rhythm of hearts-swasan ff (Part 2)

days flew away like blooms in water……..swara who was sitting immersed in her dream world was disturbed by a msg
msg:the goal of the life is to make ur heartbeat match to that of the universe to match ur nature with nature urs sanky……. swara was jumping with happiness as she was happy to receive msg from her secret frnd cm philosophers msg…….

when swara was doing her studies in 12th she accidently dialed a no thinking it was of her frnds but an unknown person talked to her after that incident whenever she was sad he used to msg her ..which has the cure for her sorrow but she dont knw who he is just know his name is sanky so she also said her name as shona

back to present…..AT COLLEGE….
swara n rags attend the lectures but after 2nd session mentor came n said them abt their project visit
mentor:so students we are gng to visit kerala for the medical camp this year and i need a student representative for leading u guys to this trip so u can choose ur representative….
rags:sir swara
swara:what the hell ragini …..suddenly whole class shouted swara s name
mentor:so its decided swara will be ur captain
swara:sir can i take ragini as my assisstant
mentor:ya sure so u 2 meet me at the the deans cabin so that i cann give u the details
swaragini:ok sir
they followed him……….. after a short meeting …..
mentor:swara ragini so u guys will be accompanied by 2 of the seniour students srk and lucky so go n meet them
swaragini:ok sir….
swaragini went in search of srk n lucky in the way they met omer
rags:hi omer baby kidhar jaa rahi hey ???
omer:bus uhiii music room mein n u ppl???
rags : we were gng to meet srk n lucky..
omer:swara actually i wanted to talk to u …
rags:so swara ill go to canteen u guys talk n then join us in the canteen
swara:ok rags (turning to omer) wat hppnd omer???
omer:swara that srk n lucky is not good they are very flirt n they dont respect women at all they think women are things to use for men
swara:wat then y dont u tell b4 rags would be alone there swara run towards the canteen

swara:rags rags…..
rags:swara im here y r u shouting n haa meet mr sanskaar roy kapoor n laksh roy kapoor off sorry srk n lucky swarra was glaring at them angrily…
then sat down then
sans:hi swara..
swara lets get back to work ….i dont have tym for this stupid talks then they discussed abt the trip n they left..
at the day of TRIP
swara:so girls of 1st yr n boys of 2nd year in bus no1 n viceversa in bus no 2 saying this she saw the girls was not replying she looked at the direction they were watching she was mesmerised seeing sanskaar wearing black shirt n ivory pants along with a goggles then she shouted at the girls to get in the bus
all entered the bus swara asked sanskaar to keep the luggages on the luggage carrier lucky who was standing behind him was shocked.
lucky:bhai hw dare she to talk to srk like this
sans:leave it lucky i wil see her later

swara was sitting near the window n she was having deep sleep until it was broken by the silent swiping of cold chilli wind of ooty which made her shiver alittle bit n she woke up evading the smell of wind mixed with souls of euckalyptus….suddenly she received a msg
msg:when i breath the wind it reminds me of u…..swara smiled happily
she jumped n look everywere to find whether he s here or not but for her disappointment all were sleeping
after few minutes they reached their hotel after giving all of their keys swara was heading towards her room suddenly a hand pulled her inside a room…….

precap:who was the person who pulled swara….hatred cheatings confessions

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    lovly lets see how is actually srk and lrk is

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