Rhythm of Life – Chap 47 (RagSan)

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Recap: Harsha scolds Preethi and some family moments.

Bright morning…

Sanskar was dressed in formals and busy in setting luggage near door. “Diya… Roshik… did you get ready?” he shouted and they replied “yes Appa” while running towards Harsha’s home. Ragini came out with pink colour crop top with jeans and Sanskar widened his eyes. “What is this Jungli? We are going village… nowadays you prefers saree na then why all of a sudden you wore this?” Sanskar asked disappointed while Ragini bit her inner cheek know the reason behind his talks.

“Ragini comes out with pale blue colour saree and asks, Sanskar, how is it? He looks her top to bottom “Awwwww” he lost himself in her stunning beauty. He joined his index and thumb finger and uttered awesome, she gave million dollar smile. ‘Ok tell me one thing, why you love saree?’ she asked curious and he rubbed his back of head as he doesn’t know what to say. ‘arey bol na…’ she asked and he blushed a bit, ‘voh… most of the people thinks western dress, short skirts are s*xy dresses but saree is the best dress that is s*xy as well as traditional. Neatly covered and looks like goddess that’s for elders… but that small gap… the shining hip is visible na… there is no word to explain the happiness of staring the warming waist’ he exclaimed while Ragini dropped her jaw open.

“OMG you blo*dy…” she pulled his hair. “You sight how many girls?” she asked narrowing her eye brow. ‘All my cousins are traditional girls’ he said with extremely innocent face. ‘You’ she fumed. ‘Then when I wore saree for first time then you were sighing my waist?’ she questioned and he replied “yes” staring mirror. ‘Here I’m talking to you what the hell you are watching in that mirror?’ she said irritated. ‘Which can hold my sight than your milky waist?’ said he lost and she blushed hard.

She gave sweet peck on his cheek bringing him back to reality, ‘why this kiss?’ ‘For being loyal to me and telling that you sight many girls’ she said while scrubbing his shirt button. ‘Really? Not only sight… I done more than that too’ he said. She widened her eyes and started chasing him… she caught him after messing the bed room and beat playfully. ‘Hey hey… I’m virgin boy… only sight the girls… nothing else leave me… its paining… I just kid you’ he pleaded while she gave tight punch on his stomach and said, ‘that fear must be’
She recalled his confession about the reason behind his craze towards saree. She placed her elbow on his shoulder and asked lifting her single eye brow, ‘so sir wanna sigh my hip?’ he blinked his single eye and said, ‘haan but actually in family’ before he could complete the sentence she interrupted ‘I know… just to kid you I wear this” she said with smiling face while pulling his cheeks and he blushed.

“Appa… Appa…” Diya and Roshik called Sanskar with struggle and he turned and burst out into laugh… “Diya… Roshik… what’s this? You can’t handle this much weight… why you both lifting Swara luggage? He questioned. “Actually when Chachi heard the word Tamilnadu from then she is dull… if she done anything to avoid this trip? So we took her luggage” they replied. Harsha and Sanskar looked at pale face of Swara which they failed to notice from yesterday.

“Swara… are you alright? What happened?” Sanskar asked while she took deep breath and plastered a smile… “What Jeeju… these two chaithans (devils) telling I’m dull and you two believing it… if I’m dull why I should pack my stuffs” she pretended to be happy and diverted the topic. “Ok then I’ll check car’s condition and petrol level” Harsha said and clicked lift button.

Preethi came out of the lift and both about to bump but composed their selves. Both shared a small eye lock and their hearts are beating fast. “voh Preethi…” Harsha spoke breaking their eye lock and tried to apologise but she left the place without paying any heed to Harsha, whose eyes are filled with pain and guilt.

Ragini came out with stunning look… Sanskar couldn’t take his eyes out of her and Ragini’s cute smile made him go crazy… “Tok Tok” the sound of knocking the door disturbed them and it was Preethi is waiting outside. “Welcome Preethi… you sit… everything is ready just once I’ll check whether all the snacks packed, Ragini said while heading towards dining table. She opened the packets and checks. “haan Sanskar every… Ouch” she screamed while telling him and Swara, Preethi and children asked what happened. She glared Sanskar who is smirking, biting his inner cheek.

“Nothing… just mosquito bite” Ragini said with gritting teeth while smashing Sanskar’s leg., “now what happened to you” All questioned Sanky when he shouted “ahhhh” “I think same mosquito bit him too” said Ragini with fake smile and he nodded his head and all left giving impossible look to them. “ahhh… I just pinched you belly for that will you smash my leg like this? Oh god” Sanskar said in undertone while she pushed him by her shoulder and left to hall.

Harsha and Sanskar set the entire luggage in car while Swaragini informed secretary of the apartment about their departure to native and left after talking blessings from then. Harsha sat in driver seat while Sanskar sit beside him with Diya on his lap and Swaragini, Preethi sat in back Ragini keeping Roshik on her lap. Sanskar is sigh his lady love by side mirror as she is sitting window corner and at the same time Harsha adjust the front mirror and admired Preethi. They were travelling to railway station.

On the other side a car is coming fast and there is a couple inside. They both indulge in their nok-joke and quarrelling with smiling face which seems like they are teasing each other, that they failed to noticed the car coming in their opposite. Both the cars applied a sudden break at nick of the time. Swaragini, Preethi and co jerked due to sudden break. Harsha and Sanskar get down from the car with rage.

“You blo*dy blind can’t you see?” Harsha scolded “what rubbish you are talking? How a blo*dy blind can will be able to see” replied the person casually while getting down from the car. He removed his sunglasses revealing his smiling face. “Arjun!” Sanskar uttered wondering. Just then Vibha gets down from his car and Swaragini does the same. “Bro… you… how are you? After such a long time you are coming back” Harsha said and hugged him.

“Actually mom and dad agreed to our marriage so I brought her here back as I’m going to settle here itself” Arjun revealed his marriage matter pointing Vibha while all fainted a smile. “That’s nice… is date fixed or what? You brought her here then where is Nikhil?” Ragini asked. “No not yet… afterwards only they gonna fix the date… about Nikhil, he came two days ago” Arjun replied.

Ragini stepped towards Vibha whose head is bent. “See would be bride is lowered head in shy” Ragini said with a smile while lifting Vibha’s chin up, but Vibha’s eyes were moist. adding poison in Ragini’s juice, trying to make her face on ground by pouring oil… adding drug into Sanskar’s juice and making him spend his time with her flashed to her mind that haunted her and she cried bitterly.

“Hey what happened?” Ragini Asked worried. “Hey Vibha… why are crying now?” asked concerned Sanskar. “I’m sorry… I know I’m not worth to your forgiveness as my mistake is not forgivable… but I can’t do anything other than telling sorry” Vibha said with uncontrollable tears while recalling her past deeds. “No… you can do one thing” Ragini said making all confuse. “you can pray for us… we are going to his home… so you can pray that nothing bad should happen and the problem to solve smoothly” she said pointing towards Sanskar and all smiled.

“look Vibha… past is past… we can’t do anything other than forgetting that… now you got Arjun who loves you truly so just concentrate about him… stay happy with him forever” she said while hugging her and Vibha let her guilt out with her tears and felt blessed to be with good hearted persons around her. They bid bye and reached their respective destination.

They reached to their respective platform… they were stunned to see the scene in front of them… million dollar smile appeared on Ragsan face to see all their friends in front of them. “You stupid Sanskar… don’t you know to inform us before leaving?” scolded Rithick. “How he know? He is busy with his lovely wife na so forgot all of us… I’m I right Aradya?” asked Shivanya with fake anger.

“ohhh sorry guys in hurry we forgot” Sanskar apologized. “Aryan, Raina see this… he started to apologize to us too” said Aham. “I think it became his habit as he always uses this to Ragini the boss na…” Raina teased and all giggled… in few minutes train arrived… all bid bye and boarded the train. Diya and Roshik fought for window seat and Ragsan done their regular duty that stopping their argument and giving solutions… they told them to sit in opposite window seats and sat beside them and talked on random topics.

Swara is playing with Diya and Roshik and ragsan is busy in talking… Harsha notices Preethi leaving to restroom and he follows her. She comes out of restroom and glares Harsha as he is blocking her way… she signals to move then he unplugs his ear phone from phone. “Pasum ponna pillaya thavara nan nenachen neril vanda aandavarey… Nandri solla unaku vartha illa enaku naandan mayanguren… (I misunderstood 24 carat gold as bronze… you are live god… there is no words to thank you)” the song plays and he over acts apt to song that joining his hands and thanking and so on.

“Stop your over acting” she says with closed eyes she is not about to resist her laugh which is very near to her lips funny act. “I think is someone is controlling their laugh” he said cutely and she smiled a bit and left the place after uttering “shut up” He lost in her beauty smile and complemented “you are adorable while smiling”

That was night…

Preethi and Harsha slept opposite in upper birth while Swara slept in one of middle birth and Diya & Roshik slept opposite to each other in lower birth. Ragini was admiring the lovely moon and enjoying the chill breeze near door… Sanskar hugged her from back wrapping his hands on her waist and resting his chin on her shoulder. She turned towards him and leaned on door while taking deep breath… “Finally I’m on the way to my sasural” Ragini said happily. “Yes my dear Pondati (wife)” he said while ruffling his nose on hers. “This is public place… stop your romance” she said. “haa? Is this romance? Then what about that night haan?” he asked naughtily.

Screen freezes with naughty smirk of Sanskar and blushing face of Ragini

To be continued….

“Being deeply loved gives strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage”

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