Rhythm of Life – Chap 48 (RagSan) (Romance)

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Recap: Ragsan started their journey

Ragini was admiring the lovely moon and enjoying the chill breeze near door… Sanskar hugged her from back wrapping his hands on her waist and resting his chin on her shoulder. She turned towards him and leaned on door while taking deep breath… “Finally I’m on the way to my Sasural” Ragini said happily. “Yes my dear Pondati (wife)” he said while ruffling his nose on hers. “This is public place… stop your romance” she said. “haa? Is this romance? Then what about that night haan?” he asked naughtily. Ragini blushes and buries her face into his chest recalling the sweet moments.

Ragini opened the door after hearing calling bell sound and left to carry on her work. “What happened to her? Usually she will unbutton by shirt with pleasing smile today’s seems angry…” he thought into himself while removing his tie and collar buttons… he switched on the TV and lost in innocent and peaceful sleeping face of 2 months baby Diya. All his outer stress vanished while staring his princess face. Sweet smile appeared on his face and kissed on her forehead.

Just then he heard murmuring sound from inside and stood near washroom where Ragini washing Diya’s cloths while murmuring… “It’s almost a week that washing machine got repaired… but he don’t have time to call mechanic… so busy in office stuff” she was murmuring while twisting her lips and adjusting the strand which is disturbing vision coming out of tuft. He was admiring her pout face while standing near door.

He became statue to see Ragini who is fully wetted by shower when she holds the faucet to get grip to take the detergent powder which is kept on top rack. She kept her hands in front of her face to prevent the water which creates difficulty to breath because of its force. She was totally drenched in water that her red colour saree stick to her body showing her exact figure.

He came near her and made her stand opposite him that water showering on him. She took a deep breath as now water is not preventing her breath and about to move then she sensed him staring her without blinking eyes and blushed a bit. He stared into her eyes like he is hypnotising her and she lost her in brown orbs. He drags the pin out of her tuft leaving her hair open then he holds her cheek by both palms and kissed on her forehead while she closed her eyes as feeling his kiss.

She blushed and tried to move but he held her by wrist and kissed her knuckle while she turned her face aside in shyness. He came more near to her and placed gentle kisses on her both eyes and kissed all over her face and moved down to kiss her neck while she blushed hard and ran from there pushing him aside in shy. He ruffled his hair under the shower with naughty smile and left to bed room after closing the shower.

Anal maele pani thuli was playing in multi lingual TV channel in which till then advertisement was relying.
Santhithomae kanaakalil… silamurayaa palamuraya… Anthi vaanil ulaavinoam athu unakku ninaivillayaa… iru karaigalai udaithidavae perugidumaa kadal alaiyae… iru iru uyir thathalikayil vazhi sollumaa kalangarayae… unathalaigal ennai adikka karai saervathum kanaavil nigazhnthida…

She is opening the cupboard to take towel out of it but he pulled holding her wrist and she bumped into him after small twirl. “What are you doing? Are you gone mad? Leave me” she said with blush while trying to free her from his grip. “Are you not ready to make this day more special?” he asked huskily and her face turned to crimson colour due to blush and buried her face in his chest. He wrapped his hands around back while she encircled her hands around his waist making a tight hug.

Anal maele pani thuli, alaipaayum orukili… maram thaedum mazhai thuli, ivaithaane ival ini… imai irandum thani thani, urakkangal urai pani etharkaaga thadai ini…

She lifts her head a bit making eye contact with him. He looked into her eyes with lots of love while water drops trips down through his sharp strands. He was tempted by her rosy pulpy lips which is shivering due to closeness… he broke the hug and placed his lips on her soft one while holding her cheek tight. She clutched his shirt tight giving depth to the kiss…

Song changed to Maalai magnum neram
Malai magnum neram oru mogam kannin oram unai paarthuknondu ninraley podum endru thondrum…

The kiss was filled with passion and immense of love they have with each other. He lost in her innocent eyes which were closed tight. She slowly opened the eyes after few minutes when he slowly apart the lips. She lowered her gaze in shy and she went near cupboard. “arrey Jungli… why are you going in middle” he said with pout face while she handed him towel “see how wet we are… if we stood like this then we will get head ache, cold and so on…” she said but he continued his pout face bringing smile on her lips.

Kaalai vandal enna… veyil etti parthal enna… Kadikaram kaatum neram adhai namba maten naanum…

She smiled and dried his hair getting closer to him that both can feel each other’s warmth… he massaged her cheeks by her cheeks and tilt his nose on her nose tickling her. She started to unbutton his shirt… about to remove his vest “huooo… nae…” Diya started to cry… Ragini pushed him and ran to hall where Diya is… she took her from cradle and made her rested on her shoulder patting her back…

“aachha chu… what happened my doll? Don’t cry ra baccha” Ragini said while caressing Diya’s head and glared Sanky for keeping high volume in TV which disturbs the beauty sleep of Diya. He gulped at her glare and lessens the volume… “hey give princess to me… you are wet na…” he said while she replied “even you too wet” “haan but I’ll make her sleep on shoulder only na by this sleeveless vest she won’t get wet” by saying he took Diya and patted softly while Ragini set the cradle … “princess… sleep soon na… then only I can enjoy with your sweet mom” he whispered in baby ears and soon Diya slept again then Ragini placed her in cradle.

Ragini about to carry on her household work but interrupted by Sanskar “hey where are you going?” “Where are you going means? Have to complete the works na?” she replied… “You carry on your work tomorrow today you are only mine” by saying he lifts her in arms in bridal style. “Sanskar” she said blushing while wrapping her hands around his neck. He placed her on bed and stared with immense of love… he was about to exit the room “hey… you brought me here and now going” she said with disappointed pout face.

Song changed into Ang lada de re
Ang laga de re… Mohey rang lagaa dey rey… Ang laga de re… Mohey rang lagaa dey rey… Main toh teri joganiyaa tu jog lagaa dey rey… Ang laga de re… Mohey rang lagaa dey rey… Ang laga de re… Mohey rang lagaa dey rey… Main toh teri joganiyaa tu jog lagaa dey rey…

He smiled and excused for just a second… he brought something but kept it in nearby table. “Hey what’s that?” she asked and he answered “I’ll tell later” and slept near her while she smiled. He slept side by resting his hand on back of the head and traced her face seductively while she turned to cherry colour due to blush… though it was not first time still his tough gave goose bump to her. His fingers ran down neck and reached her glowing belly… he tickled her navel and she turned to another side with giggles shrunk her legs.

Raat banjar see hai… kale khanjae see hai… Raat banjar see hai… kale khanjae see hai… Tere seene ki lau mere andar bhi hai… Tu hawa dey isse Toh mera tan jale… Jala de re sang jalaa dey rey… Mohey rang laga dey rey…

He hugged her from back and placed his head on her ear and whispered “I’m hungry” she turned towards him coming closer to his lips “you didn’t let me cook now saying hungry” she said with pout. “But I’ve solution” he said making her confuse. He took the packet which he kept on table and opened ice cream cake. “Wow” she exclaimed. He gave half to her and she ate happily and forwarded a piece as feeding to him but he denied. “You said hungry now what happened?” she queried.

“I want but not like this….” He dragged the sentence. “Then?” she asked curious while naughty smirk appeared on his lips and made her laid on bed. He placed the chill cake on belly giving more goose bumps to her. She blushed hard as she remembered his wish to eat ice cream on her belly. He eats cake and also licks her tummy that she clutched the bed sheet. he bites softly that she moans in pleasure.

Raas hai raat mein teri har baat mein… Raas hai raat mein teri har baat mein…bol main kyaa karoon aise haalat mein… hoon main teri malag tu hi meraa nashaa…

She dragged him up when he completed eating…she insert her finger into his hair leaned on his cheek by her cheeks and made a flip that she came top of him. She held his cheek and kissed all over face… his hands ran to the knot of her blouse and untied it and both covered them by blanket and dimmed the light while becoming two bodies with one soul.

At mid night Sanskar feels soreness in his hand and finds Ragini sleeping on his hand hugging him tight, he recalled how Ragini got hurt while consummating but still she told him to make more… he recalled how much pain she gone through while giving birth to Diya… “Always going through so much of pain only to give pleasure to us… they sacrifice everything for us… they spends all of their time to take care of their family, husband and child… without caring about them they serves for their loved one…

girls are soft like rose but if the matter is about their loved ones they will stab others by thrones… always stands beside their husband… gents are working and giving money but managing that quantum of money in satisfactory manner by thinking about every ones needs and wants… ladies first is common dialogue… because they are the ones leading men in successive way… without ‘her’ even ‘hero’ is ‘0’ womanhood is the epitome of sacrifice… really women’s are great… I really love you Ragini… but more than that I respect you” he thought into himself while single drop of tear slide down to his cheek remembering her pains and he kissed on her forehead who is sleeping peacefully.

Ragini came out of her memories when she sensed tears in him… she gestured what? While she shrugged his shoulder mentioning nothing… he kissed on her forehead who is smile sweetly.

Screen freezes with smiling face of Ragsan who is hugging each other.

To be continued…..

“One kiss on the forehead is much sweeter than a thousand kisses on the lips… no lust but full of love and respect”

Hi friends! How is the chappy? I’m really nervous while writing this… for the first time I wrote this much romantic… do comment if you feel it’s worth… keep smiling… By Yours lovingly, Aastha

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  1. U bldy cheap grl..u guys stoop so low ki u guys morphing our swasan pics.why u guys want to take swaraz place.chii shameless peoples.why??dont u guys have ur own moments.
    Thats our swasan ice pack waala romance.the first ever romance of our lovely swasan.and u shameles people morphing swaraz face without having shame.
    Swasan fans are silent that doesnt mean u guys can stoop so low.bichy ppls.morphing our swasan photo
    Wahh the ppls dont have an existing couple and making morphed pictures.
    U guys always depend on swasan for making pics.why cant u ppl making edit on raglak pics??bcz u guys are envy on swara not laksh.just wanted to take place of swara

    1. Astha

      Thank you soooo much for telling ur pov… but i’m sorry i got this from fb and ya i added background to it so i mentioned in the pic as its my creation… i didnt made that.
      keep smiling and have a nyz day 🙂

      1. Lahari

        Y r u people always poking ur nose into ragsan ffs..
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        Dong be jealous..i knw they r adorable than ur swa______san..

      2. Let them leave pavani now they tell rag_____san fans
        Next day they will tell they r raglak fans
        They r not true fans so we dont want to take them seriously let them be happy ione or two days

      3. Moon

        i really appericiate you yaar how you gave the reply politely without using bad language. i’m glad you understand the feeling of a fan because these are special moments of a fan and you have understood. by seeing your comment na i was not able to control to tell you my feelings.

      4. P112111

        No problm So what u made d changes…… These r oossmmm nd little difficult task??

      5. Silent_writer

        Dino love you soooo sooo sooo soo muchhhhhh yrr today i m really very proud…… My blood boils when pavani use ill language honestly i want to give them a answer but after seeing ur reply i am not gonna do that love uuuuuuuii CD???????????????????????????????? you proved whose real ???

    2. AMkideewani

      Use your brains before calling someone cheap, because it could hurt someone?

    3. its very clear from ur comment that who is stooping low and who is a b*t*h .Swasan fans were silent this is the joke of he century they were fighting for every stiupid things .Whats wrong with u people ?? Can u pls stop fighting for this silly reasons.Swalak fans where using RagLak pics but we didnt fight with them u know y bcoz we know that how it feels like when u cant see the romantic scenes between ur fvrt couple…and we are jealous of swara ?????we have better things to do girl.we are not the one who takes onscreen characters seriously..we are not kike u guyz who bash teju for playing ragini.pls grow up kiddo.Go and take copyright for swasan pics ????Get well soon ?

    4. Andddd one more thing what about some VaHe fans who morph Varun and Dhanyas pic with helly??? Do u have any answer ?? Think before u comment shit about someone .

    5. P112111

      By sending such messages…… U never disappointed us…. Becoz who r real fans naa they always appreciate their favourite hero or heroine wrks nd now comes to the jodi… Even each coin has two phases….. If the director makes jodi of Ragsan instead of Swasan then will u go to the directors nd bash thm…. Nd i know u never go there…. U know y becoz u accept that way….. I never say Swasan are selfish or Raglak are awesome….. I only want to convey u message…. If u have no guts to type or to try to write then never bash anyone for their wrks becoz its the person art nd art means worship so….. I think by all u know what i want to say…. So keep ur tongue inside ur mouth nd if ur mind or hands never appreciate anyone then atleast taped them so that by ur cheap thinking u never bash or hurt anyone………. Also if i u have complaint about cover naa then its oossmm work becoz the people like u never appreciate anyone and using other names…… ……. Its too difficult to make collage…. Instead of appreciate u bashed…. Its too bad dear……. Bad is small its wrst……
      She wrote it Ragsan then y u read it…… If u not read only bash about cover pic then change ur mibd becoz as compared to Swasan there are more Ragsan or Raglak fans……. As u talk about cover photo now swara nd Sanskar use different serial Go nd bash with those directors to use different hero nd heroine respectively for them……….

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