Rhythm of Life – Tune 42 (RagSan) (Ragini’s delivery)

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Recap: Pregnancy function

Sanky’s flight lands in airport and he rushes to hospital by taxi. He asked to the receptionist, “Here a patient named Annapoorna, admitted by heart attack… may I know where is she?” “She is in ICU… go straight then first right” the receptionist directs. In front of ICU DP, RP, Parameshwar and Sujatha sitting with tensed face. Sujatha sees Sanskar and hugs him. “Maa… where is Periyamma?” she points the ICU… he breaks the hug and sees Annapoorna lying on bed and doctors treating her through view glass. He closed his eyes and tears stored in burst out. He composed himself and asked, “How this….”

“How means? Already she have BP in this situation she keeps fast for somebody who never cares about family this all will happen” Parameshwar said in irritated voice. “Appa… this is not the place to argue” DP said. Sujatha made Sanky sit and said, “while bringing her to hospital she was uttering your name… will she get fine, wont she?” “Don’t worry Maa… nothing will happen to her” he assured. After sometime Doctor came out and said, “Nothing to worry… its minor attack… take care of her” everyone took sigh of relive. Later nurse came out and asked “is here anyone named Sanskar?”

Sanky stood and went in. Annapoorna opened her eyes and saw Sanky… she hold his hands in her… he sat beside her while she caressed him with moist eyes. You forgot your family na… “Nothing like that Periyamma…” Parineetha opened the opened and started to arrange the food in plate which she brought from home. “Here all love and care is for sons only… always girl left in deal” she murmurs. “Yeah vayadi… inga vadi…. (hey talkative come here)” Annapoorna said and twisted Parineetha’s ear. “Don’t I love you all?” she asked
“Haan you loves us but what? First preference to son only… you are my Maa but after opening your eyes wanna meet this stupid who left us” she made faces. “Akka… please… neyuma? (di… you too?)” He said with hurt face. “Don’t make this face again” she said and twisted his ear while he screamed. “Yeah vayadi…leave him” Sujatha said in stern voice while entering. Just then doctor came as check the pulses and informed, “Now she is alright” “shall we take her to home?” Sanky asked while he replied “no she needs rest so better after two days you can take her to home” others nodded in agreement.

Next day @Mumbai

Ishveer knocked Ragini’s door. She was surprised and uttered, “you” with smiling face. She gave seat and asked “coffee or cool drinks?” “its ok… water is enough” Ishani said while RV asked where is Sanky? “voh… he… he went to Tamilnadu…” Ragini said with hesitation. “What? How could he go like that?” RV exclaimed. Actually nothing like you think… she explained the situation. But yet he should inform us at least na… “Bhaiya actually Jeeju went after informing us only” Swara said and entered into home. “Are you elder than all to inform you?” RV asked instantly which hurt Swara the most. Her eyes became moist.

“I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to…” “It’s ok Bhaiya… I’m alright” “ok Ragini… you come to home” RV said. “But I’m alright… I can manage” “didn’t you hear what I said?” he got hyper. Ishani put her hands on his shoulder and shrugged to be calm. “Ragini… actually to delivery girls comes to mother home… in your matter that didn’t happen… I think god that’s why created situation like this… we can’t leave you alone… please na… try to understand us too” Ishani explained to Ragini and she agreed. All left to Kundra Nivas.


Postman delivered a letter to RK. While received his phone rang which was placed on dining table. Madhu picked the call and said “hello Ranveer” “Hi Bhabhi… how are you?” “Haan we are good” “where is bhai?” he asked while she replied “why? Won’t you talk to me?” “Nothing like that Bhabhi… actually we brought Ragini to home… so called to inform that…” he explained to Madhu about the happenings.

Madhu was shocked… just then RK threw the letter on sofa… she asked what’s that? “Our visa… now this has no use… I need to go a month ago but now only got visa” RK said annoyed. “Ranveer… you don’t worry… we are coming to India… tomorrow morning we will be there” Madhu said and cut the call.

That day you said they are happy and doesn’t need us then now what? Why you wanna go there? RK asked while glaring. I wanna go because now Sanky is not with Ragini… she needs care… so I’m going, Madhu said with attitude and left to room.

After two days

Hot afternoon….

Sanky was helping Annapoorna to get down from the car. Parvathi took aarthi while Sanky kept her tablets and her belongings in her room. All told her to take rest and left the room.
Madhu brought tasty food from kitchen and placed on table of hall where Ragini is sitting between RK and RV. “vaa… Bhabhi… you are the best cook in the world” Ragini appreciated Madhu. “Huh? Then what about me?” Ishani pouted while bringing Baavbaji. “awww Bav baji…” saliva secreted in Ragini’s mouth and she gave excited reaction. She started to take sip while others stared her lovingly. RK caressed her hair.

“Did you finish eating?”Ambika asked while Ragini nodded in yes casually…. “Then ok have this juice also… good for health” what? She gave shocked reaction at Ambika’s statement. “Hello excuse me… I like to remember you all one thing that it’s my stomach… not any tank to fill whatever” “not like that beta its good for heath… we should take good care of you at this time na… co-operate ma…” Kailash said. While this discussion they heard kissing sound and found Nisha is kissing her Teddy bear.

“Nishu…. Why are kissing that teddy?” Ragini asked casually. “offo Bua… Bua..” she kept her hand on head and said, I’m kissing because its practise… then only I can kiss my love in future like MaaPapa, she said in her childish and innocent tone. All kept their jaw drop down and Rishbala about to stop her but Ragini gestured to stay there only and dragged Nisha close to her and asked curiously, “What will Maa and papa do in home?”

“First dad will come from office and drop the bag in sofa… Maa must be busy with some work… without thinking he is disturbing Maa, he will hug her from back… Maa will tell him to leave but he will turn her towards him, then Maa cut hair for style na… that will disturb Papa’s vision so he will tuck it behind her ear. Later he will caress Maa’s face by his index finger then he will lock his lips with Maa’s… after that I’ll go there na… then they will apart… they are not letting me to know more than that” she told with innocent look and ended with pout.

RK dragged her closed her mouth by his hands… Rishbala both are feeling the embarrassment while Madhu’s embracement executed as blush due to blush her face turned red as cherry. While whole family burst into laugh…. Ragini laughed whole heartedly… then started to take breath and she felt unease and kept and on waist and bite her lower lip to suppress the pain… soon all finished laughing and noticed Ragini and asked her “what happened?” With tensed face.

“Kaki… my abdomen is paining… Kaki…” she started to cry. All looked at her helplessly. “I think she got labour pain… RK take her… RV… inform to hospital… aur tum joa and car start karo” Ambika said pointing Kailash. RK held her in arms and placed in back seat of the car on Madhu’s lap while Ambika rubbed her hands. “ahh…. Bhabhi…” Ragini winced in pain “Ragini… don’t worry… now… now we will reach hospital…” Madhu said as motivating and caressed her head. “nhi Bhabhi… its really paining… please do something….” Tears escaped from her eyes.

They reached the hospital… RV rushed in asked about the doctor while in stretcher Ragini was rushed into hospital… she is continuously tilting her head in pain. Nurse rushed to doctor and informed about Ragini. Dr. Suba came and checked her pulse and ordered the nurse to take her to ward. Nurse gave a glass of water to Ragini but she refused. After an hour doctor came out and said, “Actually with this pain she can’t give birth to child… so we have to inject the pain injection… so here is the prescription please bring it”

“What the hell you are talking? My sister is wincing in pain you are telling inject her more pain…. Are you of your mind… inject her to lessen the pain” RK scolded the doctor. “I can understand you situation sir but please try to understand the fact” she turn towards Madhu and she nodded. “RK please… she is right… you are dad of Nisha yet you are behaving like you don’t know anything…” she turned towards RV and told him to bring the injection.

Here Sanky is walking in balcony and feeling restless… “Oh god… what’s happening to me… why my heart beat rising like this… is everything fine or not” he is squeezing his hands. Sanky called Ragini… its ringing but no one picked… nisha took the phone and went to kitchen… “Chachi… Bua phone is ringing…” Ishani grasped the phone and attend it at last ring “hello Ragini… are you fine? I don’t know why I’m feeling restless… you are fine na?” he asked in one go.

“hh.. Hello Sanskar… it’s me Ishani…” “Where is she di?” “Voh… she got labour pain… so all took her to hospital…” “What? Pain aagai…” he asked worriedly. “Haan, today was the date given by doctor” “ohh ya… how is she? I…” you don’t worry… I’ll tell di to call you. He nodded with tensed face.

It was dawn 4 o’ clock

Doctor… she is suffering in pain since half day… when will you treat her? RV rushed doctor. “Sir please be calm… there is good progress in pain… soon she will get needed pain… you waited till now…. Just wait some more time too” Dr. said

Sanky was not in the condition to sleep. His heart is not with him… he came down and saw everyone sleeping peacefully in their room. He came to garden and roamed… he stared the moon without blinking eyes in which Ragini’s smiling face is visible.


Sanky came from office and find Ragini doing some layout and sat on floor… she spread sketch, pen, pencil, eraser, scale and scissor all over hall. “Hey Junglii… what is this? What are you doing from morning… see you even didn’t left the path to go to room” he queried. But she didn’t reply… she was cutting the lay out sincerely… after finishing that she looked up and asked “did you say anything Sanky?” Sanky’s eyes popped out at her statement, “I was talking in high pitch you are asking…. Ok leave… what are you doing?”

“Voh… I’m preparing dress for my baby” she said with broad smile on her face. “You don’t even know that is boy or girl then what type of dress you will design? You sewed sweater and that’s ok but dress… don’t you find this silly?” he asked thinking he has logic. “Hello Mr. I’m a designer… I know about dress better than you… I’m stitching na… this should be the first dress my baby wears…” she said and proud was visible in her eyes.

But for new born baby… the cloth material different na? He asked while she replied “I asked details about the garment… I consulted the doctor how it should be too… tomorrow I’ll finish this dress… you are the responsible for that… the dress stitched by me should the first dress my baby wears… be careful on it” she ordered him and stood to take the things. “Hey Jungli if your ordering session ended up then just take rest… I’ll settle the things” he said then made her sit quite. Like robot he cleaned the mess and she admired him without blinking eye.

“I’m looking so hot na? Even you too can’t take eyes of me… you know today a new girl joined in office… she was so beautiful but she proposed me…” he said with amusement. “What?” she gave shock reaction and continued, “what did you replied to her?” “What I can say? I was just mesmerized in her beauty” you rascal… she threw cushion on him and beat him… “Hey… Junglii… ouch hey it’s paining… I just lied… none joined in company” what… you lied to me… she beat more. He clutched her hand and “muah” give tight kiss on cheek. Then both burst into laugh.

Flashback ends

He smiled remembering that and soon came to sense and makes a call… Swara… your phone is ringing… attend and come soon. She nods and picks the call “hello Jeeju…” “Did I disturb you in sleep?” “No actually I’m getting ready to hospital… by the way you know that Di got labour pain…?” “Haan I know… that’s you I called… you have spare key of our home right?” he asked and she nodded. Haan open the door… under the bed there will be cupboard key… open the cupboard… she does whatever he said.

Now on top rack there will be yellow and pink colour dress for small baby… take both to hospital… tell the doctor to wear that dress first for the baby…. It was designed by Ragini… it’s her wish to wear her handmade dress for her baby… so do this. Harsha too heard as the phone was on speaker and understood his care for Ragini and trying to fulfil her wish.
Soon swasha reached hospital… “Bhabhi… why didn’t you informed us before?” Harsha asked with hesitation. “Not meant to hid Harsha… in tension we forgot that’s it” RK replied instead Madhu. “Where is Di… and how is she?” Madhu pointed to ward, where Ragini screaming in pain and crying… and Ambika tries to calm her. “ahh..ahhh…. Maa…. Ragini screams” while Ambika rushes to doctor and says her pain increased more.

Doctor rushed in with nurse and said others to wait. Outside everyone walks here and there restlessly. “I’m going in” said Madhu with confidant face. “But..” before RK could complete his sentence “in this time she needs strength… Sanky is her strength but he is not here… I’ll be there as a support” Madhu said and walked in. “don’t worry Ragu… in few minutes everything will be alright” Madhu said to Ragini who is dwelling in pain, tears continuously flowing from her eyes and her face was similar to tomato due to weep. Madhu asked excuse to make video call and doctor agreed.

Sanky got call from Madhu and pick it… tears welled from his eyes to see Ragini screaming in pain and clutching bed sheet tight, sweat drops were all over her body. After seeing Sanky in video she cried more….. San….Sanky…. she called out. “Look Ragini… now don’t get scare… be brave and push your stomach with full force…” Dr. said. “Ahh.. ahhh” she tried to push but she couldn’t due to heavy pain.. “No… I can’t… she cried bitterly” “no Ragini… you can… don’t lose your hope… push” Madhu said. Finally she gathered all her courage and pushed, nurse too helped to push… “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh………” Ragini screamed in high pitch while clutching post of the cot.

After the struggle of 20 minutes Doctor took baby in her hands which was full of blood “Girl born to you” doctor said while separating the stem cell from mother. Patted the back…. Baby started to cry…. Ragini released the breath and smiled weakly when doctor showed the baby as she has no strength. “Nurse… Clean the baby and check the weight and put in ventilator for an hour then wear cloth” Dr. said while handing the baby to nurse.

“Dr. one second… outside Swara has dress for baby and it was designed as per us prescription… please wear that dress” Sanky said and Dr. nodded. Ragini, who was in half conscious faint a smile to see Sanky’s care. Madhu and doctor came out after instructing other nurses to clean Ragini and informed people about baby girl. Everyone faces glowed as mother and baby both is fine. “Birth time is 5:20am” doctor said and left from there.

Sanky walked to temple which was nearby. Sanky kneel in front of Mata Rani idol and joined his hands together… “Maa… why are you punishing me this much? What sin I committed? Why are you punishing me always… ok leave me… what’s Ragini’s mistake? The girl never worshiped you now daily worships you and believes you… delivery is second birth to every girl… in this time she needs her husband near but me? I’m useless… not able to choose Ragini, who was ready to leave her family for me or Periyamma, who brought me up from childhood and pampered me and supported me… I’m here still I’m not able to attend Periyamma with whole heart as my heart is with my love… please… enough of your tests… do some miracle…. Cure my Periyamma completely and unite me with Ragini…” he burst out into tears and he sobbed burying his face in his palms while Mata Rani’s idol was focused.

He was shocked to see a shadow of a person. He turned and saw the person and dazed… his heartbeat stopped for a minute.

Screen freezes with shocking face of Sanskar

To be continued…..

“Birth is the epicentre of women’s power”

How was the chappy? You all were eager to see the delivery…. How was it? Tried my best to describe but waiting for your results. By the way… today not only Ragini gave birth… years ago most lovely person on the earth gave birth to an angel…. Ya its me… Today is my birthday (9/4) may be you can find previous chappy as dragging… but what to do? I wished to celebrate my birthday with someone so managed the story… so today I’m celebrating my b’day with Ragini’s baby.

Thank you soooooooo much for your immense love… my next update will be on May… because till now my model exams were on so somehow I managed to update but from Wednesday my semester exams starts… so this is a big bye from me for a month. I know I stopped at cliff hanger isn’t it? Stay tune with lots of guesses. Friends… also suggest this to your friends to read if you think this is worth to spend time on it. I know you are upset because ragsan are not together but please let it be… on next delivery he will be with her, I promise… I won’t bring any drama on her second delivery.

This is summer so drink more water and butter milk. Keep smiling and stay healthy… by yours lovingly Aastha.

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