rhythm of hearts-swasan ff (Part 3)

precap:trip to kerala swara was caught by someone

swara was gng towards her room suddenly someone pulled her inside .inside the room it was fully dark so she couldnt identify who was that person.he pulled her and pinned her to the wall she defended n he was trying to kiss her she screamed suddenly a sound of punch was heard
sound:don dare to touch a girl without her permission
man:jerked his hand n ran away shutting the door in his face before he could catch him during this tym swara switched on the light

sans:swara tum ??are u okay??n who was that who was forcing u??
swara:dont u knw u wer the one hitting him naa
sans:light ke bina mujhe kaise patha hey???
swara:its waste of time talking to u

sans:ohhh madam i have helpedu n moreover u r shouting at me hw mean(said with a pout)
swara:ok im not gonna waste my time
swar goes to open the door but find it locked
swara:sanskaar ….door is not opening
sans:what dont u knw how to open a door chalo move from there sans tried to open the door but in vein
sans:swara door is actually locked..
swara:ohhhooo mr sanskaar roy kapoor how shame ek door bhi open nahi hua kya???
listen mr call ur chamchi to come n help us
sans:chamchi???dont say ki u r calling lucky as chamchi
swara dont dare to call him chamchi he s my brother
swar:okk call ur brother

sans:y cant u call ur chamchi ragss
swara:mera phone rags ki pass hey
sans:kya swara here there s no network ill msg him wen nework come msg will go he ll come n help us
swara:ohh god wat apunishment is this much that much time i have to spent time with flirt
sans;flirt …who u???
swara:ya of course ,me
sans:oh my god swara yaar mera pass math aana okk i dont wanna put my virginity on stake
swar:hw cheap u r ……just shut ur mouth n call some one for help
sans:waise swara who was the one who was forcing u
swara:i dont knw sanskaar but im sure he s one among us as he knows my name n details
sans:r u sure then we can find him

swar:how ????
sans:when i was punching him i caught his hand n it was having a deep cut
suddenly they heard the door opening swara ran and stand behind sanskaar they saw it was lucky they felt relieved
lucky:bhai before knowing each other u both started everything
sans:shut up lucky we were struck n swara lucky will drop u to ur room
they three left the room …..

morning in kodaikkanal be like the mother cuddling her child.all wer ready to go for sightseeing ….
sans:swara i wanna talk to u
they both went and talked n came…..
ragmer,swasanlak entered the bus they reached the pine forest …..
sans:listen all girls n boys today we r gng to play a gmae here so guys all sit in a circle we r gng to play truth or dare
all gathered they start first bottle pointed on rags
lucky:whom do u luv the most in the world???

rags:ofcourse its (all started to shout omer) my mom n dad
lucky was impressed by the answer

next it was swars turn n omer asked :who do u date among us
swara was noticing everyones hand she was not even paying attention to the questions but suddenly she shouted sanskaar all were shocked but sanskaar gestured swara to be qiet
rags:wow swara u r gonna date sanskaar…???

guys its a short update will give the remaining as soon as possible keep reading urs only rips

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