Rhythm of Life – Chap 45 (RagSan) (Recap)

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Recap: Ragini completes narrating their story to Preethi

Dazzlind Damsels closed the book and said, “Huff finally this book ended….” “haan this book ended but still there many things which should be sought out” said Rumana. “haan but for that we need another book… first Shravan gave book then Roshik gave book now who will give the book?” Halima asked. “oye di… its noon… come and have lunch… then you continue your stupid story” how dare you to call this stupid story, Sam shouted at Roshik and twisted his ear. “ahhh di… its paining” he said with pout face. “Again don’t dare to call this stupid story… or else we all will twist your ear” blackmailed Fizo.

“Hey… I’m hungry… come on ya… after lunch we can read” Jazzy said with puppy face. “offo… don’t you know nothing other than eating” said Ruchi irked. “Me too hungry” joined Nidhi and Ashnoor and others gave impossible look. “Ok lets go and eat later we can continue” said Kiara and all stood to go towards Diya’s home from garden. “Hey Sally, Ragika, Rini, Shanaya, Cathlin…” Fairy called out names of the girls who are passing in road while talking and giggling into themselves.

“Hey hi… after finishing school you all forgot us na…” said Shanaya with pout face. “what are you all doing here?” asked Rini and Anjali replied we are here for get to gather in Diya’s home” “ohh that’s so cool” said Ragika. “Where are you all going?” questioned Priya. “we are returning to home after outing… what work is left in vacation other than outing?” winked sally. “That’s so sweet why you don’t join with us?” invited Diya and all agreed and headed towards Diya’s home which is in seventh floor.

“Cathu… why are hesitating? It’s like your home only… feel free” Diya made Cathlin comfortable. All girls rushed to dining table and settled in their seats… Cathlin noticed something like diary on center of the table, “hey… what’s this?” she asked. Shanaya took that in her hands… “Wow… pink colour heart designed diary with Barbie…” Ragika said lost in beauty of the book. “It’s so lovely…” said sally. “Wow… its super… book 3 is here in front of us” said jazzy munching paratha full of her mouth.

“Book 3? It means there is already 2 books? Why are you all so excited and what’s in it?” asked confused Cathlin. “Actually Rhythm of Life is the name of this story…” said Diya. “oye Diya don’t act over smart… actually girls it’s the story of her parents… don’t know who sent this or wrote this… but it’s really superb… we all loved it” said Fairy. “Is it? Then tell us too after that all can read book three…” said sally and

Nidhi said she will narrate the sum up…

There was a beautiful and lovely pair named Ragini and Sanskar…… they led a happy life with their daughter Diya and son Roshik, in their life a storm came in name of Preethi, actually Ragsan marriage is unfold story to Sanskar’s family….. They fixed his alliance with Preethi….. after knowing that Sanky is married she was ready to marry him because she don’t want to spoil his dad’s wish who was much happy with this alliance…… later Ragini and Sanskar went to Preethi’s hostel to talk her along with rag’s sister Swara…. Then all came to Ragsan’s home, and then Ragsan narrated their story which happened in past…..

In flashback Ragsan starts their journey as fighter cocks but soon they became friends….. they enjoyed their college life with their friends Aryan, Aradya, Aham, Raina, Shivanya and Rithick…… then Aryan & Aradya announced that they are in love and soon gonna married with parents blessings…… they gave party for that….in that party Ragini’s jealous came out when Sanky danced with another girl….. Sanky started to realise his love but still not conformed with his feelings, then a new character entered in their life named Nikhil…… he was obsessed with Ragini…. But he was unable to create big rift between Ragsan as their bond is very strong….. Later Ragini too started feeling for Sanky but kept inside to her as he is a Tamilian and his family won’t accept a Marwadi girl as their daughter in law.

Then all friends came to know that Rivanya is in love with each other but Rithick’s family fixed his marriage with Shesha, the daughter of business partner of Rithick’s dad. Rivanya decided to elope.

But to avoid risk they planned to keep Arayn at Rithick’s place but he went to Shivanya’s home to pick up so instead Rithick and Shesha, Ragini and Sanskar wore bride and groom attire…… Rivanya tried their best to come to mandap before Ragsan get marry but they was able to come after their marriage. Ragsan got married….. RK brother of Ragini opposed their marriage as Sanky’s parents won’t agree Ragini as their bahu…… Ragsan decided to stay in rent house, Sanky went to join in his job which he got in campus interview but except one company where now he works, all rejected him as Nikhil threatened them.

Then after a week Ragsan went to their rent house with elders’ blessings, and then they had a romantic dinner and consummated their life….. One more week passed; Ragsan about to board the train to meet Sanky’s family….. But they got news that Parameshwar, grand pa of Sanky met with an accident, Sanky went solo to his native as that was not correct situation to take Ragini with him. Then both missed each other…. Ragini joined in same office of Sanky as she getting bore in home…..

Then four months passed….. there was good news that Ishani is 7 months pregnant and Ragini is 4 months pregnant…… to take care of her sweet wife Sanky came to Mumbai after braking all his ties with his family. Then after few weeks a shock came to their home in name of Adharsh, brother in law of Sanky. He came to visit Sanky as his maa, grand maa and aunty bothers about him. He came to know about Sanky’s marriage life. But Sanky convinced him….. Adharsh said he will not tell this to home and blessed them and left from there.

With this book 1 ends…

Later miseries of ragsan take place in this phase… Ragini gets to know about Sanky’s ex- lover Vibha. Sanky brings Vibha back to his home as she got memory loss… Ragini is upset with his decision… Vibha creates rift between Ragsan… Sanky tries to settle the situation abut all goes in vain… RK, RV and all gets to know about Vibha and slaps Sanky for betraying Ragini… to defend her husband Ragini breaks all her ties with her family…

Sanky mostly spends time with Vibha… directly or indirectly he hurts Ragini… he fails to take care her pregnant wife as a husband. Swara and Harsha support Ragini and motivate her… Ragini gathers her confidence and decides to fight against Vibha… Nikhil, who is already in love with Ragini and also brother of Vibha tries to get closer to Ragini but fails…
All the arrangements of Visan marriage is on full swing… a new character Arjun, cousin brother of Swara and Harsha comes to marriage and supports Ragini and pretends as her husband… he helps Ragini to stop the marriage… Arjun and Ragini finds reason for strange behaviour of Sanky on marriage day… they reveals that Sanky was drugged that’s why this all happened… Harsha reveals Vibha’s murder attempt towards Ragini…

Hearing all this Nikhil who truly loved Ragini lost his patience and slaps his own sisters and scolds in front of all… he apologize to all and realizes his mistakes. Gradually Sanky starts to gain his health; Arjun takes Vibha with him for her mental treatment… Nikhil also accompanied them… later Sanky takes complete care of Ragini… on the pregnancy function Ragini’s family reunites and all were happy… delivery date was neared but Sanky’s aunt, Annapoorna got heart attack so he left Ragini alone and went to his native.

RK who heared this got hyper… Madhu decided to come India to take care of Ragini… with lots of pain Ragini successfully delivered a baby girl as Sanky’s wish… Sanky who was watching this through video call was filled with happy tears… whole family was filled with happiness… Sanky prays to god, confessing all the incidents… Abhi, friend of Sanky heard and shocked…. Later Abhigya both helped to take him back to Mumbai… all celebrated name ceremony of baby girl “Diya”
After that Roshik born… years rolled… that’s it… by saying this Ragini completes narrating…

With this book 2 ends… Nidhi completed summing up the story to sally, Shanaya, Cathlin, Rini and Ragika.

“Amazing ya…” said Shanaya while sally said, “haan it’s really good but….” “But what?” asked Ragika while whole dazzling damsels narrowed their eyebrows? “It’s fully emotional… romance is really lacks in story” completed sally. “haan may be you are right… not completely lacks… but very little amount of romance only available” said Fairy with dull face.
“haan I agree… but look at this book… this heart design… lovely pink colour… it gives the feel of romance… I think this will be good…” said Rini.
“I’m curious to read further… hope book three filled with love and romance…” said jazzy excited and opened the book and all started to read…

“Then days passed… Roshik born… that’s it” Ragini completes narrating their story to Preethi with faint smile on her face. “Huff… lots of things happened… but really glad that most of the things sought out… don’t worry balance things too will be sought out soon” said Preethi supportively. “Thank you sooooo much for understanding our situation” Sanky thanked Preethi. “It’s ok… no mention… I can’t separate this love birds… so have to guess something to stop our marriage” Preethi said while eyeing Sanskar.

“actually my parents wish is get me marry… but always I refuse and makes excuses… so they decided to get me marry anyhow… so their plan is making me as your friend then take this relation further… so I gonna take you there for Uttra’s marriage as my friend… but along with you Ragini, Swara, Harsha, Diya and Roshik also going to come there… after reaching there as per the situation we can plan further… what say?” Sanskar told his point of view and all nodded their head in agreement. I think now I should leave then only I can pack my stuff, she excused and left out with smiling face.

“Preethi… take care bye….” Swara said while sending Preethi at entrance. Just then Harsha entered apartment with Diya and Roshik… he applied sudden break and asked, “What? Preethi? Where?” “haan… there” said Swara casually pointing Preethi who is walking on road. “How dare she?” he said murmured and raced his accelerator of his and took swift turn and went towards Preethi with rage.

Screen freezes with fast bike of Harsha in back pose

To be continued……

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