REVIEW BOOK for Fanfictions of TU (Review of first nomination)

Hi all , We are here with the first review of my review book .It’s starting from reviewing of Connecting dots written by a very sweet writer Riana.We know some of you get confused but this author nominate her book first in our post on activity area that’s why she get first chance.Let’s move toward the review.

TITLE – We love ur title .It’s actually give hint of the plot of ur story .

CONCEPT – We like ur concept but it is like old wine in new bottle .Your ff is based on reaincarnation . We really love how u matches name with Shivay & Anika & give to their reincarnations. It gets better if u add some more twist in killing them or choose to reveal the past in last .This will create suspense in ur ff but overall it is good concept .

DIALOGUES – Dialogues are good but not much .There are many unnecessary dialogues . We need some intense dialogues in ur ff.

WRITING STYLE – Your writing style is pretty cool. You use different colours to highlight the situation .That’s good but ur story lack logic sometime.

STORY MOULDING – Well , story is going good. We don’t say much about this because story have only some parts but we know u can manage well.

FLAWS – Check ur article before submitting to avoid grammatical errors. Enhance ur vocabulary & try to write some intense dialogues .Keep take care of punctuation too .

Those who love drama & romance in one book , they can surely follow her ff . It’s refreshing to read again on reincarnations .

Rating – 7/10

Hope u don’t hurt from our review. This rating is just only for parts which u written . So, don’t worry , u can improve now also as we expect more from u . Keep smiling & Stay safe.Thank you for nominating ur book.

Keep writing & All the best for ur future works.


Hania & Neha

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  1. Riana

    Thankyou so much guyz for reviewing my book…
    I appreciate your words and rating…
    I will make it more better…?

    1. Hania

      Thank you for understanding.That’s really sweet of u.Thank you once again for nominating & I like to follow ur book because I know u do lot of hard work in ur books. I expect more from talented writers like u ?

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