She tried to manage, she was about to fall but two strong arms holds her…. She held the person’s waist coat and fainted.

After some time

Ragini opened her eyes slowly…. Her vision was blur…. Just then she heard a voice asking her, “are you okay?” her vision got cleared and she uttered “Nikhil!” with shock…. She composed herself to sit. “hey don’t stress yourself… take rest for some more time” a concerned Nikhil said. “you… you saved me… disgusting… just leave from here” Ragini said with irritated face.

“huff… that much angry on me…. you forgot to thank me too” a cool Nikhil stated. “Thanks…. Did you expected this? Thank you so much” she said while joining her hands. She continued… “I never saw such a cheap person like you”
Nik: what? What I had done?
Ragini laughed sarcastically…. “what hadn’t you done? I considered you as very good friend… but you… you loved me and tried to marry me forcefully” “haan any man will fall for your good character… not only physically you are beauty… your inner beauty is more beautiful that your physic. I loved you but you chose that stupid… you are telling me that you fall for that idiot Sanskar…. I want you… so I thought to marry you, what’s the mistake in it?” Nikhil justified him.

“you… don’t dare to take Sanky’s name…. you don’t have any quality to take his name by your dirty mouth” Ragini burst out. “I’m far better than him…. I’m not like him to leave the wife and enjoying with another girl….” Nikhil said in anger. “just shut up…. Or else I’ll cut the tongue… well now I understood your plan…. You planned to create misunderstanding between me and Sanky right?” she asked him. “no need to do such things… soon he will leave you… already he is not taking care of you… he always spends his time with Vibha only…. See now also he left you alone and enjoying with Vibha” he replied to Ragini.

“look now he is not with me because he is in office…. Once he came from office then he’ll spend his time with me…. he loves me only” she said and Nikhil replied her, “is it? let see” he made video call to Vibha… “hi Vibha… where are you? He asked while she replied, I’m in outing with Sanky bhaiya… he says hi to Sanky who is nearby Vibha…” after few formal talks he disconnected the call.

Ragini was shocked to see Sanky with Vibha, “look I’m not here to create misunderstanding between you… you fainted in road just to brought you home I came here…. Now I’m leaving…. But don’t be blind… or else you have to face big betray” he left from there.

Ragini was confused…. She had big conflict with her inner thoughts, finally she decided to clarify that with Sanky…. In night Sanky came home at late. he saw Ragini is waiting for her and faked a smile. She asked “why are you late?” “she is already feels insecure because of Vibha… if I told I was with Vibha then she will feel bad, already I hurt her a lot… I don’t like to give more pain by telling the truth that I was with vibha” he thought to himself. “voh… I was busy in office… that’s why not able to call you and inform you about delay… I told you na there is important presentation” Sanky lied to her. “ohh its ok you go… I’ll come after settling all the things in kitchen” Ragini said and Sanky left to room.

“he is lying to me…. I saw he is enjoying with Vibha… but without any guilt lying to me that he was busy in office… telling lie is became his habit…. Haan its easy to him when he lied and learnt hindi without his family knowledge, he lied to them and left his family who brought him up from childhood, when he can lie to them then why cant he lie to me… all his words related to love that he can smell my fragrance…. Everything is a lie. He is liar. RK and Nikhil was right…. I’m wrong…… I chose a wrong person….” She thought to herself while her face turned red in anger.

She was going to room while she hits a file, in which she has list of quotes. “Anything is fare in love and war” she reads the quote. Her eyes turned red after reading that. She says, “haan anything is fare in love and war….”

Screen freezes with determined face of Ragini

To be continued………

“Smile and let everyone know that today, you’re a lot stronger than you were yesterday”

Howz the chappy? Hope you liked it…. do comments and don’t forget to hit like. Keep smiling…. By yours loving Aastha.

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    1. Astha

      Thnq so much akka.

  1. Oii..1st u take care of urself. .will wait for u..plzzzz don’t end…u should continue. ..

    Ragsan past scene was cute…
    Sanskar ragini ya over ah hurt pantran. .avana vechu seyyanum ..let ragz go away from sanky..apadan ava arumai avanukku theriyum…make him cry(but avan alutha unnalayum dhanga mudiyathu..ragz alayum dhanga mudiyathu..vera yosikkanum ) nikhil …avan character_a eh purinjikka mudiyala. .nikhil neenga nallavara kettavara. . (Yosikka vendiya visayam nu nenakiren)..vibha yosikkave venam vesam vesam amputtu vesam. .ragini ah azha vekkirathukudan ava kooda time spend panrenu sonniya. ..
    Sanskar ah nenachalum pavam ah Dan irukku (en char yum ennala purinjikka mudiyalaye)..ragu vum ala vendam..sanky um ala vendam..sikrama vibha chapter ah mudichiru..mudiyala. …
    Chappy was awesome..emotional n lovely
    Eagerly waiting to know epo intha vibha chapter mudiyum nu…
    TAKE CARE…love you loads my sanky???…take rest…keep smiling chellam. .

    1. Astha

      Un cmnt padicha sathyama siripu Dan varudu….
      Sanky ah um ala veikka mudila Ragini um feel panra enna panraduney terila. Nikhil… Nallavara ketavara? Even I too don’t know.
      Vibha…. I too just hate her…. Actual ah nan pota plot onnu ippo eluditu irukuradu onnu… Nan original ah pota plot marandadunala Vanda venai. 1st nan plan pannadula vibha Ku evlo build up lam illa… Idhu… I’m just fed up… Mudhalla inda vibha va thorathanum.
      Hope with 3/4 chappy la vibha poiduvanu nenaikiren.
      Thnq sooooooo much for the lovely cmnt…. Un cmnt comedy ah iruku… U made smile on my face.
      Love u too da chella kuttima. ? ? ?

      1. Sirippa vanthucha…its good for ur health na..keep smiling…but thaniya irukum pothu sirikkatha??

      2. solla maranthutten ..Quote semmma
        Na ipdi Dan epovum sirichute irupen . yarachum thitnalum sirippen .sometimes na srikiratha pathu avunga kovam poitum. .sometimes enna loosu nu thitutitu vitruvanga..

    2. Astha

      Ha ha…. Nan eppo comedy ah irupen eppo serious aaven nu enake teriyadu… A confusing character.
      Mostly nan thanoya phone pathudan siripen… En amma neraiya dadava ketutanga ni loose aytiya ennanu?… ?

  2. Awesome dear, health is very important, take care.

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  3. Awesome update dr…pls dnt end it

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  4. Awesome akka episode starting padikumpothu Sanskar Mela semma kovam vanthuthu but apro avanoda pov padichathuku apro….Thank God he realised his mistake… But still he is hurting Ragini alot….Vibha chapter ah sekirama close pannuga and ff ah sekirama mudikiranu sollathiga akka

    1. Astha

      thnq so much da chellam. happy that niyavadu sanky mela kovama illa. wattpad la ellarum sanky mela semma kadupula irukanga… kai sikkuna gali anda alavku kovama irukanga…. sure da sikiram avala olichikatturen.

  5. Awesome plz don’t stop this I can wait for weeks but I love to read updates and tysm for accepting my request and shoeing ragsan pain. Loved it to core

    1. Astha

      thnq sooooo much my dear…. happy that u loved…. readers u are the base for us…. thnq soooo much for telling taht u can wait.

  6. Make Sanky crave for Ragini…..Ragini dhan avana semaya love panran avan Ava alavuku avala love panla feel panla…He should be punished

    1. Astha

      Thnq soooo much dear… I’ll try to do that… Ha ha he should punished for letting Ragini feel bad.

  7. Darshini

    Hey aasthu dear…it’s awesome da…
    Take care of your health first…
    Nalla saapudu enna…
    Actually ragsan rendu perume paavam daan…
    But unknowingly sanky is hurting Ragini…
    Unite them soon na dear…clear the misunderstanding btwn them…
    And one more thing I hate that vibha…plz sanky kitta sollu vibha va thoratha solli?? and Nikhil Vera yeriyura nerupula ennaya oothi vidran…i hate him too…ragu maa don’t believe him da…sanky is urs only Ragu…
    Tke cre dear..
    Eppo unnala mudiyutho appo update pannu da…

    1. Astha

      Thnq sooooo much da… Haan nalla sapduren irundalum sick aaguren… Enna Panna Ella thala vidhi.
      Haan Ni crt ragsan rendu perum paavam but Ragini knjm adhigama suffer aagura.
      Don’t worry soon I’ll remove this vibha
      Ha ha sanky Kita thoratha sollnuma? Avan waste… Ragini than thorathuva… Sanky is in helpless situation.
      Nikhil yeriura nerupula ennaya oothirukalam but avan sonnadum right Dan.
      Don’t wry Ragini will be different in next chappy. ?
      Thnq soooooo much for the support da… Keep smiling ?

      1. Darshini

        Ok dear…keep smiling…
        And eat more and more veggies and fruits..
        Take care …ta ta…
        Waiting for your next part..
        See you soon dear…

  8. Jazzy

    amazing chappy dear and felt bad for ragini sanky u r and idiit this vibha is cheating u yaar

    1. Jazzy

      *an idiot

    2. Astha

      thnq soooooo much for ur lovely cmnt my darling di 🙂

  9. Asra

    semma akka…..Sanky yean akka ipadi panran….avanuku theruncho theriyamalo romba hurt panran pavam akka ragu…adhuvum Ipa pregnant Vera iruka….Sanky ne unga amma pecha keka madaiya…unga amma da frnd oda wife pregnant iruka nu sollum pothu unga amma yeana sonanga nu maranthudaya….stupid Sanky….Sanky mela na kolaveri la iruken akka…aprm avan pov pathathuku aprm kolaveri poyirchu aanalum Sanky mela kovama than iruken akka…Indha vibha va seikirama pathi vidunga akka…hate her so much….aprm Indha nikhil Vera…Indha situation kuda use panikiran…idiot nikhil go to hell man….
    Udamba nalla pathukonga akka…..waiting for nxt one…tkcr akka….

    1. Astha

      thnq soooooo much da chellam. huff apada… avan pov padichapram kovam knjm koranjiduchi… its good.
      haan ava family vitu vandadum amma sonnadaum marandutan pola… 🙁
      dont worry da sure sikirama vibha va thorathuren
      sure i’ll take care u too take care of ur health n keep smiling baby

  10. Nice episode…ragsan scenes are super…plz end the vibha character…. Last scene.is.emotional.. And ragsan scenes too…waiting for next part soon….keep.smiling…

    1. Astha

      thnq soooooo much akka happy that u liked their scenes

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  12. Fairy

    Omggggg mindblowngggg update dr….ahh!!!dis nikhilll????…now wt rags wl do????????….i reallly felt bad for ragini yaaar..i mean sanky ws not at fault either bt stilll rags is being so much hurted by his behaviour…..????wen sanky asked her to remove dat pendant ws reallly a shocked moment….poor rags is bearing soo muchhh!!!!!! N dat VIBHA n her questionssss ufff!!!!…..bt our sanky is smarter ,he answered all her questions amazngly???….n opppssssiii dat cake n decorations ws for vib huhh!!!dats nt fair yaar sanku……n d mst saddest moment ws wen rags blindfolded sanky bt he thought it to b vib…???..i know hes also reallly veryyyyy tensed bt stilll i feel more pity for ragini….sanky pov is reallly emotionall……
    All in all update ws soooper doooooper rocknggggg!!!loved it so so sooo muchhh especiallly dat flashback scene..n d way u write each n every scene ws really heart touchnggg…waitng eagerly for nxt part…n plz dr cont.. it…dont u even dare to end it yaaar!!!!!we r lovng dis storyy sooooo muchhh!!!n plzzzzz take care of urself aasthu …get well sooon my dear…dnt stresss urself dolll….lotzzz of love umaaah…keep rockng n stay blesssed sweetypie????????????

    1. Astha

      Awww first of all loved ur cmnt size.
      Ya sanky hurting rag unknowingly. He shouldn’t told rag to remove the pendant but he have to think abt viba too. Bcoz she got hurt by his car n he is in guilt.
      Cake scene made angry but that blindfold scene… If he touched the hands then he could sense but he was busy in works.
      Happy that u liked the fb scene.
      Sure baby I’ll continue the story ?
      Love too umma…. ? ? ? ? ?
      Keep smiling n stay blessed ? ? ?

  13. What d hell…yaaraa…y dis misundrstanding…….. Initially…m weeping due to their behaviour……..plz some pity un ragsan……..plz ginuuu think othr way also………everu coin has also two phases…..
    Love ur quotes……..emotionl epi..bye take care…

    1. Astha

      Thnq soooo much yaar. Don’t worry… Ya I agree coin has two sides. To see another side we have to turn the coin the turning will be shown in next chappy so be cool. Stay tune on. U too tc.

  14. Awesome,eagerly waiting for next part. Dont end this ff so soon dear. Take care of ur health dr

    1. Astha

      Thnq soooo much for ur lovely cmnt baby. Sure dear I wont end this when u all loves it. Happy dear. U too tc.

  15. nice superb next part soon

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  16. Asw

    Sorry for late comment I think a big war happen between ragsan keep going

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