rhythm of hearts-swasan ff (Part 1)

When the cool breeze wiped through her soft skin she giggled little bit but suddenly with a choke with low scream .ohhh my god 4:30 8-| how can u sleep duffer if u sleep like this ur dream will also sleep like this wake up shona( yes its none other than our bubbly swara 🙂 🙂 ). It was a large room scattered with books all over the table .
person:shona beta did u wake up i’ll bring ur cofee now n sorry beta today i was little late
swara:its ok mom (yes its sharmishtra dzusa mom of swara )
sharmu:how is ur preparations gng beta
swara: nice mom but worried little as around 12lakh students are writing the exam and donno whether i can reach my dream or not
sharmu: shona beta root of education is bitter but fruit is always sweet.
Guys actually our swara is writing entrance exam for medical n its her childhood dream to qualify the exam….
and finally the day of exam came she wrote the exam well (guys i dont wanna drag it soo).and she qualified now she s medical student
Her father mr shekhar dzusa dropped her to the college before entering the class she prayed to jesus and thanked him and rushed to her alloted class
lecturer: good mrng students as u r the new medical ug studens this will be ur class n today its just a intro day so dont worry get adjusted to the environment
all:ok miss
swara:xcuse me
person:not xcused baby(making swara shocked ) seeing swara shocked the person said chill bubblooz i was just joking ,myself ragini khurana nice to meet u
swara: hi myself swara dzusa
rags:okk call me rags my buddies call me rags
swara:ok then call me shona
some seniors came and announced to join different clubs meet the respective now at the place listed in notice band

rags:shona so lets go
swara:ok rags
both went from their and checked notice board
swara:actually rags im going to music club
rags:me too shona actually i play guitar and u???
swara:i sing as well as play guitar and key board
rags:wow so lets go may be their will be selection
and they went their one boy told them to meet mr omer farook the seniour captain of music club and they met n bcz there wer no one for selection so they were selected they bcame frnds with omer
soon as days pass swara n ragini n omer bcame best frnds they used to hang out and by the tym omer proposed ragini n they were in a relationship
rags:swara y dont u accept sahils proposal he s one of the heros of the clg??
swara:no rags he doesnot sink with the RYTHM of my heart n just bcz he’s famous i cant accept him
n n am sure god will give me someone who’s hearts rythm matches with mine………..

guys if u find this intresting i’ll write the ff

PRECAP:clg trip ….confessions ….breakups.. n twists in relations

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