Reversed Destinies (RagLak) 6

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Part 6

“Laksh, Don’t do this bhai..!!” Sanskar was following Laksh who is going into his house.
“No Sanskar, I have to stop this marriage” Laksh says and looks at him,
“It’s true that I love Ragini. But, how can I marry her without her favor? Can she be happy with me after getting married to the disliked groom?”
Sanskar remains calm.
“Maybe, I’m not lucky sanskar..!!” Laksh says who is about to get some tears.
“No dude, she is unlucky for missing you..!!” Sanksar pats his shoulder.

Laksh wipes his tears and goes in, Sanksar follows him.

Dp and Ap were sitting in hall selecting invitation cards for RagLak marriage.

“Papa, I don’t want this marriage..” Laksh says and Dp looks at him shocked.

Ap smiles, “Laksh beta, this is not time for jokes. we are busy now. You go and take rest.”

Laksh gets annoyed,
“I don’t like means I don’t like. I don’t want this marriage. I don’t like..ra..”
it becomes hard for Laksh to say it.

Dp stands annoyed, “Laksh..!! what childishness is this?? are you in senses??”

Laksh:: papa, this is my final decision.

Dp gets annoyed and fumes near Laksh to held his collar,
San:: bade papa.. plz..

Dp glares at Sanskar. He bends his head.

San:: this is not Lucky’s mistake. Ragini herself said that she don’t want this marriage.

Dp and Ap amazes. Laksh tries to stop Sanskar, but he pushes Laksh.

San:: let me say it lucky..!! bade papa, bade maa, Ragini didn’t liked Laksh. So, Laksh wanted to stop this marriage.

Ap:: but.. why? what is laksh’s fault? why is she saying no???

Lak:: maa, it’s no one’s fault. it’s just her choice. let it be naa.. Let’s say her parents we are canecling this match..

Ap:: why we have to say? it’s her problem let her say.. (in tears)

Laksh holds her shoulders, “maa, maybe Ragini can’t turn against to her parents. maybe she can’t say it.. I can understand her situation maa. Please papa, do this for me..”

Dp who was looking emotionally at Laksh nods his head.

Ap in tears:: but, you have loved her know Laksh…
Laksh silently hugs Ap. Sanskar sighs and leaves the place.

Dp calls to Shekar.

On other side Shekar lifts the call..

“What?? But why Dp ji..?? Is there is any of our fault?? Engagement was also over naa Dp ji. This is not fair.. Hello..??” Shekar talks in phone..

Janaki and Ragini were looking at Shekar. He sits in chair upset,

“What happened to this Dp?? Suddenly he has canceled the match..!!” Shekar says annoyed.

Janaki shocks, Ragini hugs a pillow gently looking down sad.

Daadi who listens to this, “This girl’s fortune is like that. As soon as she has born she has swallowed her mother..!!”
Ragini looks at Daadi hallow..

Whereas Janaki looks at Daadi confused.

“Maa..!!” Shekar shouts and raises up. Daadi becomes calm.

“who has swallowed whom?? and about whom you are talking??” Shekar fumes. Ragini involves in middle,
“papa, Daadi said something in frustration. Don’t mind her words. Come, let’s go..!!” Ragini takes him away.
Janaki follows them.

In the room,

Shekar was still shaking in anger. Ragini gives him bp tablets.
“papa.. plz..”
Shekar takes the medicine. Janaki was sitting beside him. Ragini sits on floor and starts pressing Shekar’s legs..
“papa, I have one wish. I never asked anything.. but, do this..”

Shekar:: what is it ladoo?

Rag:: papa, swara loves sanskar know.. plz talk with sanskar’s parents about our match. now however my alliance with Laksh has canceled. So, Sanskar parents will not have problem to accept swara..

Shekar:: but Ragini…

Rag:: papa, at least she will be happy.

Shekar remains calm and Janaki too.

{I have mentioned earlier, Rp and Dp have some internal clashes. But Laksh and Sanskar maintains secret friendship}

Daadi and swara listens to their convo from out..

Daadi:: now my plan is working out.
swa:: but daadi, this is not wrong??
Daadi:: no..!! you should deserve more than Ragini. She has snatched your place.
swara remains calm.

On other hand,
Laksh was not in his room at night time. His car was also missing. Ap and Dp were trying to call him, but he was not lifting.
They find only a letter in his room,
“I want a break from everything maa. Let me get away from this place for sometime”
Ap and Dp shocks.

Next morning,
Shekar and Janaki are in Rp’s house. They talk about swara’s match.

Rp:: but, Sanskar was already in love with kavitha. They were engaged too.
Sujatha comes in between.

Suj:: I like this alliance.

Shekar and Janaki looks at her.

Suj:: I will convince sanskar..
Rp looks at her confused.

Shekar and Janaki silently leaves.

Rp:: are you mad?? why did you say ok? what will you answer to sanskar??
Suj:: I don’t like that kavitha, she is not our caste. But, this sanskar is arrogant. now, we got a nice match from Shekar ji. Let’s do something..
Rp looks on..

Shekar and Janaki who are walking out..

Janaki:: this is not correct Shekar. How sanskar will marry swara when he was already in love with someone else?
Shekar:: but think about swara too. she said she will not marry anyone except Sanskar.

Janaki bends her head.

Shekar:: we both gave promise to shomi that we will look after swara. it’s our responsibility.
Janaki in tears:: ragini and swara are both my daughters. she is not shomi’s daughter..!!
Shekar pats her shoulder.

Ragini was in music acedamy. She is looking at the empty chair where Laksh used to sit. She is playing guitar but, the music is not good.
A friend of Ragini laughs.

Friend:: what Ragini? Today strings are not listening to you??

Ragini just rolls her eyes away.. then she gets a phone call. Ragini shocks listening to the phone call.


Ragini runs into the hospital and she goes to a room. She looks at glass window at the person sleeping on bed.
It’s Laksh who is in wounds.
Ragini gets tears. She places her hand on mouth.

“Why did you come here???” Ap asks who just comes there.. Ragini looks at her silently.

Ap:: did you have come to kill him??
Ragini in tears:: what have I done aunty?

Ap:: it’s because of you he got upset and driving the car. and then..
Ap cries, Sanskar consoles her.

San:: I have called you just to say how Laksh loves you Ragini.

Rag:: what do you mean? I’m the whole reason for Laksh’s condition?

San:: of course Ragini..!!

Ragini controls her tears.
Ap:: ask her to go away Sanksar..!!

Ragini runs back wiping her tears.

*In house*

swara enters the room and amazes to see Ragini is crying.
swa:: Ragini?? what happened??

Rag:: Laksh.. Laksh.. met with accident.. and, Ap Aunty was blaming me..

swa:: Ragini, don’t cry. why did she blame you???

Ragini wipes her tears, “Because he was upset that I rejected his love. He has drove the car in that upset. Tell me swara, what was my fault??”
swara looks on..

“I said what I like. I said my wish. Was that my mistake? I don’t have my own choice?? Only because he has loved me, I have to love him back??? If I reject him, he got upset.. he got injured.. is it my sin?? Why this world blames only a girl..?? Why do they take girls granted..???”
Ragini cries and swara remains calm.

*At night time*

Laksh wakes up from the sleep and finds himself in hospital. He remembers he has clashed into a tree, then he don’t know what happened. But, it was Ragini who was running in his mind before that.
Laksh sits on bed and looks around. Ap was sleeping on other bed and Sanskar was on couch.

“Laksh.. how are you??” he listens to Sujatha’s words. Laksh surprises. Sujatha was in tears.

Lak:: chachi, you here??
Suj:: sanskar said me that you met with accident. So we both came.. your chote papa just went away.

Laksh chuckles, “so finally, my accident has made our families together..!!” he says and Sujatha beats on his head. “don’t say like that..!”
Ap just wakes and smiles looking at them.

Then a nurse enters the room. “I have to give injection to patient. Everyone go out..”

Suj:: why we have to go???

Nurse:: mam, these are our rules. plz..!!

Ap takes sujatha out and Sanskar follows them. The nurse comes near Laksh and he was looking at other side.

She holds Laksh’s hand. Laksh amazes and looks at her.

It’s Ragini..!!

Lak:: Rag…
Rag:: shh..!!

Laksh remains calm.
Rag:: how are you feeling Laksh??
Lak:: it’s paining Ragini..
He raises up his hand and puts it on his chest.
“Here” he says.

Ragini sighs.

Rag:: if I reject you, life is over?? there is a family behind you. how can you do this Laksh??
Lak:: hey, the accident was not happened because of you. That tree came in my route..!!

Ragini was glaring at Laksh. Laksh bends his head,
“I know, it’s a stupid joke”

Ragini laughs and wipes her tears.

Laksh looks at the engagement ring on Ragini’s hand.
“Btw, we have cancelled the match. what is the need of it?? Give it back to me Ragini..”
Ragini looks at Laksh confused.

“Give me back the ring..!!” Laksh says looking into her eyes.

Screen freezes on confused face of Ragini.

Precap: Ragini’s feelings..? A web around Ragini which leaves only choice to marry Laksh..??

stay tuned to reversed destines to know the precap. Next update this weekend..!!

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