Rhythm of Life – Chap 50 (RagSan)

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Recap: Ragini and Sanskar reached Tamilnadu… Sanskar’s family is happy with his arrival

“I’m sorry… I shouldn’t take those pictures… I’ll delete it right now” Harsha said and about to delete the pictures but Preethi stopped him hurriedly “no nooooo” he looked at her confused.

“Though you took it without my permission you captured it wonderfully… I never thought that I’ll be this much beautiful… those innocent actions… I’m just wondering is it me? Can you send me those pictures?” she asked innocently.

“Why not? But for that… I need your number” he said while winking his single eye. She blushed a bit and gave her number then left from there… Harsha smiled like a manic to see her number.

Swara was recalling her moment with Laksh, how he prevents her from falling and the eye lock they shared. Swara jerked and came back to reality when Preethi tapped at her shoulder.

“What happened Preethi?” Swara asked. While Preethi countered with concern “actually I have to ask this question… what happened to you? You seem lost in some thoughts… any problem?” “No no… nothing like that… just wondering that really we are in Jiju’s home” then they continued some random talks.

Ragini admired the way Diya and Roshik playing with Adharsh, Laksh and Uttra… unknown smile appeared on her lips… she felt two hands around her waist and a chin resting on her shoulder. She turned at her lovely husband… “Today my Jungli’s face glowing more than the bright moon” he stated with a wink.

“Why not… face is the index of mind right? Really I can’t explain how much happy I’m… feeling like I got everything… I’m with my Patidev in his house… my children are playing with their uncles and aunt… do I need anything else?” Ragini said happily looking into Sanskar’s eyes. Both shared intense eye lock… “Ok come soon… lunch will be waiting for us…” Sanskar said excited.

“Hello sir… till you here you can eat mom’s handmade food… after that eat mine only… don’t think that you got eternal freedom from my preparation” she said narrowing her eyes while he made a puppy face. Before he could reply she continued, “Just kidding… even me too excited to eat Maa’s handmade food… the fragrance is attracting me” she said while inhaling the fragrance of the food.

Ragini, Preethi, Swara and Harsha along with Diya and Roshik come to Sanskar’s house from the guest house after fresh up. “Is the guest house is comfortable?” Annapoorna asked them.

“Yes Maa its really comfortable” Harsha replied to her with smiley face. “Its lunch time… first let them eat later you can continue your queries” Parvathi said. All sat together to eat while Parvathi, Annapoorna, Sujatha and Parineetha served the food to them.

Ladies settled in veranda and gents went to carry their works while children kept playing under the tree. Tasty food made them lazy so ladies just started their gossiping work while tying garland for evening Pooja. Ragini is watching the way Sujatha tying flower without blinking her eyes. Sujatha felt constant gaze on her and gestured what? Ragini nodded her head in negative. Do you know to tie the flower? Annapoorna asked. “Somewhat…” she replied. “Then why are you staring… just come and tie” Sujatha said sweetly.

Happily Ragini stood to come near Sujatha but interrupted by Parvathi, “Sujatha… she is our guest… we shouldn’t let them work” “she is also just like our family granny… need not to treat her like a guest… if you wanna treat somebody like guest na then see these two stupids who drowned in phone without any worry… treat them like guest” Sanky said pointing Preethi and Swara who is busy in Facebook and Instagram.

“This is new place to them they don’t know what to do that’s why they are playing in phone… actually it’s our mistake not taking them to visit places in our village” Parvathi supported them. “Haan sorry Preethi and Swwa…” “Swara” Laksh completed when Parineetha struggled to pronounce Swara’s name. “ohh please indamari periya periya varthai ellam solladinga Anni (don’t use such big words Bhabhi)” Preethi said.

“Actually today evening groom’s family is coming for some ritual… that’s why we couldn’t take you out” Sujatha justified. “that’s not at all a matter Maa… even we also quite tired so some other day you can take us out… am I right Swara?” Ragini asked while Swara said, “exactly Di”

At evening everyone gathered at nearby temple for pre-marriage ritual… all are busy in arrangements… just then Sanky’s face glowed… “Ada… Maapla vandachu… (Groom has arrived)” just then a handsome boy get down from the car followed by his parents… someone blushed behind the pillar seeing his sharp eyes… his face is revealed as… Raja (Rajat from Swaragini)

“Ahem ahem… Swara… someone is blushing here I think” Preethi teased Uttra… she blushed more and complained to Ragini “Anni… paarunga… kindal panranga (Bhabhi… see they are teasing me)” “Hey… why are you teasing her? Now only her face will turn red due to blush… later Raja’s face only gonna turn red due to punches” Ragini uttered and all burst into laugh thinking her would be’ pity stage. Smoothly the function ends with the blessing of elders.

Later Uttra is talking with Ragini, Preethi and Parineetha. Raja is staring Uttra without blinking his eyes… “Hello Machan… enna panringa? (Jiju? What are you doing?)” Asked Laksh. “Can’t you see? I’m trying to hypnotise your sister… she will see me even without calling her” Raja said proudly while Laksh burst into laugh making Raja confused.

“Why are you laughing now?” he asked while Laksh replied, “Neenga ipdi thirutu paya chain ah pudungitu poramari patha en Thangachi thirumbamata bayandu odiruva… adukkellam love oda kalandu romantic look kudukanum (if you stared her like thief who gonna snatch her chain she will run away… to impress her you have to give romantic look)”

“Haan haan… ponnunga pinnadi sutharadula expert solranga, ketukonga (ya… listen the advice of expert in flirting)” Swara mocked and sat beside Uttra. Raja gave confused look while Adharsh asked, “why she is talking like this?” Laksh smiled and said, instead being ignored it’s better to hear mocks.

Next day

Stunning sunrays spread the light into the home disturbing peaceful sleep… Roosters crowed… chirping sounds of birds added beauty to the village atmosphere… Sujatha is drawing rangoli while Parineetha is applying colour on it… Parvathi prepared coffee, tea and morning drinks and handover to Annapoorna ordering her to issue. Annapoorna turned with smiley face and shocked to see Sanskar who is awaken such early and heading towards kitchen.

“Are we dreaming!” wondered Parameshwar and Durga Prasad at same time. “Actually Thatha (grandpa) it’s our duty to take care of our guest na… so” Sanskar said while rubbing his back head. “It’s quite unbelievable… is my son became this much responsible!” uttered surprised Ram Prasad. “To serve that Marvadies our son is sacrificing his sleep” Parvathi and Durga Prasad thought which was visible in their face.

“Ohhh for your friends and neighbours you woke up early” teased parineetha indirectly mentioning Preethi, his fiancé. Everyone smiled and let him go to out-house with their drinks while Laksh accompanied Sanskar. Sanky knocked the door; Ragini opened the door while rubbing her wet hair. “You wake up so early and got fresh too?” he asked shockingly… “I’m not in my house… I should be correct and idle here” Ragini said blinking her single eye.

“Anna… neenga pesitu irunga… nan poi Harsha and Kutties ah elupuren (bro… you carry on your chat I’ll wake up Harsha and children in between gap)” Laksh excused and went towards Harsha’s room while his eyes got struck into the beauty sleep of Swara who is visible through the gap of half opened door. “Swara… get up… see I got fresh up… even your Di also got ready… you too get up” Preethi tired to wake up her by tabbing her shoulder…

“Just five more minutes yaar” Swara said with ultimately cute pleading face. Laksh who got mesmerised slides on door resulting the door completely opening with thud. Swara and Preethi looked at him instantly… Swara stared him with narrowed eyes while Preethi looked at him confused. “woh… I… I came to give… coffee” Laksh said with faint smile and placed the coffee on the nearby table and left out to Ragini’s room to wake up Diya and Roshik.

“Oh… so un Pugunda vitu aalungala impress panna sikirama elundutinga? (So you wake up early to impress your in laws)” he said and forwarded his steps. “kalailaye full form la irukinga pola (I guess morning itself you are in full form)” she said winking her eyes. “Yean iruka kudatha? En Pondati kuda nan epovena romance panven (why? Shouldn’t I? I’ll romance with my wife at anytime)” he said naughtily. She pulled his cheeks by saying “en chella Purusha (my lovely husband)” and left out while he kept hands on his cheeks with pout face.

In Ragini’s room…“Diya… Roshik…” Harsha called out. There was no movement could be found as they were completely covered by blankets. “Oh you already came to wake up them” said Laksh entering into the room. “mmm ya me too calling them from past five minutes but they are not even paying any heed. “Ok let me wake up them” said Laksh forwarding his steps… “No wait I will wake them” Harsha said naughtily and took water jug and poured some water on them but still no response.

Harsha and Laksh looked at each other confused while someone poured bucket of water on Harsha. Laksh looked at the direction of water and found Diya and Roshik with buckets… Harsha fumed at them while he hears heavy sound of laughter.

Everyone turned and found Preethi laughing heart out… she tries to control her laugh but after seeing Harsha’s face she loses her control. Harsha angrily turned towards Roshik and Diya… they runs and hides them behind Preethi.

“Tum shaitano ko mein chodunga nhi (I won’t leave you devils)” Harsha said while Preethi countered, “hello… they are not devils… you are devil who is disturbing the pretty sleep of my sweet hearts” she said while embracing Roshik and Diya. “You are our darling… you gave awesome idea” said Diya and Roshik and kissed on her cheeks then ran away.

“That means you gave this idea to these saithans?” Harsha asked with narrowed eyes. “Yes” she said while tucking her tongue out. Both burst into laugh while shaking their head. “If you guys finished then have drinks ya… its already become cold” Laksh reminded. While sipping coffee Preethi said, “actually Diya and Roshik told me that you pours water on them always to wake them up so I told them to flip it… but still they helped you to take bath without bathroom” Harsha glared at her while Laksh and Preethi laughed at him.

Everyone finished their breakfast… “Yesterday couldn’t take you out… but today you gonna explore our village” said Sujatha. “ya… along with you Sanskar and Laksh will come” said Ram Prasad. “Then what about me? I’m getting bore over here… me too wanna go out” said Uttra. “You gonna get marry ok? We couldn’t let you go out” Parvathi said strictly. “Please na…” “We are telling for you welfare only… if something went wrong then?” Durga Prasad tried to convince.

“She is with us only na… what wrong gonna happ?” Ragini said politely while Parvathi glared making her gulp. “haan… if you don’t believes us it’s ok… but her brothers are there like a shield then why are you worrying?” Preethi stated. “Not like that beta” Parameshwar tried to convince while Ragini, Preethi and Uttra said ‘please’ at a time melting them. Finally all came out happily.

“Thank you Ragini and Preethi Anni… neenga mattum illana jail mari ullaye adainjirukanum… ivanga rendu perum thatthinga… vayathirakurangula paarunga… ungaluku iruka akkarai kuda avanungaluku illa (thank you Ragini and Preethi Bhabhi… if you two didn’t spoke I should be in that prison… these two fellows never bothers about me…)” Uttra said while making faces to Sanky and lucky.

“Where to take them first?” Laksh asked standing at middle of the road. “Yesterday itself you took us to temple so not temple again” said Preethi. “ok then we can go to farm area” said Sanky while everyone nodded in positive. Ragini, Sanskar, Preethi, Swara, Harsha, Laksh, Uttra, Diya, Roshik, Aarthi and Adithya (children of Adharsh and Parineetha) walked towards the agricultural field enjoying the roads which is covered with trees on both sides.

“This is our paddy field” Uttra showed the land with broad smile. “It’s so greenish” Swara happily said. They walked on the borders of the land and settled under a tree. “Anna aalukoru ilani vetti kudunga (Bro… cut tender coconut for everyone)” said Sanskar.

Swara was drinking but all coconut water dropping on her dress. “its not your tea glass… there is some ways to drink it” Laksh says and keeps his hands on her to show how to hold while he takes his hands back after getting glares. “Your wish” he says and comes back while Ragini and Sanskar smiles seeing his state.

“Preethi shall I teach you” Harsha asks in undertone. “aaniye pudunga venam (no need)” Preethi says while Harsha shrugs his shoulder. “Anna ida renda vetti kudunga… (Bro cut this into two)” Sanskar said to servant giving tender coconut. “I’ve drunk this completely… then why are you saying this to cut?” Ragini asked. “Coconut inside this will be very soft and tasty… you will love it just taste it” Sanskar said. He forwarded a sip towards her mouth. “mmm yummy” Ragini uttered while everyone ate coconut.

“Amma… there Crane” Roshik exclaimed. “appa Cuckoo is singing so sweetly na” Diya said cutely as these are rare to see in busy city life. Cool environment gave peace to the heart of elders… “Not only Crane and Cuckoo there are many kinds of birds and animals… wanna see?” curiously asked Adithya. Diya and Roshik nodded in yes. “Then come on” Aarthi hold the hands of Diya and ran. “Hey be careful… shouldn’t go out of our eye sight” Ragini told with care. “I’ll be with them” Uttra said and walked towards the direction of children.

Uttra was admiring the antics of children while she feels someone else’s present… she turned back and found no one… she ignores and continues to play with children while a shadow nears her.

Screen freezes with the shadow behind Uttra

To be continued…..

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