Rhythm of Life – Tune 27 (RagSan)

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It was bright morning…… as usual Ragini is cooking in kitchen and shouted Sanky to wake up….

In bedroom Sanky stretched his hands and woke while rubbing his eyes with yawning….
Ragini came to room after few minutes to check whether Sanky woke or not….. then she found he is in wash room…. She fold the blankets and set the bed just then Sanky came out with is white colour towel and noticed Ragini and before she saw him he wore vest . Ragini looked Sanky weird and asked why your left chest is seeming buffed? Did you got any wound? She was about to touch he went away and replied nothing. Then he diverted Ragini by asking “is breakfast ready?” Ragini left from there by saying this,“ haan its ready come soon”

Thank god she didn’t enquired more…. When time comes then you will get to know about this my jungli bili… Sanky said to himself. Later both had breakfast together.

“ ok Ragini I’m going to office. Don’t stress yourself be calm… do less works….” Sanky said while entering his room to take his bag. Just then he took his wallet to check the amount then he saw lovely picture of Ragini an unknown smile appeared on his face…. “you are sooo cute…. But this picture is old…. I’ll keep new photo in which you are along with me” Sanky murmured while taking that picture out then kept wallet on table and searching photo in cupboard. Ragini entered the room with lunch box, she saw he is searching something and asked what? He replied nothing.

She saw his wallet then she remembered how he hid his wallet then thought to see what is in it…… she opened the wallet and shocked to see something…. Wallet fell from her hand by jerk when she heard “Ragini did u kept anything on stove? Burning smell is coming…..” “haan I’ll check” Ragini left the room with confused and shocked face. She saw milk overflowed and turned off the stove. Sanky kissed her cheek and said bye then left to office

In parking slot Sanky opened his wallet where he kept new photo of ragsan which was taken on their gar pravesh. Smiled and kissed it then drives off.

“di…. Di….. what are you thinking and where you lost?” Ragini came out of her deep thoughts by hearing swara’s voice. Ragini faked a smile and said nothing. “ ok di…. Do you have his book” swara asked by showing a authors name. “ I don’t know….. this might be Sanky’s UG book…. So that will be in his home” Ragini said. “no di this book is useful in PG also so just check out is this here or what? I’ve to complete my assignment or else that idiot mam will finish me…. right now this book is out of stock” swara pleaded.

“ok wait some of his books are in top shelve…. I’ll check where it is there or what” Ragini said and dragged a stool to search book from top shelve. She saw few books and asked which book she want? While taking those a DIARY fall down. Finally swara got the book which she want….. she hugged Ragini and thanked her and said “bye… I want to complete it soon” she left the home

Ragini shook her head in disbelief and said silly girl. She set books on its right place and about go then the DIARY hit her in way. She took that and whispered “I missed to keep it there” suddenly a PHOTO fall from that diary. Ragini was hell shocked to see that photo….. her heart started to beat fast. She took that photo in her hands.

With her trembling hands she opened the diary….

After making lots excuses and dramas I came to my dream city Mumbai to pursue my PG. This Sanskaar accomplished in mission by reaching his dream city. Actually I didn’t expect that so easily I’ll get very funny and life full idiots as my friends….. On very first day I got 2 idiots as my roommate….. Aham and Aryan…. Then we three became three idiots.

That was first day on our college. There was no fear because already I had two friends with me…. there was no ragging I wondered why here is no ragging which I had in my UG 1st day. I thought may be here is no ragging because we are PG students. I don’t know what Aryan and Aham thinking but I expect ragging because that’s like jam on bread. We three entered into our class soon a boy came and hugged Aryan and Aham…. The boy is Rithick he was know to rest because they done their UG there itself.

Days rolled by….. We three roamed in college and enjoyed it…. in starting I had hesitated little because the atmosphere is totally new to me but soon I adjusted myself and made myself comfortable. I’m not that kind of boy who used to bunk the classes but that all was till I meet her. I was in college garden and busy on phone. Casually I shifted my gaze and saw a beautiful girl passing by side…… I felt a chill breeze…. It seemed the breeze touched her too because her silky yet shiny hair was flew in air… her eyes were limited in size… her lips were rosy like juice of strawberry coming out of it… just a minute I became statue.

(The girl will be played by Vibha Anand – subathra from star plus mahabharat) (she is the girl whose photo was in sanky’s wallet and whose face was in photo fell from the diary)

Tears escaped from ragini’s eyes…. She looked vibha’s photo with pain then shifted the gaze to diary

Idiot Aham came there to disturb me…. he brought me out of her thoughts…. “Why the hell you are shouting my name” I said in raised voice. They told silly burger fight which added fuel in my fire…. I shouted at them and left from there in search of that girl… but I was unable to find her…. In night all set to sleep…. In few minutes Aham and Aryan slept like Kumbakarn but I was not feeling sleepy. Her beautiful face that rosy lips and sharp eyes only flashed on my mind…. In her deep thought I slept unknowingly.

Almost a week passed then I found her in our college library…. She was searching book…. I too went to take book for my notes but instead I was staring her like I’m going to eat her. Then I found again she is missing I wondered is she have any magic in fracture of seconds she is disappearing from my sight. But I realised she is normal woman when I saw her signing in register. Soon I took the book which I want and went to register to see her name and department….. her name is VIBHA KHANNA. She is a final year student of BBA.

When I came to know her name from then I’m uttering her name how saints used to utter prayer all the time. Anything has limit yes my friends burst out after a while…. Already they had suspicion on my as they are seeing my attitude. They started their enquiry like CID interrogating criminals. I told what happened. They were stunned as its just a month I joined in college but end of the month I fall for a girl. They told me to sight the girls but don’t commit in relationship. But I replied them, when I saw her there was spark which I believed there is connection between us.

Friends always plays the role of cupid in love stories my story also not the exception in this. They were busy in collecting her details for me. but I’m not ready to keep quiet. I followed her like how the dog follows the owner. But she was sharp the next day she caught me and asked why I’m following her? I was little afraid yet not a coward I confronted that I’m in love with her…. I proposed her but not dramatically I just told I LOVE YOU…. I just told in one go….. there was no feelings only rapid speed of heart beat.

She was not at all shocked because it was common to her because she is so beautiful so, many boys proposed her. “what are you thinking? Will I accept your proposal? Look your 5th person proposing me today….. I don’t have much time. Just listen me I’m not interested in this love. If my brother comes to know then you are finish…. So better don’t follow me” she said while showing two body guards who is standing far from her.

“that means you too loves me!” my reply made her astonished she widened her eyes. She raised a question “ what did you said?” “you told me to be far from you because your guards will harm me when I use to follow you….. that means you cares for me… you cares for me means you loves me right?” my statement annoyed her. “you” she closed her both fist shook her head in negative and left the place. But I stood there like mad who has smile on face all the time.

When I returned to hostel my friends were waiting for me to tell about her details. Eagerness or frighten I don’t know what I saw in their faces….. they made me sat on bed and you know whom you are following? Their voice had so much of build up. I nodded in no. she is the only sister of Nikhil Khanna one of the leading and young business tycoon…. No one are able to sight or speak who gazed on his sister.

“I don’t have ay problem….. I likes her and I’ll marry her…. My decision is final….. I don’t bother about any business tycoon…. He can be millionaire or billionaire I want Vibha” sanky made his friends shock by his stunning reply. They prayed to god to give good sense to sanky. Sanky used to follow Vibha…. The boy who never bunked his classes now started to bunk his classes who never paid any heed to him.

I never thought that would be very beautiful and memorable day for me…. as usual I was following Vibha….. actually it’s a holiday (Sunday) so she thought to spent her time by admiring nature…. That was a greenish yet mist covered hilly place. There was two other friends with her…. Trio enjoying the climate at park. then a boy came and blocked their way. “what did you thought about yourself? Are you only the most beautiful in the whole world…. I proposed you but you rejected me…..” the boy said. I felt something fishy… so I stepped forward…. The boy continued “that sent your guards na now I’ll see who is going to save you….”

Vibha was shocked……

Screen freezes with shocking face of Vibha.

To be continued………

“Standing alone doesn’t mean I’m alone. It means I’m STRONG enough to handle things all by myself”

Friends how is the chappy? Did you liked this track? What do think about this story? If you don’t like then I’ll try my best to end this rhythm soon. If you felt this chappy is short comparing to rest then sorry. I’m not well now. Already I made you all wait for long that’s why now I’m typing in ill too. my next chappy will be on Wednesday. Don’t forget to hit vote and do comments. Keep smiling…. By yours loving Aastha

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  1. Superb dear…..OMG !!Ragini sanky dairy a padikira…(jok mve la surya dairy a jyothika padikira mathiriye)..antha storm vibha thaana? ? …interesting love story..who is that guy??

    Quote superb dear…I loved it…
    Unaku fever ah..take rest baby..don’t stress urself..hospital po (injection,tablet marakkama pottukko)…fever sariyanathukkapparam update Panna pothum (kadavule birthday athuvuma yen intha kuzhanthaya sothikira)…nee yerkanave wish pannitta . .irunthalum nannum wish Pannanumla. .Happppieeee birthday(mattu pongal ??)
    Na Madurai pakkam..Maths dept..TAKE CARE..

    1. Astha

      yup jok la jo diary ah padikira mari rag diary ah padikira….. yup vibha, name of the storm. that guy is not soooo important…. just oru paiyan avlo dan. quote …… thnq soooooo much dear.
      hospital leave….. oosi kuthala….. tab mattum medical la irundu vagitu vanduten. ha ha ha (kadavule birthday athuvuma yen intha kuzhanthaya sothikira)… semma….. wish u a very happy birthday chellam….. evening enna padam pakka pora? devi ah illa thodari ah? oh madurai ah…. maths….. enaku varada subject. love u loads da chellam.

      1. 2m paatha mve tha…thodari songs rompa pudikkum..so thodari tha papen…maths varada subject ah?…love you too baby??

  2. Superb

    1. Astha

      thnq soooo much dear. missed ur cmnt in previous chappy.

  3. I give the first time comment nice, interestinge,don’t stop,Wish you a Happy recovery

    1. Astha

      thnq soooooo much dear. sure i’ll continue this. again thnq soooo much for the concern. keep smiling.

  4. semma twist nan ethir pakala. sanky ku vera oru ponnu oda love ah antha photo vera vechirukan ithu ella wifekum kastamana vishiyam than oruvela jyothika mathiri ragini kuda vibha and sanky sethu veika porala pls apdilam matum solidatha thanga mudiyathu. superb chappy interesting. happy pongal

    1. ipa epdi iruka da paravalaya take care take rest dr

    2. Astha

      haan akka….. ragini norungi poita… paavam. may be nadakalam….. jo mari ragini um vitukudukalam….. illa vera edhachu kuda nadakalam….. wait panni parunga akka…. first ava diary padichi mudikatum mathathellam thana nadakum. yup vibha the name of storm. happy maatu pongal akka. haan ippo knjm paravalla akka. love u loads.

  5. Awesome Akka sanskar Ku first love irukkum nu Na nenaikave illa…. Health ah nalla pathukonga akka…Take rest akka…

    Apro unnaga kitta ennaku oru request irukku akka….Neenga free ah iruntha ennakaga atha seinga…Akka ennaku Rajarani movie Na romba pudikum….It is my favourite movie akka….So antha story ya ragsan ah pair ah vachi padikanumnu ennaku oru wish…..So plzzzz ungaluku oruvela time iruntha Rajarani movie ya ragsan pair ah vachi oru ff or SS yeluthunga with more ragsan scenes akka……Neenga free ah iruntha mattum ennakaga konjam intha story ah yeluthunga

    1. Astha

      ha ha ni yethir pakalala sanky ku first love irukum nu yeadhir pakala….. thnq sooooooo much for ur cmnt and care both. sure leave dana so full rest la dan iruken.
      abt rajarani….. its a good movie…. sure da chellam one day nan eluduren….. but epponu ennala solla mudiyadu. one day i’ll give u.
      love u loads

      1. I’m waiting akka

  6. AMkideewani

    Awesome, fantastic, fabulous dear Aastha I love it???

    1. Astha

      thnq soooooo much my dear…. umma….. love u loads.

      1. AMkideewani

        Love you and get well soon take care dear???

  7. Jazzy

    omg amazing twist yaar and what happened dear get well soon

    1. Astha

      thnq soooooo much di….. sure i’ll get well soon where is my sweet sisters blessing and support

  8. Asw

    Nice I thought that college scene is like off sillnu oru kadhal keep going

    1. Astha

      Yup u r right dear. This is partially based on that movie…. Many scene will match with the movie. Thnq soooo much for the cmnt.

  9. Inu

    Superb epi. Loved it and take care.

    1. Astha

      Thnq soooooo much dear.

  10. Berdilla

    Hi dear friend super ah iruku friend

    1. Astha

      Thnq soooo much my chella kutty friend

      1. Berdilla

        What happened to you dear friend

    2. Astha

      just fever baby

      1. Berdilla

        oh ok take care my dear friend are u studying? dear friend

  11. Asra

    awesome akka….what a twist akka…Sanky ku ragini first love illaya….omg dairy scenes padikum Pothu…jillunu oru kadhal movie pakra mathiri iruthathu akka…na jho oda place la ragini ya imagine panen akka…superbbb….Ohhh my poor ragu than pavam….rmba kasta paduvala akka…Adhuvum pregnancy time la theruncha rmba rmba kastam la akka…pavam ragu….omg Indha visayam rv and rk vuku theruncha Sanky oda nelama yeana agum…Sanky oda nelamaya nenacha bayanthu bayanthu varuthu akka…Aiyo pavam….fever sariyayida akka….waiting for nxt one akka…tkcr akka….

    1. Astha

      ippo konjam paravallada….. unaku bayandu bayandu varuda …. ha ha ha….. haan paiyan paavam. yes ragini…. feeling bad for her. this story is partially based on jok so u imagined ri8….. loved ur feelings n care towards ragsan….. keep smiling dear

  12. Sherin

    awesome……so nice….great twist

    1. Astha

      thnq sooooo much dear

  13. Super episode… But intha scene jillunu oru kadhal movie la ulladhu…anyways nice ….ragsan scenes are super.. Waiting for next part soon…

    1. Astha

      Haan akka idhu jok based Dan. Happy that u liked the chappy especially ragsan scenes. Most probably next chappy will be on Wednesday akka. Akka fira akka enga…aalaye kaanom? Keep smiling ?

  14. Ragz_teju

    superb twist…. loved it to the core… superb chappy dear

    1. Astha

      Thnq sooooo much akka. Happy that u loved it. ?

  15. MI_MAHI

    Supersomazingggg…..as always…

    1. Astha

      Thnq soooooo much my sweet dear

  16. Ava entha ff um read panradhilla

    1. Astha

      ohhh enna achi akka….. y sudden decision…. whatever hope she is fine.

    1. Astha

      Thnq soooooo much dear.

  17. dont tell me he’s gonna throw acid on her

    1. Astha

      Oh my baby…. Frankly I didn’t got this idea…. Don’t worry nothing will happen like that.
      Thanx for the cmnt.

  18. Aswathy

    new entry…? goneb intersetng

    1. Astha

      thnq sooooo much dear for cmnting for the first time.

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