Rhythm of Life – Chap 46 (RagSan)

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Harsha speeds up his bike and applies sudden break making Preethi jerk and blocking her way… with rage he gets down from his bike and pins her to nearby tree by holding her shoulder. “How dare you? You blo*dy idiot threatening my Ragini Di… after knowing she is married to Sanskar Jeeju you are ready to marry him… so mean… what kind of girl you are?” by scolding he tighten his grip making Preethi feel the pain.

“OMG… he doesn’t know that Preethi behaved like that as she can’t hurt his dad who is happy with the alliance… but now she understood Di and Jeeju’s situation and also ready to make them unite with family… that day I only made her evil in front of his eyes… Ragsan gets ready to meet Preethi then Swara says, “we should not take Harsha with us” “why” asked Sanky “I told everything to him the way Preethi talked to you…. He is peak of angry on her…. you know na he don’t know to talk polite….. If he came he will spoil everything” Swara explained. “You are right” Sanky agreed. “You… 1st mistake you hear whole conversation by your phone…. 2nd you told everything to him…” Ragini glares while Swara gives weak smile. “I know you’ll add something extra to provoke his angry…. Because you was angry so you’ll add more” Ragini said and Swara keeps pout face” Swara thought to herself standing at entrance.

Diya and Roshik ran fast and brought Ragsan where Harsha arguing with Preethi. “What do you think of yourself haa?” Harsha scowled and shook her. “Harsha leave her…” Sanky said. “Jeeju you are supporting this girl? Ridiculous” Harsha shook his head in disbelief. Ragini gave tight pat on Swara’s head, who stood lost. She came out of trance screaming ouch with pout. “Where the hell you lost… you knows na Preethi is not like he thought… instead explaining him where you lost?” Ragini scold.

“First leave her Harsha” Ragini said and lonely drop of tear tripped out of Preethi’s left eye. “Preethi…” Sanskar tried to explain but Preethi said, “It’s ok… I’m fine” she said and left from there. “Harsha… she is not like you thought… she behaved like that because she can’t go against her dad’s word. But now she is ready to help us and we all are going to Tamilnadu…” Sanky said while making Harsha sitting on sofa. “Why didn’t you said earlier… I… I behaved worst with her” Harsha felt bad and left to his home followed by Swara.

“Ok Ragini, pack the dress… I’ll pack mine” Sanskar said. “Sanky… we are going there so I wish… I’ll go to home” she said unclearly but he understood that she wanna meet her family before the departure. He hold her hands and said, “Jungli… you need not to ask permission… even me too coming with you” “no” she said instantly. He looked weird but before she could give silly explanation he said its ok you go.

Harsha was lost in Preethi’s thought… he remained her painful eyes and felt bad… her lonely tears hurt him somewhere corner of his heart. “Bhai… are you alright?” asked Swara who saw him worried for the first time. “haan I’m fine… you don’t worry” he consoled his sweet sister whose face was pale due to his sadness. “Hey wait a second… you called me Bhai… OMG… what a miracle” he tried to enlighten the mood but she hugged him tight and tear escaped from her soft eyes.

He caressed her hair and worried to see something bothering her. He broke the hug and asked “what happened?” she nodded in negative. “Nothing Bhai… I’m alright” “hey please don’t call me that ajeeb lagra ha hai (its feeling weird)” she beat playfully and hugged him again, “don’t be sad… it’s because of me you misunderstood her and now you are regretting… don’t worry I’ll make her understand you are not at fault… I can’t see you like this” she said. “Oye rakshashi… ronadona band kar… (Hey devil, stop crying)” he said cutely while caressing her hair then she broke the hug and composed herself.

Preethi reached her room and halted in bed. She noticed finger prints on her shoulder and caressed… she recalled how rage he was and his sharp eyes strike her. She felt something strange but brushed her thoughts and engulfed herself in packing.

Ragini entered into Kundra nivas and tilt her head left to right as she found no one… “Bua” a small boy nearly age 3 screeched while hugging Ragini from back… she kneeled down and uttered “Mohit” while caressing his cheek. “Where is Mumma, Papa and Dada, Dadi?” she asked. “Mumma and Dadi, Dadi went to temple… they called me too but there will be boring so I stayed home with Papa but he is engrossed in files” said Mohit with his cute face.

She held him in arms and headed towards RV’s room. “Bhaiya…” “Hey Rago… you” he said with million dollar smile and closed his files and kept aside. She sat beside him and said, “How dare you? You made my Mohit bore by your stupid files?” with fake anger. “accha… sir complained to you” he uttered while pulling Mohit’s cheek. “Mohit…” his friends called from gate and he ran out.

“What is the matter? Madam came suddenly…” said RV narrowing his eye brow. “Don’t I have rights to come here without reason?” Ragini countered back. “Of course you have… but you always prefers to romance with your husband that often you forgets your family so asked” Ragini made faces at his statement and turned her face aside. “Ok sorry” he apologized with cute face while holding both the ears.

“voh Bhaiya… matter is… Sanky’s family fixed his alliance and the girl too is in Mumbai… she met us too…” before she could explain the matter RV’s blood started to boil. “Bhaiya cool… nothing is matter… actually the good news by this we got chance to go there and meet his family… everything will be fine once we reached there… tomorrow afternoon train… so we are leaving… before that wished to see you and spend some time with you” Ragini said and RV was happy that she gonna mingle with his family.

“I’m really happy Rago” he hugged and she felt secured. “wait a second I’ll keep this files in cupboard” RV stood. She saw something in cupboard and smiled. It was photo album. Both sat on couch and flipped page by page. There was lots of childhood photos of RV, RK and Ragini. Bhaiya you remember this, she said pointing a picture in which a small boy standing with pout as dirty water colour was poured on his face.

“Ragini was painting her colouring book with the help of water colour. “Ragini… till howlong will you colour… come its lunch time” called Janki. “Shekar Bhaiya, Rishabh, Ranveer… we have to invite you specially, haven’t we?” said Ambika to Shekar who were clicking photos of RV and RK. RV saw Ragini gonna splash waste water in garden through window and said, “RK Bhaiya… give one pose in garden too” RK who doesn’t know the consequence and gave pose while Ragini splashed the water without looking up at correct moment photo was taken. Whole family burst into laugh. Ragini and RV recollected their sweet memories.

Time passed… it was evening

Ragini and RV recalling their sweet moments… “RK Bhai should be here” worried Ragini said. “No problem” RV said and made a video call to RK and told good news at first… RK and Madhu was very happy to hear that. “Maama… (uncle)” called two cute voices. Rishbala gave million dollar smile after seeing the faces of the voices, it was Diya and Roshik.
“arrey Sanskar… you here?” asked Ambika to Sanskar who was parking his car. He got down and said; “voh Ragini came here so I’m here to pick up” “is it? We don’t know we went morning” said Ishani with smile while Kailash called him in. “Phuuphaa” Mohit screamed and jumped on Sanky. “Awwww my boy… where is your Bua?” he pointed upstairs.

“Hi RV… hi RK… Namastey Di” Sanky said with smiling face. “Finally time came to take Ragini to your home” Madhu released her breath. “Yes Di…” “Take care of her” RK said bit sternly. “Yes boss” Sanky saluted and all burst into laugh then had some chit chats. Later they left to home after taking blessings and advises from elders.

Ragsan finished packing all their stuffs. Ragini tilt her head to find Diya and Roshik and saw both were engulfed in playing games in phone. She went and snatched phones from both and shouted to sleep. “Appa… see Amma snatched phone from us” Diya and Roshik pulled Sanskar who is coming to bed room. “ok cool cool… now go and sleep… while travelling on train you will get bore then I’ll tell her to give… samji?” he said to kids and last statement to Ragini and that was bit louder. She nodded as command accepted and both children slept.

“Sanky… finally we are going to your home… I’m really excited” Ragini said happily while resting on his chest. “haan me too” he replied as lost while Ragini understood that he is missing his family as he met them months ago.

Screen freezes with the pose Ragini resting on Sanky’s chest

To be continued…..

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