Reversed Destinies (RagLak) 5

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Shekar and Janaki are shocked to look at the picture shown by swara. They are thinking what to do.
JUst then, Ragini comes down and looks at the photo for few seconds.
“I have seen this guy somewhere?” says Ragini.
“He is Laksh’s cousin Sanskar..” says Shekar.

Ragini remembers sanskar shouting ‘he loves you’ that morning.
“Ohh, yeah..!! I have seen him with Laksh..!!” she says.

Janaki:: when did you meet Laksh???
Ragini gulps.., ‘I mean, I have seen them on road maa…’

Shekar:: they won’t talk with each other. Their families are rivals.

Ragini keeps thinking.

Jan:: now problem is, Sujatha and Ram will be ready to come for us. But, if we fix a alliance with them, your alliance will be canceled RAgini. That’s what we are thinking.

Shekar:: moreover, Sanskar’s engagement was already done with a girl called Kavitha.

Swara and Daadi were not there while they are talking.

Jan:: and now, swara is saying that she won’t marry anyone except this guy. what to do??

Rag:: don’t worry maa. I will convince her.

Then Daadi who passes from there, “Who deserve what they should get it. outsiders aren’t supposed to get royal treatment.”
Ragini’s smile vanishes with her words. Shekar fumes with her words,
“Maa, don’t talk rubbish”

Ragini silently goes in to her room thinking something. (their rooms are separate)

*Next day in music academy*

Ragini is in her deep thoughts, and suddenly she hears the string of guitar sound. She suddenly looks aside and finds guitar which has the name “Ragini” in designer format. It’s her guitar and Laksh was holding it.
Ragini surprises looking at him.
“You here? Came to give my guitar??” she asks.
Lak:: 50% for that and other 50% for meeting you…
Ragini:: what??
Lak:: I mean, I have joined in the guitar class..!!!
Laksh says moving the strings on guitar and a random music plays.

Ragini smiles,
“But, I will go away. My classes are over and I have already given a show. That means, I’m a pro now. So.. you have to be alone here with my juniors..!!”
Laksh shocks.. what???

Ragini laughs.

Then a guy comes, Mr. Laksh, this is Ragini. She will be your mentor for guitar training.
Ragini just smiles again. Laksh takes breath and then excites.

Lak:: that means, you will be with me..!!
Ragini says in smile.. “forever”
Laksh looks on…
Ragini gasps and says, “I mean, till you learn”
She says and sits beside Laksh. Laksh holds the guitar..
“Not like that, your fingers should be here” Ragini says and touches his hands.. Laksh gets goose bumps. He was getting himself lost slowly, then a paper ball fall on him. He looks at window.

“Be strong idiot..!!” sanskar gestures. Laksh takes gulp and looks at Ragini. Ragini was saying something to him busily. Laksh was silently looking at her. Ragini moves a little bit closer and her thigh touches his thigh. Laksh smiles and moves his leg a little far.
Ragini is telling him how to play it, and Laksh was closing his eyes and enjoying the fragrance in her hair which is falling on his face. Laksh feels like to hug her. He brings his hand up to her waist with his eyes closed.
Sanskar holds his head shocked with what Laksh is going to do. Laksh soon hears her voice..
“Laksh..!! are you listening???”
Laksh then takes his hand back.
“Sorry Ragini, I was thinking something”

Ragini gets up from the chair,
“I have said a lot till now, you didn’t listen anything?? You will never learn guitar in your life..!!”
Ragini puts guitar in his hand and goes away in upset. Laksh looks at window innocently and Sanskar was moving his head in dissatisfaction at Laksh.

At evening,

“I didn’t understand what I was doing?? It was like, intoxicating my mind.. when she is beside me..”
Laksh says and Sanskar was silent.

Laksh takes a bottle full of wine and suddenly drinks it. Sanskar looks at him in a shock.
San:: lucky, what have you done???

Lak:: you used to say know sanky, that we will be fearless if we drink this. Now, this fearless lion is going to Ragini and tell her Sorry..!!

San: idiot, to say sorry you need to drink??

Laksh goes to Ragini’s house even if he avoids him. Sanskar happened to go to his house as sujatha called him urgent.

In her house,
Ragini was thinking something.

“If swara need to get married to sanksar.. I need to cancel my alliance with Laksh. How can I convince my parents for this. We are engaged already.”
Ragini thinks and sits on her bed. She looks at the opened balcony doors.

“Let them be open, I need fresh air”

Ragini slowly sleeps on the bed thinking about it. She is looking at the doors and she feels a strong hand on her shoulder. Ragini shocks at once and gets up from bed.

“Ragini.. “(hiccup)

Ragini sees Laksh under the bed sheet. He was looking at her chuckling.

Ragini shocked:: what the hell you are doing here Laksh?? How did you come here???
Laksh tries to get up and he falls on Ragini.

“aahh, Laksh..!!” she shouts and pushes him.

Laksh looks at her innocently, “you only came here Ragini. this is my room”

Rag:: laksh, do you have drinking habit??

Lak:: even baby too drinks Ragini.. milk..!!!

Ragini beats her head.

Ragini looks at the balcony door which is opened. and she sees a rope tied to the railing.
“So, you came by climbing??” Ragini asks.

Laksh who was trying to stand, “No, I came flying. I flied with my wings…!! ding.. ding..!!”
He says while waving his hands, Ragini is looking at him with her hands crossed and his hand pushes her, she falls on bed and Laksh falls beside her.

Ragini shocks looking at him, Laksh was looking at her in chuckles. Ragini smiles for his innocent face.

Laksh moves closer to her, Ragini keeps hands in between them to stop him.
“Laksh, don’t come near.”

Laksh smirks and moves closer to her, Ragini can push him back and leave. But, she didn’t wanted to.
Laksh brings his face over her, “Ragini, I love you”

Ragini closes her eyes. Laksh brings his lips too closer to her, Ragini clutches the bed sheet, but.. Laksh pecks her forehead.

Ragini opens her eyes in amazement. Laksh falls beside her in wine affect and he starts snoring in sleep.
Ragini laughs and covers him in bed sheet.

Ragini moves to couch, her smile suddenly fades.
“what did I do??? It’s better if I stop everything now.” Ragini thinks.

Next morning,

Laksh was sleeping and the bed sheet up on him was pulled, he frowns his eyes and opens them. He was surprised to look Ragini in front of him.
He sits on bed.
“Ragini..?? you here in my room???” Laksh asks in confusion. Ragini holds her hand and raises her eye brow. He looks around,

“where am I??” he asks.

Ragini was setting things in her room.

“In my room” she says.

“How did I come here??”

Ragini then waves her hands same as Laksh did.

“You came by flying… up and up and up…!!!” Ragini sings in a tone. Laksh laughs looking at her.
She glares at him and Laksh takes a gulp.

“I thought you are a good boy. But, you don’t have common sense that you shouldn’t come to a girl’s room. That too at night..!!” Ragini frowns her eye brows.

Laksh gets up from bed and remembers that he was drunk yesterday.
“Actually Ragini…..”

Rag:: now leave my room before my parents see. We have to talk something..!!

Laksh excites, “You want to talk to me??? I will be waiting Ragini..!!”

“Now go…!!” Ragini pushes him out.

In academy canteen..

Laksh was hearing to Sanskar from Bluetooth. Ragini was sitting before him holding a cool drink.

Lak:: Ragini, I’m sorry for yesterday..
Rag:: Laksh, hope you can take my words..
Laksh looks at her silently.

Rag:: Laksh… it is…

Lak:: don’t say that you don’t teach me guitar Ragini. I know, I’m a poor guitar player.. but…

Rag:: Laksh, our marriage shouldn’t happen.

Laksh shocks with her words.

Rag:: I’m sorry Laksh. I just wanted to say this. You have to tell to your parents and convince everyone. I gave promise to my parents that I will listen to them. I can’t turn opposite to them.. so, it’s up to you.

Ragini becomes silent looking down.

Lak:: I know Ragini. You can’t love me. How could you..? You are a modern and fashion girl. I’m a traditional boy. I can estimate your tastes and preferences.

Ragini was still silent.

Laksh gets up with a fake smile.

Lak:: I’m just that unlucky guy who can’t get your love. And, I envy that guy whom you are going to love. All the best Ragini.

Laksh starts leaving.

“Laksh” Ragini calls and laksh comes near her eagerly to listen what is she going to say. Ragini bends her eyes in guilt again.
“I’m sorry” she says sliding her hands on her bag.

Laksh half smiles, “don’t worry Ragini. It’s your right to choose. I will settle everything. Forget about it..”
Laksh starts going away…

Ragini looks on..

To be continued…

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